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Aaron Keshner, Image

Aaron Keshner

Before MIIS: Teaching ESL.

Career Goal: Serving others and paying off the loans.

Abasin Ludin, Image

Abasin Ludin

Before MIIS: Working at the Defense Language Institute.

Career Goal: Manage international education programs.

Fun Fact: Likes to play cricket in the rain.

Abbey Wallace

Abbey Wallace

Before MIIS: Traveling teacher for a learning skills program.  Assistant to the Director of "Pitch Perfect 2"

Career Goal: Manage a study abroad program in Oceania

Fun Fact: Was on a competitive lumberjacking team at Colby College

Adrian Raye, Image

Adrian Raye

Before MIIS: Working in the private sector; volunteering with SAWIP (South African Washington International Programs).

Career Goal: Work in study abroad at a university in the Washington, DC area.

Fun Fact: Enjoys playing tennis.

Aileen Evans, Image

Aileen Evans

Before MIIS: Teaching English and eating cheese in southern France.

Career Goal: Work with a study abroad program, providing the same inspiring international experiences afforded in my life.

Fun Fact: Hitch-hiked in Senegal.

Aimee Devitto, Image

Aimee Devitto

Before MIIS: Working as a med tech to save money for grad school.

Career Goal: Work in a university study abroad office.

Fun Fact: Loves chocolate.

Allie Collopy, Image

Allie Collopy

Before MIIS: Worked in Oregon for government-sponsored programs with AFS.

Career Goal: Managing study abroad programs overseas.

Fun Fact: Wildly skilled with chopsticks.

Allison Newman, Image

Allison Newman

Before MIIS: Working in hospital administration at the Children's Hospital Colorado.

Career Goal: Consult for an international organization working at the university level.

Fun Fact: Certified yoga instructor.

Amy Marrion, Image

Amy Marrion

Before MIIS: Coordinating an Intensive English Program in Washington, DC.

Career Goal: Develop accessible study abroad experiences.

Fun Fact: Was a volunteer diver at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Amy Slay, Image

Amy Slay

Before MIIS: Interning at CTBTO in Vienna, Austria.

Career Goal: Work for an international organization developing online platforms and/or working for a U.S.-Germany exchange program.

Fun Fact: Can whistle with vibrato.

Anna Santos, Image

Anna Santos

Before MIIS: Working at an education-based non-profit in NYC, bringing language programs into elementary schools.

Career Goal: Manage cultural programming for an international organization or with the State Department.

Fun Fact: Used to dance in a flamenco group.

Angélique Stevens, Image

Angélique Stevens

Before MIIS: Pursuing bachelor's degree in English on the French Riviera.

Career Goal: Focus on trans-Atlantic relations between France and the US.

Fun Fact: Constantly tuned into other time zones: dad lives in Tahiti, friends on the East Coast, and family in France.

April Danyluk, Image

April Danyluk

Before MIIS: Seoul, South Korea

Career Goal: Work to make quality education accessible to everyone.

Fun Fact: Fluent in ASL... although a bit out of practice.

Ashleigh Edelsohn, Image

Ashleigh Edelsohn

Before MIIS: Teaching English in a religious elementary school in Be'er Sheva through the Israeli Ministry of Education fellowship.

Career Goal: Work with English-language programs overseas, specifically in education reform for teaching English in Israel.

Fun Fact: Award-winning jam-maker and baker!

Ashley Machado, Image

Ashley Machado

Before MIIS: Taught English in Chile for a year, then continued to teach ESL in Berkeley, CA.

Career Goal: Work with international students, especially women; dream job would be with the IIE.

Fun Fact: Hiked Half Dome in Yosemite twice.

Aurora Margarita Goldkamp, Image

Aurora Margarita Goldkamp

Before MIIS: Worked in a B&B, and taught English in France.

Career Goal: Working in a study abroad office, in the U.S. or Europe.

Fun Fact: Is a yoga teacher.

Brian Pekrill, Image

Brian Pekrill

Before MIIS: Working at Brandeis University's Undergraduate Admission Office as the International Coordinator.

Career Goal: Assist international students in making smart decisions regarding study in the US.

Fun Fact: Was President of the New England JET Alumni Association.

Casey Penn, Image

Casey Penn

Before MIIS: Managing a vineyard/winery in Cincinnati, OH.

Career Goal: Work in international student services for a university on the West Coast.

Fun Fact: Threw out the first pitch at a Cincinnati Reds game.

