Electives for International Education Management


In addition to required core courses, intercultural and linguistic competency courses, and the practicum, MA in International Education Management students take 6 credits of electives from this list as well as 4 credits of electives chosen from any graduate-level courses offered by the Institute. Although most of these courses are offered at least once a year, changes may be made due to scheduling changes, faculty sabbaticals, and other concerns.

MIIS Language Studies or Intercultural Competency courses:
Any advanced-level Language Studies courses/ Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP) courses/ Middlebury Language School or Middlebury Schools Abroad courses*
Any Intercultural Competency courses
All International Education Management courses, including:
IEMG 8600 International Education Policy (2)
IEMG 8620 International Student and Scholar Services (2)
IEMG 8610 Study Abroad and International Exchange (2)
IEMG 8640 Campus Internationalization Research (2)
IEMG 8562 Biculturalism and Multiculturalism (1)
IEMG 8560 Developing Intercultural Training for Organizations (2)
IEMG 8625 Student Services (2)
IEMG 8635 Higher Education Administration (1)
IEMG 8630 Counseling Skills for Advisers (1)
IEMG 8544 Crossing Cultures (1)
IEMG 8542 Educational Foundations (1)
IEMG 8563 Exploring Perspectives in Intercultural Competence (1)
IEMG 8598 International Education Directed Study (1-4)
The following approved courses offered by other MIIS departments:
EDUC 8500 Principles and Practices of Language Teaching (3)
EDUC 8520 Curriculum Design (3)
EDUC 8660 Introduction to Language Program Administration (2)
EDUC 8662 Language Teacher Education (2)
EDUC 8661 Language Teacher Supervision (2)
EDUC 8535 Service Learning: International and Domestic Community Partnerships (1)
IPSG 8560 Introduction to International Migration Studies (4)
DPMI - All Design, Partnering, Management and Innovation courses excluding DPMI Practicum
MPAG 8514 Managing Social Change Organizations (4)
MPAG 8534 Organizational Sustainability of NGOs (4)
MPAG 8530 Finance Function in Non-Profits and in Public Organizations (4)
MPAG 8635 A Evaluation Practicum: DPP AOL system
MPAG 8644 Seminar: Program Evaluation (4)
MPAG 8572 Training and Educating Adults (2)
MPAG 8550 Education and Development (2)
MPAG 8571 Proposal Writing for International Development (2)
MBAG 8501 International Organizational Behavior (2)
MBAG 8677 International Marketing Research (3)
MBAG 8673 International Consumer Behavior and Marketing (1)
MBAG 8665 Practical Use of Social Media (1)
MBAG 8690 Analytics (1)
MBAG 8691 International Business Negotiation (1)
MBAG 8656 International Market Development (1)
MBAG 8657 Globalization and Marketing (1)

*Language study is offered through MIIS' renowned content-based language instruction, Summer Intensive Language Programs (SILP), and Middlebury College Language Schools and Schools Abroad. Degree credit is awarded for advanced-level language study only, though beginning-level instruction is available. See additional information on Language Studies.