Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Our students come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and majors, and bring a diversity of perspectives to the program.

Student Profiles

Meet the IEM students here at the Institute! Students marked with an (*) are candidates in the joint International Education Management and Public Administration (MPA) program.

Eli Hatch, Image

Eli Hatch*

Before MIIS: Working in automotive manufacturing, specifically with large Japanese companies.

Career Goal: Work as director of a study abroad program office at a university or in the foreign service with student visas and immigration.

Fun Fact: Big into Pinterest.

Khatab Cissokho, Image

Khatab Cissokho

Before MIIS: Argosy University for bachelor's degree in Business Administration and International Studies.

Career Goal: Know about IEM and use it in UN internationally

Fun Fact: Is a performing artist: actor, dancer, drummer, and choreographer.

Lauren Bell, Image

Lauren Bell*

Before MIIS: Serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ghana, partnered with a USAID funded project, ADVAN/CE.

Career Goal: Working in some facet of international education in a job that I love.

Fun Fact: I have achieved one of my goals for visiting 30 countries before the age of 30.

Chelsea Lavallee

Chelsea Lavallee*

Before MIIS: Program coordinator at an ESL school in Boston. TAPIF Program in Bordeaux.

Career Goal: Working at the intersection of education and international development.

Fun Fact: I can eat more pancakes than anyone I know.

Karla Piacentini

Karla Piacentini*

Before MIIS: Stationed in the Philippines from 2012–2014, serving as an English language teacher and Maternal and Child coordinator with the Peace Corps.

Career Goal: Study abroad coordinator, either domestically or abroad. I also see a career in the Foreign Service and/or the Peace Corps.

Fun Fact: I ride motorcycles.

Sarah Whitley

Sarah Whitley*

Before MIIS: Lived in South Korea from 2012 to 2015, teaching English at two technical high schools.

Career Goal: Start a study-abroad program or a school that facilitates under-performing and/or low-income Korean students.

Fun Fact: I make the best Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake the world has ever known.

Katy Wilson

Katy Wilson*

Before MIIS: English language and Anglophone culture teacher at an engineering school in Reims, France.

Career Goal: Working at the nexus of education, migration, and the environment.

Ayako Yamada

Ayako Yamada*

Before MIIS: Consul at the Japanese Consulate in Chicago.

Career Goal: Work at a university making a bridge between faculty and admin staff in the international center and career center.

Fun Fact: I enjoyed bungee jumping so much I jumped backwards the second time.

Ashley Gauer

Ashley Gauer*

Before MIIS: Small business owner; volunteer recruitment & management consultant; study abroad advisor/programs manager at USF; ESL instructor in Spain, S.E Asia, San Francisco, & Hawaii.

Career Goal: work for or start a social impact community hub that offers language, skills, & global ed training for youth

Fun Fact: I have an odd fascination for the smell of rain, tar, paint, & old sinks. I dig black holes, bookstores, barefoot boogies…and bread.

Charlotte Grant

Charlotte Grant*

Before MIIS: I served in the Peace Corps in Tanzania in the Environment sector. Last year I taught elementary school science at a charter school in the South Bronx.

Career Goal: I'd love to be working for the UN or similar organization in the field of Education.

Fun Fact: I have webbed toes!

Christopher Adams

Christopher Adams

Before MIIS: I was teaching high school Spanish.

Career Goal: Language Program Director

Fun Fact: I took an 11-hour train across Morocco this summer

Noelle Boucher

Noelle Boucher

Before MIIS: I worked in Madrid, Spain teaching English.

Career Goal: Work in a study abroad office in a Spanish-speaking country.

Fun Fact: I took a group of eight Spanish girls on a trip to DC for two weeks.

Caitlin Cook

Caitlin Cook

Before MIIS: I was a swim coach and an editor for a new station's arts and entertainment blog.

Career Goal: Working in a study abroad office at a university, planning programs, and advising students.

Fun Fact: I have a 15-pound cat named Oscar.

Janira Cordova

Janira Cordova

Before MIIS: Working full time as a Medical Billing Specialist

Career Goal: I'd like to work abroad in Japan in a university.

Fun Fact: I've traveled abroad to other countries before, but I have yet to travel inside the US.

Jessica DiFoggio

Jessica DiFoggio

Before MIIS: I was in Colorado Springs, CO.

Career Goal: Working for a study abroad organization with programs in Italy.

Fun Fact: I can play jump rope with my arms instead of a rope.

