Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Read about where our current students are fulfilling their practicum requirements.

Meet the Practicum Class of Spring 2016


Kaela Conroy

Position: Acting Advisor for Spain, Latin America and Caribbean Programs

Organization: Brown University - Office of International Programs

Tessa Fancher, Picture

Tessa Fancher

Position: Data and Research Intern

Organization: Middlebury College


Maria Gleason-Maddox

Position: Graduate Intern

Organization: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater - Center for Global Education


Michelle Gloster

Position: Program Manager

Organization: PLUS Education U.S. Corp


Talia Gottlieb

Position: Consultant for Office of Admissions/University Counseling

Organization: Pearson College UWC, Canada


Emily Greenblatt

Position: Graduate Intern

Organization: Intercultural Communication Institute

Three Guillory, Picture

Alcide Guillory

Position: Immersive Learning Practicum Coordinator

Organization: Middlebury Institute of International Studies


Courtney Jackson

Position: Independent Contractor

Organization: American International Recruitment Council (AIRC)

Sydney McLoughlin, Picture

Sydney McLoughlin

Position: Intern Assistant

Organization: ACCENT España Programas Académicos Internacionales S.L.

Peter Seilheimer, Picture

Peter Seilheimer

Position: Special Consultant for International Education

Organization: California State University at Monterey Bay


Abbey Wallace

Position: OPDO Working Group Intern

Organization: CIEE

Meet the Practicum Class of Fall 2015

Galen Anderson, Picture

Galen Anderson

Position: Project Coordinator, Sprintensive

Organization: Middlebury Institute of International Studies

Gloria Avalos, Picture

Gloria Avalos

Position: Graduate Intern

Organization: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Kimberly Bellows, Picture

Kimberly Bellows

Position: Intern

Organization: Corrymeela, Ireland

Jordan Bowlby, Picture

Jordan Bowlby

Position: IEM Practicum Coordinator

Organization: Graduate School of International Policy and Management

Robert Broom, Picture

Robert Broom

Position: Intern

Organization: Center for Languages, Cultures & Regional Studies - US Military Academy (West Point)

Steffa Collens, Picture

Stephanie Collens

Position: Intern

Organization: University of California, San Diego

Cortney Copeland, Picture

Cortney Copeland

Position: Research Assistant

Organization: Girls Inc.

Tylie Cramer, Picture

Theiline Cramer

Position: Primary English Language Teacher

Organization: Stella Maris College, Montevideo, Uruguay

Aimee Devitto, Picture

Aimee Devitto

Position: Community Engagement and Student Services Intern

Organization: The Umbra Institute, Italy

Julianne Farrar, Picture

Julianne Farrar

Position: Center Manager

Organization: Education First Language Travel Monterey

Gretta Herrin, Picture

Gretta Herrin

Position: Student Services and Communications Manager

Organization: Johns Hopkins University, Hopkins-Nanjing Center, Washington Office

Christina Irvine, Picture

Christina Irvine

Position: Intercultural Center Program Adviser

Organization: Whitman College

Jacob Jallah, Picture

Jacob Jallah

Position: Program Officer

Organization: Ministry of Youth & Sports, Liberia

Ashley Machado, Picture

Ashley Machado

Position: Graduate Intern

Organization: Griffith University-Gold Coast Campus, Australia

Kelsey Maher, Picture

Kelsey Maher

Position: Digital Marketing and Logistics Coordinator

Organization: Language and Professional Programs at the Middlebury Institute

Amy Marrion, Picture

Amy Marrion

Position: Graduate Assistant

Organization: St. Mary's College of Maryland

Patrick McMurdo, Picture

Patrick McMurdo

Position: Marketing Intern

Organization: Intercultural Communication Institute

Maria Juliana Mejia, Picture

Maria Mejia

Position: International Marketing and Social Media Strategy Intern

Organization: University of California Riverside, Extension Center

Christine Miller, Picture

Christine Miller

Position: Graduate Intern

Organization: Pomona College

Maritza Munzon, Picture

Maritza Munzon

Position: Special Projects Consultant

Organization: Caminando Unidos

Rachel Vidmar, Picture

Rachel Muradyan

Position: Admissions & Marketing Manager

Organization: Middlebury Institute of International Studies

George Payne, Picture

George Payne

Position: Marketing and Publicity Intern

Organization: World Teach

Sandy Pelc, Picture

Sandra Pelc

Position: Career Services Consultant

Organization: International Technological University

Casey Penn, Picture

Casey Penn

Position: General ICI Intern

Organization: Intercultural Communication Institute

Kelsey Prima, Picture

Kelsey Prima

Position: Program Assistant and Tutor

Organization: Middlebury School Abroad in Mainz, Germany

Adrian Raye, Picture

Adrian Raye

Position: Intern

Organization: University of the District of Columbia

David Saide, Picture

David Saide

Position: Summer and Fall Intern

Organization: University of California – San Francisco

Amy Slay, Picture

Amy Slay

Position: Digital Learning Fellow

Organization: Digital Learning Commons, MIIS

Veronica Soto, Picture

Veronica Soto

Position: Intern

Organization: University of California, San Francisco

Reginald N. Spence, Picture

Reggie Spence

Position: Graduate Assistant

Organization: Pace University, New York

Natalie Spencer, Picture

Natalie Spencer

Position: Graduate Assistant for Student Learning

Organization: International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP)

Angélique Stevens, Picture

Angelique Stevens

Position: Academic Support Intern

Organization: Education First Monterey

Clare Teague, Picture

Clare Teague

Position: Student Services Coordinator

Organization: Education First Monterey

Luz Vazquez Ramos, Picture

Luz Vazquez-Ramos

Position: Special Projects Manager

Organization: CETLALIC Institute, Mexico

Sophie Xue Xu, Picture

Sophie Xu

Position: Intern

Organization: Berkeley International Office, University of California, Berkeley

Zi Ye, Picture

Zi Ye

Position: Assistant of the Admissions Office

Organization: Institute for International Students, Nanjing University, China

Kelly Jacqueline Zuniga, Picture

Kelly Zuniga

Position: Intern

Organization: Middlebury School in Paris, France