Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Read about where our current students are fulfilling their practicum requirements.

Meet the Practicum Class of Spring 2017

Annelise AndradeAnnelise Andrade

Position: Outreach Coordinator

Organization: EUSA Centro Universidad International Office

Abbiola Ballah

Abbiolah Ballah

Position: Marketing and Learning Associate

Organization: MIIS Center for Social Impact Learning

Jenna Cotey

Jenna Cotey

Position: Office Assistant for International Student Services

Organization: South Puget Sound Community College

Megan Dieck

Megan Dieck

Position: Education Abroad Assistant

Organization: University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Damien Lazzari

Damien Lazzari

Position: Graduate Intern

Organization: UC Santa Cruz, Global Engagement ISSS

Heather Rahimi

Heather Rahimi

Position: Student Affairs Graduate Assistant

Organization: University of Utah Asia Campus

Jake Reckford

Jake Reckford

Position: Intern

Organization: American International Recruitment Council (AIRC)

Clarissa Stewart

Clarissa Stewart

Position: Assistant to the Administration

Organization: Middlebury CMRS Oxford Humanities Program

Will Stewart

Will Stewart

Position: Academic Advisor

Organization: Kuwait Cultural Office

Yuki Ueda

Yuki Ueda

Position: Program Design Intern

Organization: Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Daniel Watson

Daniel Watson

Position: Study Abroad Advisor

Organization: Portland Community College


Meet the Practicum Class of Fall 2016

Gisselle Arce IEM 2015 Photo

Giselle Arce

Position: Assistant Coordinator

Organization: APUNE

Kylee Arnold IEM 2015 Photo

Kylee Arnold

Position: Academic Support Intern

Organization: Webster University, Netherlands branch campus

Katie Barthelow, Picture

Katie Barthelow*

Position: Program Manager

Organization: Maker Education Initiative (Maker Ed)

Victoria Beck IEM 2015 Photo

Nicole Beck

Position: IEM AC Practicum Student

Organization: MIIS Center for Social Impact Learning

Noelle Brooker IEM 2015 Photo

Noelle Brooker*

Position: International Affairs Intern

Organization: Case Western Reserve University Center for International Affairs

Katelyn Byram IEM 2015 Photo

Katelyn Byram

Position: Intern

Organization: University of Dayton

Eric M. Chávez, Picture

Eric Chavez*

Position: Intern

Organization: USAID Education in Crisis and Conflict Network

April Danyluk, Picture

April Danyluk*

Position: Program Coordinator Intern

Organization: Center for Civil-Military Relations, Africa Program, Naval Post Graduate School

Ashleigh Edelsohn, Picture

Ashleigh Edelsohn*

Position: Kiva Fellows Program Intern

Organization: KIVA

Aileen Evans, Picture

Aileen Evans*

Position: Global Education Information Manager

Organization: Office of Global Education, Georgetown University

Barry Evans IEM 2015 Photo

Alex Evans

Position: International Student and Scholar Services Intern

Organization: Portland State University

Gabriella Forster IEM 2015 Photo

Gabriella Forster

Position: Educational Affairs Intern

Organization: Embassy of France in the United States

Lauren Gilhuly IEM 2015 Photo

Lauren Gilhuly

Position: English Teacher

Organization: College View High School

Sarah Go IEM 2015 Photo

Sarah Go

Position: ALC Assistant Director

Organization: VIA Programs

Samuel Gras IEM 2015 Photo

Samuel Gras

Position: Enrollment Coordinator

Organization: Oregon State University

Maren Haas IEM 2015 Photo

Maren Haas

Position: On-Site Coordinator, BRIC Program

Organization: Babson College

Kaitlin Healy IEM 2015 Photo

Kaitlin Healy

Position: Intern

Organization: University of Vermont Office of International Education

Dashiell Hillgartner IEM 2015 Photo

Dashiell Hilgartner

Position: Assistant Programs Manager

Organization: The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD)

Jun Jiang IEM 2015 Photo

Jun Jiang

Position: Intern: International Program, Residential, Integration, Admissions, Marketing

Organization: Spring Street International School

Tobias Joel, Picture

Tobias Joel*

Position: Project Management Office Student Trainee - Administration

Organization: General Services Administration - Public Buildings Service

Morgan Keller IEM 2015 Photo

Morgan Keller

Position: IEO Intern

Organization: International Education Office, UC Santa Cruz

Julia Kelley IEM 2015 Photo

Julia Kelley

Position: Full-time Intern

Organization: Middlebury C.V. Starr School in France

Meredith Kern IEM 2015 Photo

Meredith Kern

Position: Marketing and Administration Intern

Organization: InternChina

Caitlyn Lamdin IEM 2015 Photo

Caitlyn Lamdin

Position: Program Design, Evaluation and Outreach Intern

Organization: One World Now!

