Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Read about where our current students are fulfilling their practicum requirements.

Meet the Practicum Class of Fall 2016

Gisselle Arce IEM 2015 Photo

Giselle Arce

Position: Assistant Coordinator

Organization: APUNE

Kylee Arnold IEM 2015 Photo

Kylee Arnold

Position: Academic Support Intern

Organization: Webster University, Netherlands branch campus

Katie Barthelow, Picture

Katie Barthelow*

Position: Program Manager

Organization: Maker Education Initiative (Maker Ed)

Victoria Beck IEM 2015 Photo

Nicole Beck

Position: IEM AC Practicum Student

Organization: MIIS Center for Social Impact Learning

Noelle Brooker IEM 2015 Photo

Noelle Brooker*

Position: International Affairs Intern

Organization: Case Western Reserve University Center for International Affairs

Katelyn Byram IEM 2015 Photo

Katelyn Byram

Position: Intern

Organization: University of Dayton

Eric M. Chávez, Picture

Eric Chavez*

Position: Intern

Organization: USAID Education in Crisis and Conflict Network

April Danyluk, Picture

April Danyluk*

Position: Program Coordinator Intern

Organization: Center for Civil-Military Relations, Africa Program, Naval Post Graduate School

Ashleigh Edelsohn, Picture

Ashleigh Edelsohn*

Position: Kiva Fellows Program Intern

Organization: KIVA

Aileen Evans, Picture

Aileen Evans*

Position: Global Education Information Manager

Organization: Office of Global Education, Georgetown University

Barry Evans IEM 2015 Photo

Alex Evans

Position: International Student and Scholar Services Intern

Organization: Portland State University

Gabriella Forster IEM 2015 Photo

Gabriella Forster

Position: Educational Affairs Intern

Organization: Embassy of France in the United States

Lauren Gilhuly IEM 2015 Photo

Lauren Gilhuly

Position: English Teacher

Organization: College View High School

Sarah Go IEM 2015 Photo

Sarah Go

Position: ALC Assistant Director

Organization: VIA Programs

Samuel Gras IEM 2015 Photo

Samuel Gras

Position: Enrollment Coordinator

Organization: Oregon State University

Maren Haas IEM 2015 Photo

Maren Haas

Position: On-Site Coordinator, BRIC Program

Organization: Babson College

Kaitlin Healy IEM 2015 Photo

Kaitlin Healy

Position: Intern

Organization: University of Vermont Office of International Education

Dashiell Hillgartner IEM 2015 Photo

Dashiell Hilgartner

Position: Assistant Programs Manager

Organization: The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD)

Jun Jiang IEM 2015 Photo

Jun Jiang

Position: Intern: International Program, Residential, Integration, Admissions, Marketing

Organization: Spring Street International School

Tobias Joel, Picture

Tobias Joel*

Position: Project Management Office Student Trainee - Administration

Organization: General Services Administration - Public Buildings Service

Morgan Keller IEM 2015 Photo

Morgan Keller

Position: IEO Intern

Organization: International Education Office, UC Santa Cruz

Julia Kelley IEM 2015 Photo

Julia Kelley

Position: Full-time Intern

Organization: Middlebury C.V. Starr School in France

Meredith Kern IEM 2015 Photo

Meredith Kern

Position: Marketing and Administration Intern

Organization: InternChina

Caitlyn Lamdin IEM 2015 Photo

Caitlyn Lamdin

Position: Program Design, Evaluation and Outreach Intern

Organization: One World Now!

Nan Li IEM 2015 Photo

Nan Li

Position: Intern

Organization: UC Berkeley International Office

Julia Lucas IEM 2015 Photo

Julia Lucas

Position: On-Site Program Consultant

Organization: Middlebury Schools Abroad, Spain

Karmen Mallow IEM 2015 Photo

Karmen Mallow

Position: Intern: International Program, Residential, Integration, Admissions, Marketing

Organization: Spring Street International School

Scott McSwain IEM 2015 Photo

Scott McSwain

Position: Intern

Organization: Intercultural Institute (ICI)

Whitney Miller IEM 2015 Photo

Whitney Miller

Position: Intern

Organization: Arizona State University Study Abroad Office

Allison Newman, Picture

Allison Newman*

Position: Student Success Manager

Organization: GrowthX Academy

Darius Ngo IEM 2015 Photo

Darius Ngo

Position: Interim Operations Manager

Organization: MIIS GSTILE LPP

Brian Pekrill, Picture

Brian Peckrill*

Position: Senior Programs Manager

Organization: WorldChicago

Lynn Rampe, Picture

Lynn Rampe*

Position: Technological Systems Educator and Database manager

Organization: American Industries Inc.

