Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Natural Resource Policy and Management

Prepare to be a leader in biodiversity protection at local, national, and international levels with this specialization in the International Environmental Policy program.

Natural Resource Policy and Management graduates work for a variety of governmental organizations including, city, state, and federal agencies, intergovernmental organizations such as the UN, national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), consulting firms, and private companies looking to minimize their environmental impact. Students within this track focus on resources as diverse as forests, fisheries, minerals, freshwater, and natural protected areas. Understanding how climate change is impacting all of these resources is essential and woven throughout the curriculum.

Students have opportunities to collaborate with world-renowned institutions like the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program and the Big Sur Land Trust. The Institute is also a member of the COS MARINE program, which provides opportunities to work with other excellent local education and conservation organizations to gain practical experience in marine conservation. In addition, the Institute's new Center for the Blue Economy provides students with a number of internship and research opportunities, as well as additional education opportunities such as conferences and the International Marine Policy speaker series.


  • Protected Areas Policy
  • Environmental Conflict Management
  • International Watershed Management
  • Corporate Activism
  • Natural Resource Project Management
  • Conservation Finance, Monitoring, and Evaluation
  • Conservation Leadership
  • Sustainable Agriculture


To meet the demands of a fast-paced policy world, our curriculum is constantly evolving and new courses are regularly introduced. Below is a sample of courses that have been offered in the past and does not guarantee their availability every semester. Although students must complete 8 credits within the Natural Resource Policy and Management track to fulfill the track requirements, students are encouraged to take elective courses offered outside of their track to develop interdisciplinary skills and to link areas of interest.

Sample Natural Resource Policy and Management Courses

  • IEPG 8530 Biodiversity Policy & Management
  • IEPG 8652 International Marine Law
  • IEPG 8616 Environmental Conflict Management
  • IEPG 8552 Negotiating Freshwater Conflicts
  • IEPG 8576 Peacemaking and the Environment
  • IEPG 8664 Conservation Project Design & Evaluation

Explore Careers Involving Natural Resource Policy and Management

Our graduates are working in Brazil, China, Germany, Laos, Peru, the United States, and other locations around the world. Learn about the Natural Resource Policy and Management positions held by our alumni and the internship opportunities within this field of study. Visit the organizations' websites to learn about internship and job opportunities.

As the importance of biodiversity protection becomes more widely recognized, the demand for Natural Resource Policy and Management graduates is increasing. The multi-faceted, professional skills developed in this track prepare our students for leadership positions in this fast-growing field.