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Liz Sinclair: Student Ambassador

Program: International Education Management

Undergrad: Lewis & Clark College

Fast Fact: I am quite musical. I’m a singer, and I’ve played violin since I was five. I plan to get the courage up to perform at one of the open mic nights here.

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Alisyn Henneck

Works for: Monterey Institute of International Studies

Title: Enrollment Marketing Manager, Language & Professional Programs

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Anna McCloskey

Works for: Center for Advising & Career Services, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Title: Graduate Assistant

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Student Profiles

Meet the IEM students here at the Monterey Institute!


Aurora Margarita Goldkamp

Before MIIS: Worked in a B&B, and taught English in France.

Career Goal: Working in a study abroad office, in the U.S. or Europe.

Fun Fact: Is a yoga teacher.


Danai Sakutukwa

Before MIIS: Taught ESL in Brazil. 

Career Goal: Working for a study abroad program at UCB or UCSF

Fun Fact: Born and raised in Zimbabwe and Australia.


Megan Levonian


Tessa Fancher

Before MIIS: International student volunteer program coordinator in Vermont.

Career Goal: Work in Higher Education with US or foreign students.

Fun Fact: Speaks Spanish and hopes to learn Portuguese.


Allie Collopy

Before MIIS: Worked in Oregon for government-sponsored programs with AFS.

Career Goal: Managing study abroad programs overseas.

Fun Fact: Wildly skilled with chopsticks.


Maritza Munzon 

Before MIIS: Working as an Administrative Assistant for SF State's Parking and Transportation Department.

Career Goal: Become a Peace Corps Volunteer, then develop and manage study abroad programs geared for underrepresented students.

Fun Fact: Is an occasional Lyft driver and have the fuzzy pink carstache to prove it!


Three Guillory III

Before MIIS: Participated in grassroots internationalization. Taught English in Japan. 

Career Goal: Gainfully employed in Japan, or working to benefit children around the world. 

Fun Fact: Owned and travelled with my harp for years, and still can't play it.


Thuy Nguyen

Before MIIS: Taught English in Japan through the JET program. 

Career Goal: Work for a university or an exchange program. 

Fun Fact: Loves baking and decorating cupcakes and layer cakes. 


Leah Haeber

Before MIIS: Taught beginner ESL to immigrants and refugees. 

Career Goal: Director of study abroad or director of an NGO. 

Fun Fact: Is a 3-time Ironman finisher.


Sherry Chen

Before MIIS: Taught English in Taiwan.

Career Goal: Work as a study abroad program director in U.S. or Taiwan.

Fun Fact: Loves to bake but not cook.


Matt Loehrer

Before MIIS: In San Francisco working for an education services company.

Career Goal: Work as an international student advisor or manage a language program abroad.

Fun Fact: Can make kimchi.


Amy Slay

Before MIIS: Interning at CTBTO in Vienna, Austria.

Career Goal: Work for an international organization developing online platforms and/or working for a U.S.-Germany exchange program.

Fun Fact: Can whistle with vibrato.


Quinn Bolander

Before MIIS: Taught English at a high school in American Samoa and at a college in Illinois.

Career Goal: Work as advisor in a university study abroad office.

Fun Fact: Biggest Lord of the Rings fan you'll ever meet.


Ximena Ospina

Before MIIS: Studying abroad in Bilbao, Spain during her time at CSU, Chico.

Career Goal: Work in study abroad to establish sister universities between the U.S. and Colombia.

Fun Fact: Had an accent in English until she was in the 4th grade.


Nolan Sutker

Before MIIS: Teaching TESOL in Rio de Janeiro.

Career Goal: Work as director of a university exchange program in the U.S. or Europe or South America. 

Fun Fact: Was a golf professional for 3 years.


Luz Vazquez-Ramos

Before MIIS: Returned Peace Corps volunteer in El Salvador.

Career Goal: Develop and implement curriculum for an NGO or education institution in Latin America.

Fun Fact: Enjoys playing the djembe drum.


Alex Nichol

Before MIIS: Coordinating internships for international students at NASA Ames Research Center.

Career Goal: Work at the Institute of International Education.

Fun Fact: Is an amateur beer brewer who is happy to teach others!


Michelle Fredrickson

Before MIIS: Living in Oahu, Hawaii and teaching elementary school.

Career Goal: Work for a Latin American study abroad program.

Fun Fact: Huge fan of martial arts - earned 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo at age 19.


George Payne

Before MIIS: Spent last 5 years in Philadelphia as a co-op student in International Area Studies Program.

Career Goal: Travel and/or work as a teacher.

Fun Fact: Wishes he was a cartoon.


Emily Stokes

Before MIIS: Working at INTO Oregon State University.

Career Goal: Work with international students at a US higher ed institution.

Fun Fact: Loved ancient Egypt growing up.


Rachel Miyazaki

Before MIIS: Completing BA in Asian Studies at University of the Pacific.

Career Goal: Become international student advisor and promote cross-cultural exchange.

Fun Fact: Loves pickles and olives - can eat half a jar in one sitting.


Jarod Hightower-Mills

Before MIIS: Teaching French at a high school in western Massachusetts.

Career Goal: Develop programs for students to study in their heritage culture, and/or work on study abroad programs in Africa.

Fun Fact: Was born in the house he grew up in.


Tylie Cramer

Before MIIS: Teaching English at an elementary school in Uruguay.

Career Goal: Work in Latin America organizing high school exchanges incorporating language and service learning.

Fun Fact: Going to run a half marathon in Antarctica in 2017.


Lars Schlereth

Before MIIS: Finishing his PhD.

