Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey


International Education Class

Students in International Education Management, working together as a team in class. Photo by Lucyna Jodlowska.

Our master’s in International Education Management is a 42-credit degree, to be completed in 3 semesters. Core coursework is in international education, intercultural communications, and language study with work experience through a 4-6 month practicum.

International Education Management Core (14 credits)

  • Principles and Practices of International Education (2)
  • International Education Program Design and Assessment (3)
  • International Education Marketing and Student Recruitment (3)
  • Comparative International Education (2)
  • Budgeting for Educational Organizations (2)
  • Staff Management in International Context (2)

Language and Intercultural Studies (12 credits)

Language and Intercultural Studies program courses are offered in 7 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Additional languages are offered upon request. Through the Institute’s renowned content-based instruction, students combine advanced-level language skills development with topics related to their graduate coursework/professional interests. Our Intercultural Competency offerings provide students the cross-cultural communication skills needed to pursue global career opportunities.

Students can choose to complete the 12-credit Language and Intercultural Competency (ICC) component by taking 8 credits of language courses in a single language plus 4 credits of ICC coursework. Students need to meet the minimum proficiency requirement in the language, demonstrated by taking a placement test.

Electives (10 credits)

Based on their interests, students choose six credits from a list of approved IEM electives such as those examples listed below. In addition, students take four credits of electives chosen from any graduate-level courses available from the Institute.

  • Language Studies courses/ SILP courses/ Middlebury Language School or Schools Abroad courses*
  • Intercultural Competency courses
  • International Education Policy (2)
  • International Student Services (2)
  • Best Practices in Study Abroad and International Exchange (2)
  • Principles and Practices of Language Teaching (3)
  • Introduction to Language Program Administration (2)
  • International Organizational Behavior (2)
  • Managing Social Change Organizations (2)
  • Organizational Sustainability of NGOs (4)
  • International Marketing Research (3)

See the complete Elective list for more information.

Required Practicum (6 credits)

Students must complete a 4-6 month practicum in the International Education field. To earn credit, students will be responsible for rigorous academic performance, equivalent in quantity and quality to the requirements for 6 credits of on-campus coursework. For detailed information, please go to the Practicum page.

Thesis Alternative

Students with extended professional experience in the international education field will have the option, with approval of the program coordinator, to complete a thesis project in lieu of practicum.