Margot Draeger

Margot Draeger*

Before MIIS: Working at a law firm in San Francisco.

Career Goal: Working for an NGO or nonprofit in education programs.

Fun Fact: I enjoy hiking.

Grace Earley

Grace Earley

Before MIIS: I taught English in Yzeure, France with TAPIF.

Career Goal: Director of a university study abroad program

Fun Fact: I've done a barrel roll in a plane.

Liz Feliciano

Elizabeth Feliciano*

Before MIIS: I was working for an international school in MA as an international student advisor.

Career Goal: Working with international students and scholars. I also see myself working for an NGO protecting human rights.

Fun Fact: I love learning about evolutionary biology.

Harrison Gill

Harrison Gill*

Before MIIS: I was a Fulbright ETA in the Czech Republic, taught English in Milwaukee, and was a college recruiter in Israel.

Career Goal: I am interested in connecting students to practical experiences making a difference in the world.

Fun Fact: I love to go hiking in my free time.

Photo Placeholder

Catherine Golub

Before MIIS: I worked as an English teacher in Shizuoka Japan with the JET program.

Career Goal: I want to work in a university study abroad office in Japan.

Fun Fact: My hobby is kickboxing.

Christopher Hester

Christopher Hester

Before MIIS: The JET program! I worked at three prefectural schools in Japan and got acquainted with Asia through travel.

Career Goal: Working in international scholar exchange programs between Japan and America.

Fun Fact: I'm a ballerino!

Schuyler Horn

Schuyler Horn

Before MIIS: I was working as a teacher recruiter in Boston, MA.

Career Goal: I hope to have a popular education podcast and/or create an international experiential summer education program.

Fun Fact: I play the trumpet.

Victoria Hudak

Victoria Hudak

Before MIIS: Teaching English in Saitama, Japan on the JET program.

Career Goal: Working in a study abroad office at a university, maybe even my alma mater, Hollins University.

Fun Fact: I was featured in a "street snaps" section of a Japanese fashion magazine called "Gothic and Lolita Bible."

McKenna Hughes

Mc Kenna Hughes

Before MIIS: I graduated from the University of Virginia and spent the last year in France teaching English.

Career Goal: Program coordinator abroad for a study abroad program.

Fun Fact: I'm always trying to learn a new language (to varying success).

Elizabeth Imasa

Elizabeth Imasa

Before MIIS: I was an English Assistant Language Teacher in Nishinomiya for two years.

Career Goal: Working with a study abroad program that bridges culture gaps or inspires students to take their learning experience outside of their comfort zones.

Fun Fact: I have done saddo (Art of tea ceremony) for two years in Japan.

Alyssa Jackson

Alyssa Jackson

Before MIIS: I served in Peace Corps Senegal. I also worked in hospitality in North Dakota.

Career Goal: Working either at a university in the study abroad department or abroad in New Zealand/South America.

Fun Fact: I went bungee jumping in New Zealand…twice!

Martha Jensen

Martha Jensen

Before MIIS: I was a hotel manager for an adventure-based cruise company. I spent three summers sailing in Alaska and two winters sailing in the Sea of Cortez.

Career Goal: I want to work in a university study abroad office or on-site at a program in a Spanish-speaking country.

Fun Fact: I have snorkeled with whale sharks and it was the most magical experience of my life!

Seth Joyner

Seth Joyner

Before MIIS: Meeting everyone I could, teaching English in Korea, and working as a high school choral director in NC.

Career Goal: Fulbright scholarship management, promoting study in the US, and promoting human rights in North Korea.

Fun Fact: I have an identical twin brother.

Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy*

Before MIIS: I served with Peace Corps Guatemala, and I also worked with mentoring service learning programs in Costa Rica.

Career Goal: Working in Latin America with a university or education-focused NGO

Fun Fact: I'm the youngest of seven siblings.

Christina Lee

Christina Lee*

Before MIIS: I was substitute teaching.

Career Goal: I would love to work in a study abroad or international programs office.

Fun Fact: I have five nephews and seven nieces.

David Malacki

David Malacki

Before MIIS: I managed English schools in China and also traveled around Asia.

Career Goal: I want to help students study in China and help Chinese students study abroad.

Fun Fact: I've hiked in the Himalayas.

Amy Marcus

Amy Marcus*

Before MIIS: I was an International Student Services Coordinator/DSO at an ESL school in Manhattan

Career Goal: Working in intercultural exchange and sustainable development, maybe with gap year students.