Christina Irvine, Image

Christina Irvine

Before MIIS: Interning for World Endeavors, a study/intern/volunteer abroad organization based in Minneapolis, MN.

Career Goal: Work in education management with a humanitarian organization.

Fun Fact: Worked as a flight attendant.

Christine Miller, Image

Christine Miller

Before MIIS: Teaching English abroad in Thailand for two years.

Career Goal: Work as a Study Abroad Adviser for a 4-year university, specifically UCEAP.

Fun Fact: First person in family to attend graduate school.

Clare Teague, Image

Clare Teague

Before MIIS: Living in San Diego, running own math tutoring business.

Career Goal: Add Spanish and international aspect to tutoring business; see what other opportunities arise.

Fun Fact: Loves math and surfing.

Cortney Copeland, Image

Cortney Copeland

Before MIIS: Was an intercultural communications and religious studies undergrad at CSUS.

Career Goal: Be knee deep in the water somewhere.

Fun Fact: Used to have a speech impediment.

Courtney Jackson

Courtney Jackson

Before MIIS: Working with international students and faculty at Hult International Business School in San Francisco.

Career Goal: Develop and promote accessible study abroad programs for U.S. students.

Fun Fact: Can identify most Northern California trees, plants, and animals. 

Danai Sakutukwa, Image

Danai Sakutukwa

Before MIIS: Taught ESL in Brazil. 

Career Goal: Working for a study abroad program at UCB or UCSF

Fun Fact: Born and raised in Zimbabwe and Australia.

Danyelle Mitchell, Image

Danyelle Mitchell

Before MIIS: Serving with City Year, mentoring 8th graders in Philadelphia.

Career Goal: Work in the field of education reform; create an educational non-profit.

Fun Fact: Trying to learn the electric guitar, but has only gotten 4 notes in 4 years.

David Saide, Image

David Saide

Before MIIS: Coordinator of the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program at the Consulate-General of Brazil in Chicago.

Career Goal: Work for an international non-profit focused on providing opportunities to minority students in Latin America.

Fun Fact: Has been a Bboy (break dancer) for 11+ years.

Eli Hatch, Image

Eli Hatch

Before MIIS: Working in automotive manufacturing, specifically with large Japanese companies.

Career Goal: Work as director of a study abroad program office at a university or in the foreign service with student visas and immigration.

Fun Fact: Big into Pinterest.

Emily Greenblatt

Emily Greenblatt

Before MIIS: Nannying abroad in Italy

Career Goal: Work as an adviser/director of an alternative work, volunteer, or intern abroad program.​

Fun Fact: Backpacked solo in South America.

Eric M. Chávez, Image

Eric M. Chávez

Before MIIS: Working as a marketing and operations analyst in Silicon Valley.

Career Goal: Work in international development with a focus on education for an organization like UNESCO.

Fun Fact: Loves flannel.

Galen Anderson, Image

Galen Anderson

Before MIIS: Working as a Resident Adviser and RA Director at Middlebury College.

Career Goal: Conduct field research as a cultural anthropologist in the Middle East.

Fun Fact: Is part Cherokee.

George Payne, Image

George Payne

Before MIIS: Spent last 5 years in Philadelphia as a co-op student in International Area Studies Program.

Career Goal: Travel and/or work as a teacher.

Fun Fact: Wishes he was a cartoon.

Gloria Avalos, Image

Gloria Avalos

Before MIIS: Pursued undergraduate degree from Saint Xavier, double majoring in Spanish and International Studies.

Career Goal: Advise students who study abroad during undergrad.

Fun Fact: Has visited more countries in Europe than states in the US.

Gretta Herrin, Image

Gretta Herrin

Before MIIS: Working in international student services at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School.

Career Goal: Work for study abroad program in China or an international students office in the US.

Fun Fact: Was a figure skater.

Jacob Jallah, Image

Jacob Jallah

Before MIIS: In Liberia, working with the Ministry of Youth and Sports

Career Goal: Top professional in international education, including NGOs, INGOs, public sector, and universities

Fun Fact: Loves thinking wide and global.

Jordan Bowlby, Image

Jordan Bowlby

Before MIIS: Leading international academic and outdoor programs.

Career Goal: Design and run international academic programs for university students.

Fun Fact: Loves to rock climb!

Julianne Farrar, Image

Julianne Farrar

Before MIIS: Bowdoin College, then took a year to travel around the US.

