Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Read about where our current students are fulfilling their practicum requirements.

Meet the Practicum Class of Spring 2015

Allie Collopy Image

Allie Collopy

Position: Residence Hall Director

Organization: University of New Hampshire

Nate Hammond Image

Nathan Hammond

Position: Special Projects Intern

Organization: Performing Arts Abroad

Megan Levonian Image

Megan Levonian

Position: Intern

Organization: Vagabond Temple Organization

Matt Loehrer Image

Matthew Loehrer

Position: Graduate Intern

Organization: University of California San Francisco

Aurora Margarita Goldkamp Image

Aurora Margarita-Goldkamp

Position: Student Services, Marketing and Community Engagement Intern

Organization: The Umbra Institute

Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen

Position: International Education Specialist

Organization: Japan Center for Michigan Universities

Danai Sakutukwa Image

Danai Sakutukwa

Position: International Education Consultant

Organization: Heart to Heart International Children's Medical Alliance

Liz Sinclair

Liz Sinclair

Position: Intern

Organization: Portland State University

Meet the Practicum Class of Fall 2014

Quinn Bolander, Image

Quinn Bolander

Position: Study Abroad Advisor, Office of International Studies and Programs

Organization: Illinois State University

Ximena Ospina Image

Ximena Ospina

Position: Project Development Consultant

Organization: Fundación Escuela Nueva, Bogotá, Columbia

Nolan Sutker Image

Nolan Sutker

Position: Senior Academic Manager

Organization: EF Education First

Emily Stokes Image

Emily Stokes

Position: Admission Associate and Registrar

Organization: York School

Alex Nichol Image

Alex Nichol

Position: Programs and Partnerships Intern

Organization: Child Family Health International (CFHI)

Michelle Fredrickson Image

Michelle Fredrickson

Position: Recruitment Consultant

Organization: Middlebury Institute of International Studies

Jarod Hightower Mills Image

Jarod Hightower-Mills

Position: Intern

Organization: Fund for Education Abroad

Lars Schlereth Image

Lars Schlereth

Position: Advisor - Strategic Partnerships

Organization: University of California, San Diego

Rachel Miyazaki, Image

Rachel Miyazaki

Position: International Programs Intern

Organization: Washington State University

Jayna Winn Image

Jayna Winn

Position: Program Coordinator, International Education Management

Organization: Middlebury Institute of International Studies

Drew Ross Image

Drew Ross

Position: On-Site Manager for US Pathway Program

Organization: Northeastern University

Leslie Closterman Image

Leslie Closterman

Position: Student Services Coordinator

Organization: EF Education First Language Travel

Keri Toma Image

Keri Toma

Position: Special Consultant, Office of Inclusive Excellence

Organization: California State University, Monterey Bay

Yevie Teyfukova Image

Yevie Teyfukova

Position: International Programs Coordinator

Organization: Maryville College

Jamie Shannon Image

Jamie Shannon

Position: Marketing & Recruiting Specialist

Organization: Frontiers Abroad New Zealand Study Abroad Programmes

Sarah Resnick Image

Sarah Resnick

Position: Intern

Organization: Japan Center for Michigan Universities

Anessa Escobar Image

Anessa Escobar

Position: Scholarship Division Program Intern

Organization: Institute of International Education (IIE) Latin America - Mexico City

Melissa Golden Image

Melissa Golden

Position: Program Development Assistant | Assistant Director of XSEL 2014

Organization: VIA Stanford Programs

Juliet Tyson Image

Juliet Tyson

Position: Intern, Office of International Student & Scholar Services

Organization: San Jose State University

Majda George Image

Majda George

Position: Host Family Recruiter & Activity Leader

Organization: EF Education First

Mallory Nimis Image

Mallory Nimis

Position: Intern, Study Abroad

Organization: Central College Abroad

Katie Brown Image

Katie Brown

Position: Program Assistant

Organization: Stanford in Paris

Liz Uibel Image

Liz Uibel

Position: Intern, Office for Global Engagement

Organization: University of Utah

Lily Busher Image

Lily Busher

Position: Community Programs Manager

Organization: GVI Quepos Costa Rica

Katie Lattman Image

Katie Lattman

Position: International Student Adviser

Organization: Intrax English Language Center

Kristen Arps Image

Kristen Arps

Position: Program Coordinator, Agricultural Business & Technology Institute

Organization: Hartnell College

Ali Philbrick Image

Ali Philbrick

Position: Program Manager

Organization: Girls Sports Works, Peru