Fun Fact: I grew up in Kailua, Hawaii, but never surfed until I was 25 years old. Turns out I'm not bad at it!

Anna McCreedy

Anna McCreedy

Before MIIS: I worked as the Director of residential life for St. Mary's School in Medford, OR.

Career Goal: Study abroad advisor/coordinator in higher education.

Fun Fact: All four of my wisdom teeth were impacted…I had chipmunk cheeks for weeks.

Jessica Meado

Jessica Meado

Before MIIS: I worked as a travel agent in St. Louis, MO. I also worked in the Dept. of Human Services in central IL.

Career Goal: Study abroad advisor or international student services (potentially abroad).

Fun Fact: I participated in an archaeology dig in Greece!

Miranda Meyer

Miranda Meyer*

Before MIIS: I worked at an HIV clinic where I did HIV/Hep C testing, counseling, and outreach to homeless people.

Career Goal: I would like to work as a foreign service officer or cultural immersion program director.

Fun Fact: I love to dance bachata (but really any type!)

Kathryn Mill

Kathryn Mill

Before MIIS: I lived and studied in Paris, France, and worked for a gifted ed summer camp.

Career Goal: Working for a study abroad provider, helping to develop re-entry programs in higher ed/student affairs.

Fun Fact: I have the rarest MBTI type (INTJ!)

Photo Placeholder

Melissa Nix

Before MIIS: I worked at an architecture firm in LA. I also traveled through SE Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Career Goal: Managing a study abroad program.

Fun Fact: I once met an Italian princess.

Erika Quinonez

Erika Quinonez

Before MIIS: I was an English coach in Maceio, Brazil with US-Brazil Connect. I also served with City Year Miami as a literacy interventionist.

Career Goal: Managing US-Brazil cross-cultural programs, and creating more affordable and socially-conscious study abroad opportunities.

Fun Fact: I played a year of collegiate soccer.

Morgan Rawlings

Morgan Rawlings*

Before MIIS: I worked in NYC at The Knot.

Career Goal: Working for an international school and running my own summer language immersion program in China.

Fun Fact: I am a lifelong musician, singer, and dancer, as well as an avid traveler and food enthusiast.

Jolyn Rekasis

JoLyn Rekasis

Before MIIS: I served in Peace Corps Dominican Republic as a childhood literacy promoter.

Career Goal: Working abroad through a university or study abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country.

Fun Fact: I lived on the Dominican/Haitian border with no running water and limited electricity.

Becky Richey

Becky Richey

Before MIIS: I received my undergraduate degree at the University of Florida.

Career Goal: Working at a university in a US-based study abroad or international students office, or as an on-site study abroad program director.

Fun Fact: I'm left-handed.

Hope Sanders

Hope Sanders

Before MIIS: I was teaching high school literature.

Career Goal: Working with study abroad programs.

Fun Fact: I enjoy running marathons.

Jessica Santos

Jessica Santos

Before MIIS: I worked at an international nonprofit and a startup working with students to secure temporary jobs and housing.

Career Goal: I want to create programs to push students to study or work abroad.

Fun Fact: I sing :)

Photo Placeholder

Alexander Smith

Before MIIS: I taught with JET in Himeji, Japan.

Career Goal: Working with a university study abroad program.

Fun Fact: I ran the Himeji marathon.

David Smith

David Smith

Before MIIS: I was in Barcelona teaching English and writing music. I also served in Americorps as a teacher in San Jose.

Career Goal: Traveling and teaching or managing a school.

Fun Fact: I play over 20 instruments.

Photo Placeholder

Sadira Smith

Before MIIS: I was in Croatia, being a full-time mom.

Career Goal: Working at the Bureau of Cultural Affairs.

Fun Fact: Ice cream in the winter, soup in the summer.

Dan Solomon

Dan Solomon

Before MIIS: I worked in live entertainment and customer service management.

Career Goal: Working my way towards managing an international education office.

Fun Fact: I once worked access control/security for the Samoan head of State and the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Brett Srader

Brett Srader

Before MIIS: I was in eastern Kentucky teaching middle school English.

Career Goal: Promoting intercultural exchanges between rural communities both domestically and abroad.

Fun Fact: I worked in Yellowstone National Park

Eric Staab

Eric Staab

Before MIIS: I worked at an elementary school before/after-school program and substitute taught at a high school.

Career Goal: Working as a study abroad advisor.

Fun Fact: I have an 8-year old goldfish.

Laura Stipic

Laura Stipic

Before MIIS: I was working as an au pair in Australia.