Career Goal: Hoping to discover this while at MIIS!

Fun Fact: Was a foot away from a live, wild grizzly bear in Yellowstone.


Kaela Conroy

Before MIIS: Taught English in Spain, taught in a Montessori school in Massachusetts.​

Career Goal: Work in a study abroad office in a college or university in Boston. Encourage students to explore the world through international education experiences.

Fun Fact: Danced Irish step for 6 years and loves Irish music.

Katie Barthelow, Image

Katie Barthelow

Before MIIS: Living and working in the interior of 

Panamá with good food, lots of soccer, and my Panamanian cat, Nena.

Career Goal: To rethink, redesign, and innovate education in the US or abroad.

Fun Fact: Commuted by boat to an island of 200 people for 4th-5th grade.

Kelly Jacqueline Zuniga, Image

Kelly Jacqueline Zuniga

Before MIIS: Working at the UCLA Department of Asian Languages and Cultures.

Career Goal: Work in higher education to make study abroad more accessible.

Fun Fact: Can be bribed with chocolate.

Kelsey Maher, Image

Kelsey Maher

Before MIIS: Teaching ESL in the Former Soviet Union.

Career Goal: Work for governmental organizations fostering a peaceful international community through cultural exchanges.

Fun Fact: Loves collecting recipes during her travels.

Kelsey Prima, Image

Kelsey Prima

Before MIIS: Teaching English in Austria with Fulbright.

Career Goal: 

Coordinating study abroad at a foreign university, preferably in a German-speaking country.

Fun Fact: Traveled to 10 countries in the last 2 years.

Khatab Cissokho, Image 

Khatab Cissokho

Before MIIS: Argosy University for bachelor's degree in Business Administration and International Studies.

Career Goal: Know about IEM and use it in UN internationally

Fun Fact: Is a performing artist: actor, dancer, drummer, and choreographer.

Kristin Wood-Hegner, Image

Kristin Wood-Hegner

Before MIIS: Working as a Global Security Supervisor at eBay/PayPal.

Career Goal: Work in an intercultural education non-profit.

Fun Fact: Studied henna arts in India.

Luz Vazquez-Ramos, Image

Luz Vazquez-Ramos

Before MIIS: Returned Peace Corps volunteer in El Salvador.

Career Goal: Develop and implement curriculum for an NGO or education institution in Latin America.

Fun Fact: Enjoys playing the djembe drum.

Lynn Rampe, Image

Lynn Rampe

Before MIIS: Teaching kindergarten Spanish in Los Angeles.

Career Goal: Consult on educational policy writing.

Fun Fact: Read Harry Potter in 3 languages.

Maria Gleason-Maddox

Maria Gleason-Maddox

Before MIIS: Working with bilingual elementary students to improve their reading and writing skills in English and Spanish. 

Career Goal: Become an adviser for study abroad programs at a university...  maybe.. 

Fun Fact: I've been in three places at once.

Maria Juliana Mejia, Image

Maria Juliana Mejia

Before MIIS: Finishing BA in Languages (Spanish, French, Mandarin).

Career Goal: Work for an international education institute and later on start her own!

Fun Fact: Born at the salsa capital of the world, but isn't a huge salsa dancer.

Maritza Munzon, Image 

Maritza Munzon

Before MIIS: Working as an Administrative Assistant for SF State's Parking and Transportation Department.

Career Goal: Become a Peace Corps Volunteer, then develop and manage study abroad programs for underrepresented students.

Fun Fact: Is an occasional Lyft driver.

Matt Loehrer, Image

Matt Loehrer

Before MIIS: In San Francisco working for an education services company.

Career Goal: Work as an international student adviser or manage a language program abroad.

Fun Fact: Can make kimchi.

Megan Levonian, Image

Megan Levonian

Before MIIS: Got degree in Asian Studies from Claremont McKenna.

Career Goal: Promote citizen diplomacy programs to bring cultural understanding and greater peace to the world.

Fun Fact: Loves cooking breakfast food, but nothing else.

Michelle Gloster

Michelle Gloster

Before MIIS: Teaching and running a short-term program for international high school students

Career Goal: Working for IIE or with international students in the U.S. in some capacity

Fun Fact: Taught English in Thailand for a year

Natalie Spencer, Image

Natalie Spencer

Before MIIS: Working at the University of New Mexico in the Physics & Astronomy department.

Career Goal: Work with students and administrators around the world.

