Student Experiences

Read about where our current students are fulfilling their practicum requirements.

Meet the Practicum Classes of Fall 2013 and Spring 2014

Adam Julian


Practicum Site: California State University, Monterey Bay

Location: Seaside, CA

Primary Responsibility: PDSO, visa specialist, anything pertaining to recruitment and retention of international students

Advice for current students: Make connections! Get out there! 

Heather Frank


Practicum Site: UC San Francisco, International Students & Scholars Office

Location:  San Francisco, CA

Primary Responsibility: Management of short-term visiting scholar programs; outreach, logistics, event planning

Advice for current students:  Explore practicum sites that might need your language skills and expertise in a certain area. 

Tashbolot Abdyrakhmanov


Practicum Site: Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Location: Monterey, CA

Primary Responsibility: International nonproliferation education and outreach activities

Advice for current students:  Try to find organizations that will contribute to your learning process (this is still a learning experience).

Alisyn Henneck


Practicum Site: Language and Professional Programs, GSTILE, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Location: Monterey, CA 

Primary Responsibility: Enrollment Marketing Manager; focus on marketing, outreach, and direct recruitment

Advice for current students: Join every professional network possible - get on listservs, network with colleagues, get your name out there as someone who is truly interested and passionate about a particular area of international education -- it will pay off!

Myneisha Davis


Practicum Site: Institute of International Education

Location:  Mexico City, Mexico

Adam Mathis


Practicum Site: Omprakash

Location:  Monterey, CA, and Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar

Primary Responsibility: Strategic Partnership Consultant


Stephanie Toriumi


Practicum Site: VIA: Asia/US Exchange Programs at Stanford University

Location:  Stanford, CA

Primary Responsibility: American Language & Culture Program Director

Advice for current students:  Keep up the good work and don't give up!

Lily Thorpe-Buchanan


Practicum Site: Free The Children

Location:  San Francisco, CA

Primary Responsibility: Educational Programming Coordinator

Advice for current students: Find an organization you are passionate about to spend your practicum and stay in touch with your cohort!

Vanessa Caudill


Practicum Site:  Middlebury Schools Abroad - Chile

Location:  Viña del Mar, Chile

Primary Responsibility:  Student orientation program development and implementation; translation of documents/materials

Advice for current students:  When looking for a practicum, have an idea of what you want so you can ask the right questions and make sure your supervisor understands what you'd like to get out of the experience.

Chunhui (Sierra) Tan


Practicum Site: Global Engagement Office at Santa Clara University

Location: Santa Clara, CA 

Primary Responsibility: Developing the GEO assessment framework; programming for international students; compiling a pre-departure guide for study abroad programs

Advice for current students: Identify your area of interest and study with that in mind. 

Lucas Olson


Practicum Site: Stanford University - Bechtel International Center

Location: Stanford, CA 

Primary Responsibility: International Student Advisor

Advice for current students: Aim for a practicum that allows you to experience more than one subfield of international education (ISSS, study abroad, recruitment, etc.). 

Anna McCloskey


Practicum Site: IES Abroad

Location:  Chicago, IL

Primary Responsibility: Marketing Intern

Advice for current students: Do tons of informational interviews, and do them well! I know we've heard it a million times, but network, network, network!


Karla Mitchell


Practicum Site: Omprakash

Location:  Monterey, CA (Aug-Oct virtual work) and Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar (Nov field work)

Primary Responsibility: Strategic Partnership Consultant

Advice for current students:  Think twice before doing a virtual practicum. In my opinion it's a better learning experience to be onsite with other employees where you can have consistent interaction.

Sarah Teigen


Practicum Site: Juniata College 

Location:  Huntingdon, PA

Primary Responsibility: Intern with the Center for International Education (CIE), working on various projects for ISSS, Study Abroad and Campus Internationalization.

Advice for current students:  Ask questions, pursue the subjects about which you're passionate, and take advantage of the many on-campus and electronic resources at your disposal as a MIIS student to maximize your pre-practicum experience.

Rebecca Owen


Practicum Site: Recruiter at the Monterey Institute of International Studies

Location: Monterey, CA 

Primary Responsibility: Recruitment for MIIS degree programs, including strategic planning, implementation and assessment, with a lot of travel

Advice for current students: Explore as many areas of the field as you can - you may surprised at which projects resonate most with you!

Hana Kong


Practicum Site: Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County (BGCMC)

Location: Monterey, CA 

Primary Responsibility: Development and marketing

Advice for current students: Take advantage of the practicum, gain as much experience as you can - you never know what you might learn, who you will meet, how it might help you in the future. But also know your limits, as you can't produce good work if your plate is too full. 

Cary Choy


Practicum Site: C.V. Starr - Middlebury School in France

Location:  Paris, France

Primary Responsibility: Undergraduate recruitment;  student orientation, housing, activities; alumni networking

Advice for current students: If you are interested in seeing what an in-country study abroad office is like, this type of practicum is a fantastic experience.

Michelle Carrega


Practicum Site: VIA: Asia/US Exchange Programs at Stanford University

Location:  Stanford, CA

Kirsten Greene


Practicum Sites: St. Mary's College of California, Center for International Programs; Juniata College 

Location:  St. Mary's in CA and Juniata in PA

Luis Martinez


Practicum Site: Foundation Global Education

Location: Hong Kong

Jessica Mautone


Practicum Site: ELS Language Centers

Location: Silicon Valley

Primary Responsibility: Academic Director. This involves teacher training, class scheduling, and orientation.

Advice for current students: Don't worry so much about having a perfect GPA. Focus instead on what you've learned in class and how you can apply it in the workplace. Take advantage of all the extras MIIS has to offer (work-study jobs, lectures, etc), they are so valuable!