Career Goal: I would like to be a study abroad advisor and eventually open my own program.

Fun Fact: I worked at Pixar Animation Studios.


Shayna Trujillo

Shayna Trujillo

Before MIIS: I worked for a Colorado school district as a bilingual early childhood community liaison.

Career Goal: Eventually direct a company or department that engages others in transformative and meaningful educational exchange and intercultural interactions.

Fun Fact: I'm secretly excellent at hula-hooping.

Ting Wang

Ting Wang

Before MIIS: I worked as a project manager in a laboratory equipment company in China for six years, mainly doing exporting business. And after that, I became a stay-at-home mom.

Career Goal: I’d like to work as a study abroad advisor in higher education or any other program advisor in the international student office.

Fun Fact: I enjoy trying Airbnbs in different places

Yijun Wang

Yijun Wang

Before MIIS: I was in San Diego.

Career Goal: I would like to work in Osaka, Japan or Shanghai, China.

Fun Fact: I speak Chinese and Japanese, and have recently been working on French.

Stephanie Weisfeld

Stephanie Weisfeld

Before MIIS: I was a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Brazil.

Career Goal: Working as an immigration coordinator at a university.

Fun Fact: The only time I've ever been camping was in Senegal.

Zilin Zheng

Zilin Zheng

Before MIIS: I completed my degree in East Asian Languages & Cultures at UIUC, and studied abroad at Waseda University.

Career Goal: Working in a university setting, to serve international students and promote study abroad - or teaching English in Asia.

Fun Fact: I am a big fan of K-pop.

Anatoily Artamanov

Anatoily Artamanov

Before MIIS: Getting my BA in Linguistics and Philosophy at UCLA.

Career Goal: Academic advising/counseling.

Anna Galbraith

Anna Galbraith

Before MIIS: I spent the last 3 months substitute teaching in Nebraska, but prior to that I was teaching English in southern Spain.

Career Goal: Helping all students find a way to have an international experience.

Fun Fact: I have reoccurring dreams about squirrels.

Ashley Bayman

Ashley Bayman

Before MIIS: Columbus > Gap year in Latin America and Europe > CA

Career Goal: Study abroad administration within 2 years. Director of foreign study outreach program within 5 years.

Fun Fact: I like to read fantasy books about vampires.

Carol Lin

Carol Lin

Before MIIS: Worked as an assistant in a video technology startup.

Career Goal: Working in a capacity that assists students in accomplishing study abroad and international experience dreams.

Fun Fact: I like to collects socks of all types!

David Austin

David Austin

Before MIIS: Studying Mandarin Chinese and working as a translator in Taipei, Taiwan.

Career Goal: Working with international students and promoting second language development.

Fun Fact: I participated in the highest pond hockey tournament on planet Earth in Leh, Ladakh, India (~12,000 ft. elevation).

Emily Bastian

Emily Bastian

Before MIIS: I worked in Recruitment/Admissions for American University. Before that I worked for IIE in DC and also spent a year teaching English in Italy.

Career Goal: Promoting understanding through international exchange!

Fun Fact: I love running all distances, including marathons!

Gabriela Perdomo

Gabriela Ray

Before MIIS: I was an academic advisor at UC San Diego.

Career Goal: I want to continue working with students, whether it be as a study abroad advisor or an international student advisor.

Fun Fact: I like to sing!

Kathleen Tyson

Kathleen Tyson

Before MIIS: Graduated in May 2016 and traveled in Denmark and Thailand.

Career Goal: Working in higher ed study abroad.

Fun Fact: I am a beekeeper.

Leslie Miles

Leslie Miles

Before MIIS: After Peace Corps service in Cambodia, I spent 3 years as an M&E specialist on USAID-funded development projects.

Career Goal: To manage a youth exchange program or support cross-cultural relationship building and global education in a study abroad or ISSS office.

Fun Fact: I am a classically trained baritone.

Madison Mentz

Madison Mentz

Before MIIS: Working at ITT Tech in the Bay Area


Paige Wheeler

Paige Wheeler

Before MIIS: Upon leaving South Korea after 3 years teaching English, I spent five months traveling and volunteering around Southeast Asia.

Career Goal: I’d like to be working with programs providing high school students exposure to international peers and adventures.

Fun Fact: I’ve marched in three Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans.

Pilar Diaz de la Rubia

Pilar Diaz de la Rubia

Before MIIS: I was teaching English in Madrid, Spain for 3 years.