Nan Li IEM 2015 Photo

Nan Li

Position: Intern

Organization: UC Berkeley International Office

Julia Lucas IEM 2015 Photo

Julia Lucas

Position: On-Site Program Consultant

Organization: Middlebury Schools Abroad, Spain

Karmen Mallow IEM 2015 Photo

Karmen Mallow

Position: Intern: International Program, Residential, Integration, Admissions, Marketing

Organization: Spring Street International School

Scott McSwain IEM 2015 Photo

Scott McSwain

Position: Intern

Organization: Intercultural Institute (ICI)

Whitney Miller IEM 2015 Photo

Whitney Miller

Position: Intern

Organization: Arizona State University Study Abroad Office

Allison Newman, Picture

Allison Newman*

Position: Student Success Manager

Organization: GrowthX Academy

Darius Ngo IEM 2015 Photo

Darius Ngo

Position: Interim Operations Manager

Organization: MIIS GSTILE LPP

Brian Pekrill, Picture

Brian Peckrill*

Position: Senior Programs Manager

Organization: WorldChicago

Lynn Rampe, Picture

Lynn Rampe*

Position: Technological Systems Educator and Database manager

Organization: American Industries Inc.

Cathy Ren IEM 2015 Photo

Cathy Ren

Position: Business Development and Marketing Intern

Organization: CRCC Asia

Rianna Robertson IEM 2015 Photo

Rianna Robertson

Position: ISS Intern

Organization: Reed College

Stephanie Rosenbaum, Picture

Stephanie Rosenbaum*

Position: Intern International Relations Office

Organization: Sciences Po Bordeaux

Meredith Saba IEM 2015 Photo

Meredith Saba

Position: Intern

Organization: University of California, San Francisco, ISSO

Jessica Schrader IEM 2015 Photo

Jessica Schrader

Position: CGE Practicant

Organization: Robert Morris University Center for Global Engagement

Rebecca Sheffield IEM 2015 Photo

Rebecca Sheffield

Position: International Education Assistant

Organization: Universidad Nebrija

Bianca Silva IEM 2015 Photo

Bianca Silva

Position: Graduate Student Affairs Specialist

Organization: University of Utah, Asia Campus (UAC)

Stephanie Sodorf IEM 2015 Photo

Stephanie Soedorf

Position: Assistant to the Administrator

Organization: Middlebury College CMRS Oxford

Kaitlin Sommerfeld IEM 2015 Photo

Kaitlin Sommerfeld

Position: On-Site Program Coordinator

Organization: Middlebury School in Spain and UCO

Jenna Tantillo IEM 2015 Photo

Jenna Tantillo

Position: International Programs Assistant

Organization: University of San Diego - USD Madrid

Sam Thomas IEM 2015 Photo

Samantha Thomas

Position: 2nd Grade Teacher

Organization: Palm Beach County School District

Ashton Troxel IEM 2015 Photo

Ashton Troxel

Position: Study Abroad Graduate Intern

Organization: Texas Tech University

Hannah Unher IEM 2015 Photo

Hannah Unher*

Position: International Office Assistant

Organization: Leeward CC Office of International Programs (OIP)

Rosanna Vargas IEM 2015 Photo

Rosanna Vargas

Position: Curriculum and Instructional Design Intern

Organization: Thrival Academies

John Waas IEM 2015 Photo

Jack Waas*

Position: Graduate Intern/Practicum participant

Organization: IES Abroad

Kathryn Walter IEM 2015 Photo

Katie Walter

Position: FMS IEM Associate

Organization: MIIS Center for Social Impact Learning

Janelle Williams IEM 2015 Photo

Janelle Williams

Position: Program Development Intern

Organization: Thrival World Academies

Kevin Yochim IEM 2015 Photo

Kevin Yochim

Position: Communications Coordinator

Organization: World Teach

Caroline Zeiher IEM 2015 Photo

Caroline Zeiher

Position: Education Abroad Intern

Organization: Portland State University