Cathy Ren IEM 2015 Photo

Cathy Ren

Position: Business Development and Marketing Intern

Organization: CRCC Asia

Rianna Robertson IEM 2015 Photo

Rianna Robertson

Position: ISS Intern

Organization: Reed College

Stephanie Rosenbaum, Picture

Stephanie Rosenbaum*

Position: Intern International Relations Office

Organization: Sciences Po Bordeaux

Meredith Saba IEM 2015 Photo

Meredith Saba

Position: Intern

Organization: University of California, San Francisco, ISSO

Jessica Schrader IEM 2015 Photo

Jessica Schrader

Position: CGE Practicant

Organization: Robert Morris University Center for Global Engagement

Rebecca Sheffield IEM 2015 Photo

Rebecca Sheffield

Position: International Education Assistant

Organization: Universidad Nebrija

Bianca Silva IEM 2015 Photo

Bianca Silva

Position: Graduate Student Affairs Specialist

Organization: University of Utah, Asia Campus (UAC)

Stephanie Sodorf IEM 2015 Photo

Stephanie Soedorf

Position: Assistant to the Administrator

Organization: Middlebury College CMRS Oxford

Kaitlin Sommerfeld IEM 2015 Photo

Kaitlin Sommerfeld

Position: On-Site Program Coordinator

Organization: Middlebury School in Spain and UCO

Jenna Tantillo IEM 2015 Photo

Jenna Tantillo

Position: International Programs Assistant

Organization: University of San Diego - USD Madrid

Sam Thomas IEM 2015 Photo

Samantha Thomas

Position: 2nd Grade Teacher

Organization: Palm Beach County School District

Ashton Troxel IEM 2015 Photo

Ashton Troxel

Position: Study Abroad Graduate Intern

Organization: Texas Tech University

Hannah Unher IEM 2015 Photo

Hannah Unher*

Position: International Office Assistant

Organization: Leeward CC Office of International Programs (OIP)

Rosanna Vargas IEM 2015 Photo

Rosanna Vargas

Position: Curriculum and Instructional Design Intern

Organization: Thrival Academies

John Waas IEM 2015 Photo

Jack Waas*

Position: Graduate Intern/Practicum participant

Organization: IES Abroad

Kathryn Walter IEM 2015 Photo

Katie Walter

Position: FMS IEM Associate

Organization: MIIS Center for Social Impact Learning

Janelle Williams IEM 2015 Photo

Janelle Williams

Position: Program Development Intern

Organization: Thrival World Academies

Kevin Yochim IEM 2015 Photo

Kevin Yochim

Position: Communications Coordinator

Organization: World Teach

Caroline Zeiher IEM 2015 Photo

Caroline Zeiher

Position: Education Abroad Intern

Organization: Portland State University


Meet the Practicum Class of Spring 2016

IEM Kaela

Kaela Conroy

Position: Acting Advisor for Spain, Latin America and Caribbean Programs

Organization: Brown University - Office of International Programs

Tessa Fancher, Picture

Tessa Fancher*

Position: Data and Research Intern

Organization: Middlebury College

Maria Gleason Maddox

Maria Gleason-Maddox

Position: Graduate Intern

Organization: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater - Center for Global Education

Michelle Gloster

Michelle Gloster

Position: Program Manager

Organization: PLUS Education U.S. Corp

Talia Gottlieb

Talia Gottlieb

Position: Consultant for Office of Admissions/University Counseling

Organization: Pearson College UWC, Canada

Emily Greenblatt

Emily Greenblatt

Position: Graduate Intern

Organization: Intercultural Communication Institute

Alcide Guillory

Alcide Guillory*

Position: Immersive Learning Practicum Coordinator

Organization: Middlebury Institute of International Studies

Courtney Jackson

Courtney Jackson

Position: Independent Contractor

Organization: American International Recruitment Council (AIRC)

Sydney McLoughlin, Picture

Sydney McLoughlin

Position: Intern Assistant

Organization: ACCENT España Programas Académicos Internacionales S.L.

Peter Seilheimer, Picture

Peter Seilheimer

Position: Special Consultant for International Education

Organization: California State University at Monterey Bay

IEM Abbey

Abbey Wallace

Position: OPDO Working Group Intern

Organization: CIEE