Joint MPA/MA in International Education Management

Training leaders at the intersection of education, development and international exchange.

Why Get Joint Masters Degrees in Public Administration and International Education?

Our joint masters degree program offers a multi-disciplinary approach to education within the international development context. Students gain practical skills and tools while building in-depth management competencies for educational settings of all types.

Curriculum in MPA/MA in International Education Management

In five semesters, students earn two degrees: a Master of Public Administration (MPA) and an MA in International Education Management. Our distinctive program features four semesters of coursework and a one-semester professional practicum in the international education field.

See how the joint and Public Administration International Education curriculum meets the requirements of both the Master of Public Administration and Master of International Education Management degrees.

Career Outcomes

Students can broaden their career options by earning both an MA in Master of Public Administration and International Education Management over a condensed curriculum. Learn more about the variety of professional placements our joint degree graduates attain.

Admission Requirements & Applications

  • View admission requirements for the Joint MPA/MA in International Education Management program. Degree candidates must also demonstrate proficiency in microeconomics and macroeconomics.
  • Contact Dr. Katherine Punteney or Dr. Beryl Levinger.
  • Read the steps to submit your application in How to Apply.
  • Ready to apply? Sign in to the online application. Admissions criteria are based on the applicant’s prior academic record, professional experience and foreign language proficiency.