Career Goal: Work as a university study abroad administrator.

Fun Fact: Was the 1997 St. Joe County Beef Show Champion.


Kristin Wood-Hegner

Before MIIS: Working as a Global Security Supervisor at eBay/PayPal.

Career Goal: Work in an intercultural education non-profit.

Fun Fact: Studied henna arts in India.


Drew Ross

Before MIIS: Lived and taught in American Samoa for 3 years.

Career Goal: Work abroad, hopefully back in the South Pacific.

Fun Fact: Originally from Canada and a former figure skater.


Leslie Closterman

Before MIIS: Assistant language teacher for 2 high schools in Japan.

Career Goal: Work for an intensive language program or study abroad program.

Fun Fact: Speaks Italian and is currently learning Spanish.


Keri Toma

Before MIIS: Teaching an online course in Japanese from Hawaii through U of Texas.

Career Goal: Work for U of Hawaii running ESL programs.

Fun Fact: Used to dance hula.


Yevie Teyfukova

Before MIIS: Legal assistant in contracts department at NBC Universal.

Career Goal: Administer a university language program and/or run a gap year study abroad program.

Fun Fact: Crochets in her spare time.


Jamie Shannon

Before MIIS: Interning with an educational NGO in Thailand for 4 months.

Career Goal: Direct a university study abroad office or her own study abroad company.

Fun Fact: Spent a summer studying humpback whales in the Cook Islands.


Jayna Winn

Before MIIS: Managing an international digital marketing team.

Career Goal: Run a university study abroad program.

Fun Fact: Always watches the credits at the end of movies.


Abasin Ludin

Before MIIS: Working at the Defense Language Institute.

Career Goal: Manage international education programs.

Fun Fact: Likes to play cricket in the rain.


Katie Brown

Before MIIS: Last year taught English in France. Year before was at Tulane University.

Career Goal: Work in France with incoming international students.

Fun Fact: Didn't learn to ride a bike until last year.


Sarah Resnick

Before MIIS: Teaching in Akita, Japan.

Career Goal: Work as a university study abroad coordinator.

Fun Fact: Can talk like Donald Duck.


Anessa Escobar

Before MIIS: Working as Assistant Director of Admissions and DSO for Otis College of Art and Design.

Career Goal: Continue working in higher education administration in an international studies office.

Fun Fact: Loves boxing!


Melissa Golden

Before MIIS: Teaching English in northern Japan.

Career Goal: Either work in a university study abroad office in the Pacific Northwest or in Japan.

Fun Fact: Out of 5 kids in her family, she is the only blonde and the only left-handed.


Juliet Tyson

Before MIIS: Living in Los Angeles and New Jersey. Before that working for Peace Corps in West Africa.

Career Goal: Manage a study abroad or ISSS office.

Fun Fact: Met Castro in Cuba.


Majda George

Before MIIS: Studying special education in D.C.

Career Goal: Live back home in Europe working with American students at European universities.

Fun Fact:  Is the mommy of an 8-month old baby boy!


Mallory Nimis

Before MIIS: Teaching English in Evian, France.

Career Goal: Work with students who want to travel abroad.

Fun Fact: Is a huge Green Bay Packer fan!


Aimee Devitto

Before MIIS: Working as a med tech to save money for grad school.

Career Goal: Work in a university study abroad office.

Fun Fact: Loves chocolate.


Chanel Bell

Before MIIS: Worked for 2 non-profits in D.C. after graduating from Howard U.

Career Goal: Work as a study abroad program provider like IES or at a university.

Fun Fact: Loves to cook. Made a New Year's resolution to cook 52 new recipes this year.


Lily Busher

Before MIIS: Teaching English at a bilingual primary school in Madrid.

Career Goal: Work for an international education organization.

Fun Fact: Loves to play cards.


Liz Uibel

Before MIIS: Working at a law firm. Before that, living in the Baltics.

Career Goal: Direct own language program or school.

Fun Fact: The feeling of flour gives her goosebumps.


Kristen Arps

Before MIIS: Working for Ernst & Young in Chicago.

Career Goal: Work for IIE/Fulbright or in a community college or university study abroad or ISSS office.

Fun Fact: Went to her first rodeo this summer.


Cortney Copeland

Before MIIS: Was an intercultural communications and religious studies undergrad at CSUS.

Career Goal: Be knee deep in the water somewhere.

Fun Fact: Used to have a speech impediment.


Katie Lattman

Before MIIS: English teaching assistant in Lyon, France. Before that finishing BA at Oregon State University.

Career Goal: Work for a study abroad program in Lyon, France.

Fun Fact: Is pretty good at playing the ukulele.


Galen Anderson

Before MIIS: Working as a Resident Advisor and RA Director at Middlebury College.

Career Goal: Conduct field research as a cultural anthropologist in the Middle East.

Fun Fact: Is part Cherokee.


Ali Philbrick

Before MIIS: Teaching English in Panama.

Career Goal: Work in a university study abroad office or any international exchange program.

Fun Fact: Ran a triathlon this past summer.


Nate Hammond 

Before MIIS: Working on investment projects for an EB-5 Regional Center.

Career Goal: Work on study abroad or other experiential learning programs in a university or other third party provider setting.

Fun Fact: Has a life long but as of yet un-acted upon interest in archaeology and ancient civilizations.


Sandy Pelc


Zi Ye

Before MIIS: Graduated from MIIS in 2010. After that, taught Chinese at DLI for three years.

Career Goal: Work in a university setting, with international scholars and students.

Fun Fact: Loves drawing automobiles!