Read about where our current students are fulfilling their practicum requirements.

Meet the Practicum Class of Fall 2014

Quinn Bolander, Image

Quinn Bolander

Position: Study Abroad Advisor, Office of International Studies and Programs

Organization: Illinois State University

Ximena Ospina, Image

Ximena Ospina

Position: Project Development Consultant

Organization: Fundación Escuela Nueva, Bogotá, Columbia

Nolan Sutker, Image

Nolan Sutker

Position: Senior Academic Manager

Organization: EF Education First

Emily Stokes, Image

Emily Stokes

Position: Admission Associate and Registrar

Organization: York School

Alex Nichol, Image

Alex Nichol

Position: Programs and Partnerships Intern

Organization: Child Family Health International (CFHI)

Michelle Fredrickson, Image

Michelle Fredrickson

Position: Recruitment Consultant

Organization: Middlebury Institute of International Studies

Jarod Hightower-Mills, Image

Jarod Hightower-Mills

Position: Intern

Organization: Fund for Education Abroad

Lars Schlereth, Image

Lars Schlereth

Position: Advisor - Strategic Partnerships

Organization: University of California, San Diego

Rachel Miyazaki, Image

Rachel Miyazaki

Position: International Programs Intern

Organization: Washington State University

Jayna Winn, Image

Jayna Winn

Position: Program Coordinator, International Education Management

Organization: Middlebury Institute of International Studies

Drew Ross, Image

Drew Ross

Position: On-Site Manager for US Pathway Program

Organization: Northeastern University

Leslie Closterman, Image

Leslie Closterman

Position: Student Services Coordinator

Organization: EF Education First Language Travel

Keri Toma, Image

Keri Toma

Position: Special Consultant, Office of Inclusive Excellence

Organization: California State University, Monterey Bay

Yevie Teyfukova, Image

Yevie Teyfukova

Position: International Programs Coordinator

Organization: Maryville College

Jamie Shannon, Image

Jamie Shannon

Position: Marketing & Recruiting Specialist

Organization: Frontiers Abroad New Zealand Study Abroad Programmes

Sarah Resnick, Image

Sarah Resnick

Position: Intern

Organization: Japan Center for Michigan Universities

Anessa Escobar, Image

Anessa Escobar

Position: Scholarship Division Program Intern

Organization: Institute of International Education (IIE) Latin America - Mexico City

Melissa Golden, Image

Melissa Golden

Position: Program Development Assistant | Assistant Director of XSEL 2014

Organization: VIA Stanford Programs

Juliet Tyson, Image

Juliet Tyson

Position: Intern, Office of International Student & Scholar Services

Organization: San Jose State University

Majda George, Image

Majda George

Position: Host Family Recruiter & Activity Leader

Organization: EF Education First

Mallory Nimis, Image

Mallory Nimis

Position: Intern, Study Abroad

Organization: Central College Abroad

Katie Brown, Image

Katie Brown

Position: Program Assistant

Organization: Stanford in Paris

Liz Uibel, Image

Liz Uibel

Position: Intern, Office for Global Engagement

Organization: University of Utah

Lily Busher, Image

Lily Busher

Position: Community Programs Manager

Organization: GVI Quepos Costa Rica

Katie Lattman, Image

Katie Lattman

Position: International Student Adviser

Organization: Intrax English Language Center

Kristen Arps, Image

Kristen Arps

Position: Program Coordinator, Agricultural Business & Technology Institute

Organization: Hartnell College

Ali Philbrick, Image

Ali Philbrick

Position: Program Manager

Organization: Girls Sports Works, Peru