Career Goal: I’d like to be working with high school Spanish students helping them come and have an international experience in the US.

Fun Fact: I walked 500mi (775km) from France to the other side of Spain on the Camino de Santiago.


Stephanie Espinoza

Stephanie Espinoza

Before MIIS: Working in international education in San Diego, California.

Career Goal: Creating, expanding & promoting diversity in education abroad.

Fun Fact: I was previously an education reporter.

Kelly Bohan

Kelly Bohan

Before MIIS: TAPIF for two years in Le Mans, France.

Career Goal: On-site study abroad manager in France.

Fun Fact: I love literature. I read all 1024 pages of Gone with the Wind in middle school for fun.

Jacob Bowdle

Jacob Bowdle

Before MIIS: Taught English in elementary schools in Japan.

Career Goal: At a university in Japan working in study abroad or language program advising.

Fun Fact: I write music and hope to perform in Japan one day.

Wyatt Boykin

Wyatt Boykin

Before MIIS: Taught ESL in Morocco and worked at the intensive English program at University of New Orleans.

Career Goal: Providing better international education opportunities for New Orleans.

Fun Fact: I sailed across the intersection of the Equator and International Date Line.

Emaline Conover

Emmaline Conover

Before MIIS: Sakado, Saitama, Japan

Career Goal: Working with exchange programs.

Fun Fact: Name comes from great-grandmother Zela Emeline.

Paulina Corrales

Paulina Corrales*

Before MIIS: Taught English in Trong, Thailand and Medellin, Colombia.

Career Goal: Study abroad director in small or medium size university.

Fun Fact: Hitchhiked and couchsurfed for one month around the island of Corsica, France.

Cecilia Guldagger

Cecilia Guldagger

Before MIIS: Worked at an IB school in Copenhagen and taught at an international school in Costa Rica.

Career Goal: International school management or exchange programs focused on intercultural competence.

Fun Fact: I am half Swedish, half Danish, and speak 4 languages.

Mary Bryan Haltermann

Mary Bryan Haltermann

Before MIIS: I was working for Interra Food Marketing, a company which imports foods from Italy, Spain, France, and other parts of the world into the US.

Career Goal: I would like to live and work abroad working for an organization which promotes international study and travel as well as the arts. I would like to use my French and Spanish language skills.

Dionne Hart

Dionne Hart*

Before MIIS: Teaching English in Yamanashi, Japan with the JET Program.

Career Goal: I want to work in an international programs office in Tokyo.

Fun Fact: I’ve broken both arms and torn my ACL and meniscus in both knees.

Kathleen Hylen

Kathleen Hylen

Before MIIS: Director of Transitional Center Staffing at ELS Language Centers (one of the best jobs I've ever had).

Career Goal: I have no idea and feel like this year will decide that for me and I'm excited about all the possibilities.

Fun Fact: My mother had a twin brother. I have a twin brother. My older sister has a twin brother.

Sophie Iglesias

Sophia Iglesias

Before MIIS: Working at a marketing agency in Madrid.

Career Goal: Developing study abroad programs.

Fun Fact: By age 9, I lived in 8 houses in 3 countries.

Zhirui Jiang

Zhirui Jiang

Before MIIS: I studied in Seattle and Oregon and traveled around China.

Career Goal: I want to work as an international study advisor.

Fun Fact: I like traveling and going to concerts.

Erin Kelly Weber

Erin Kelly-Weber*

Before MIIS: Living in Chicago and working for Greenheart International.

Career Goal: Working in education abroad or with international students and eventually with IIE or UNESCO.

Fun Fact: I’ve been a tap dancer for 20 years.

Molly Kisner

Molly Kisner

Before MIIS: Teaching English with the JET Program in northern Fukushima.

Career Goal: Working in a university study abroad office or at an international school.

Fun Fact: I almost went to pastry school instead of coming to MIIS.

Leslie Laguna

Leslie Laguna

Before MIIS: Italy, France, New Jersey

Career Goal: Working for a small, internationally-focused college designing study abroad programs.

Fun Fact: I never sneeze just once.

Lewis Lenard

Lewis Lenard

Before MIIS: Graduated from SUNY Oswego with a BA in Linguistics and Spanish.

Career Goal: Administering language immersion programs.

Fun Fact: I love genealogical DNA testing and I'm 98% Ashkenazi.

Martha Levin

Martha Levin

Before MIIS: TAPIF for two years in Lille region of France.

