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Erich Pacheco: Ocean Health Index Manager at Conservation International

Erich Pacheco, Ocean Health Index Manager at Conservation International

Erich Pacheco

Erich offers a couple of career tips for future graduate students:

  1. “Make the most of your language classes at the Institute. Every job I was offered required proficiency in a foreign language.”
  2. “Be sure to use the multidisciplinary nature of your academic training. I fused my economics background with an ocean and coastal resource management specialization.” The perfect combination for his current position!

December 12, 2013

After coming back from Papua New Guinea, where I spent the summer as a Center for the Blue Economy Fellow, I was offered an administrative specialist position with the Smithsonian in Gabon. Although it was a great offer, I opted continue the hunt for my dream job: work on ocean and coastal conservation. It was a gamble, but I was confident my experience and the training I received at the Institute would allow me to land that perfect job.

Contrary to the popular belief that people only get jobs through networking, I applied online, and, after three interviews, was offered the position of Manager for the Ocean Health Index (OHI) at Conservation International.

The OHI is the first assessment tool that scientifically compares and combines key elements from all dimensions of the ocean’s health – biological, physical, economic and social. Through ten human goals, the Index provides leaders with the portfolio of information they need to promote a more sustainable human-ocean ecosystem.

The Index sets a standard of measurement to continually inspire decisions that will positively impact the health of the Earth’s oceans and the well-being of humanity. Through strategic input, I facilitate the development and implementation of the Index in various countries, supporting effective ocean management throughout the world, from China to Colombia, from New Caledonia to Brazil.

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