Career Goal: Manage study abroad programs in France and other Francophone countries.

Fun Fact: I studied creative writing in college and love creative nonfiction.

Evelyn Lueker

Evelyn Lueker

Before MIIS: Worked for EF in San Diego and at nonprofits recruiting and staffing international education trips in Africa and Israel.

Career Goal: Expanding accessibility, diversity, and inclusion in study abroad.

Fun Fact: My grandmother was one of the first simultaneous interpreters and met my grandfather at the Nuremberg Trials.

Marie Macdonald

Marie Macdonald

Before MIIS: Peace Corps, Dominican Republic.

Career Goal: Study abroad center in South America.

Fun Fact: I haven’t chewed gum since 2006.

Yoki Moody Wong

Yoki Moody Wong*

Before MIIS: Teaching in Taiwan and working as an office manager.

Career Goal: Helping people from different backgrounds communicate and work together effectively.

Fun Fact: I've been riding horses since I was 5 years old

Emelye Neff

Emelye Neff

Before MIIS: Teaching 6th grade English language arts, serving as a course lead and curriculum designer.

Career Goal: Direct a newcomer center with wrap-around social, health, advancement, and language supports for recent immigrants and refugees.

Fun Fact: Whether composing essays or poems or just jotting down thoughts I write everything in lists.

Micaela Nerguizian

Micaela Nerguizian

Before MIIS: Working in programs for World Arts West, an arts non-profit.

Career Goal: Working with folks from around the world bridging my non-profit arts background with international education.

Fun Fact: Argentine maté tea accompanies me everywhere.

John Otto

John Otto

Before MIIS: Taught English to middle school students in France through TAPIF.

Career Goal: Implement study abroad programs in Francophone countries with a focus on student life and well being.

Fun Fact: I enjoy wheel throwing and glass blowing.

Naira Ovsepyan

Naira Ovsepyan

Before MIIS: Worked at American Councils for International Education in Washington, DC.

Career Goal: Manager and director of a study abroad program.

Fun Fact: I used to play table tennis professionally.

Jiela Peyman

Jiela Peyman

Before MIIS: Managing a hotel in Ft. Collins, CO and teaching English in South Korea.

Career Goal: I hope to work with international students at universities in the US.

Fun Fact: I google everything.

Stephanie Ramin

Stephanie Ramin*

Before MIIS: Worked as the assistant administrator of a Montessori school.

Career Goal: I would love to be helping students who want to study abroad.

Fun Fact: I have a knack for untying knots and untangling things.

Kelsey Robinson

Kelsey Robinson

Before MIIS: Worked in healthcare in Colorado and studied Spanish in Uruguay.

Career Goal: Working as a study abroad advisor or language program coordinator.

Fun Fact: I climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro when I was 18.

Caitlin Shepherd

Caitlin Shepherd*

Before MIIS: Managing a graduate program in SF and teaching English in Beijing.

Career Goal: Managing exchange programs between US and China.

Fun Fact: I made two electronic music albums under the moniker “Binkadink.”

Alethea Stolzfus

Alethea Stoltzfus

Before MIIS: Working in student services at an ESL school in Boston.

Career Goal: Working at a university in either ISSS or study abroad.

Fun Fact: I'm from Amish country in Pennsylvania.

Meredith Stroh

Merideth Stroh

Before MIIS: Worked as a client services manager at a Seattle staffing firm.

Career Goal: Working in a university study abroad office.

Fun Fact: Accidently went swimming with crocodiles… twice!

Juliana Struve

Juliana Struve*

Before MIIS: Taught English in Orléans, France and worked in development and communications at Spark Chicago.

Career Goal: Working in ISSS at a US university.

Fun Fact: I've lived on three continents so far.

Alison Tominaga

Alison Tominaga*

Before MIIS: Teaching English in Japan with the JET program while learning more about my cultural heritage.

Career Goal: To promote international exchange for youth and higher education.

Fun Fact: I know all the dog breeds.

Yvette Vranik

Yvette Vranik

Before MIIS: Worked in accountancy and external audit.

Career Goal: I want to be an international student program coordinator.

Fun Fact: I learned to ski in 1 day.

Chen Zhang

Chen Zhang

Before MIIS: Studied abroad in Spain and worked as a peer advisor and mentor while completing my BA in International Studies at University of Oregon.

Career Goal: Help international students better adjust to their new life in the U.S. or help design study abroad programs that promote intercultural understanding.

Fun Fact: I can make my right ear move without touching it!