Fun Fact: Gets hiccups when she eats spicy food.

Nate Hammond, Image

Nate Hammond

Before MIIS: Working on investment projects for an EB-5 Regional Center.

Career Goal: Work on study abroad or other experiential learning programs in a university or other third party provider setting.

Fun Fact: Has a life long interest in archaeology and ancient civilizations.

Patrick McMurdo, Image

Patrick McMurdo

Before MIIS: Finished Peace Corps Ukraine; worked as a coordinator for a diverse elementary in Portland.

Career Goal: Work in student exchange programs with Slavic countries.

Fun Fact: Played in the National Title game for collegiate lacrosse.

Peter Seilheimer, Image

Peter Seilheimer

Before MIIS: Teaching at a German-immersion Pre-K - Elementary school.

Career Goal: Director of a study abroad program in Germany.

Fun Fact: Favorite books are kids' books.

Rachel Vidmar, Image

Rachel Vidmar

Before MIIS: Teaching English and Marketing at an international university in Central China.

Career Goal: Work in an organization focused on improving US-Sino relations through education.

Fun Fact: Played rugby in Sweden before breaking two ribs during a game.

Reginald N. Spence, Image

Reginald N. Spence

Before MIIS: Working with the JET program.

Career Goal: Teach incoming and outgoing professionals travelling to different parts of the world.

Fun Fact: Loves to sing and dance, snowboard during the winter, and play board games.

Robert Broom, Image

Robert Broom

Before MIIS: Teaching English in Salzburg and Klagenfurt, Austria 

Career Goal: Work for an NGO or non-profit in Europe or Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fun Fact: Speaks German and Dutch / Ich spreche Deutsch und Niederlandisch / Ik spreek Durts en Nederlands

Sandy Pelc, Image

Sandy Pelc

Sophie Xue Xu, Image

Sophie Xue Xu

Before MIIS: Undergraduate school in Shanghai.

Career Goal: International program coordinator at a university, serving Chinese students who want to study in the US.

Fun Fact: Recognized as Mexican.

Steffa Collens, Image

Steffa Collens

Before MIIS: Living in Hawaii and working for EF for the past 4 years, both in International Language Schools and in EF Tours.

Career Goal: Try out the non-profit and public and/or higher education world.

Fun Fact: Favorite flavor is pumpkin.

Stephanie Rosenbaum, Image

Stephanie Rosenbaum

Before MIIS: Traveling, writing, and working as admin manager for Ensemble Monterey Chamber Orchestra

Career Goal: Work in the field of international educational development.

Fun Fact: Legally blind without contacts or glasses!

Sydney McLoughlin, Image

Sydney McLoughlin

Before MIIS: Teaching English in Thailand to children and adults.

Career Goal: Study abroad adviser at a university.

Fun Fact: Loves traveling.

Tessa Fancher, Image

Tessa Fancher

Before MIIS: International student volunteer program coordinator in Vermont.

Career Goal: Work in Higher Education with US or foreign students.

Fun Fact: Speaks Spanish and hopes to learn Portuguese.

Three Guillory III, Image

Three Guillory III

Before MIIS: Participated in grassroots internationalization. Taught English in Japan. 

Career Goal: Gainfully employed in Japan, or working to benefit children around the world. 

Fun Fact: Owned and travelled with my harp for years, and still can't play it.

Tillie Gottlieb

Tillie Gottlieb

Before MIIS: Freelance writer and marketing associate in Seattle after two years of Admissions for Whitman College.

Career Goal: Manage a study abroad program or student services/college counseling in an International School in a major European city.

Fun Fact: Healthy addiction to York Peppermint Patties

Tobias Joel, Image

Tobias Joel

Before MIIS: Fulbright English Teaching Assistant to Indonesia.

Career Goal: Work toward global understanding and social change through study abroad/exchange.

Fun Fact: Set a jump-rope record in middle school.

Tylie Cramer, Image

Tylie Cramer

Before MIIS: Teaching English at an elementary school in Uruguay.

Career Goal: Work in Latin America organizing high school exchanges incorporating language and service learning.

Fun Fact: Going to run a half marathon in Antarctica in 2017.

Veronica Soto, Image

Veronica Soto

Before MIIS: Living and working in American Samoa as the Field Director for WorldTeach.

Career Goal: Adviser for international students from the South Pacific at the University of Hawaii.

Fun Fact: Worked as a production assistant for American Idol.

Zi Ye, Image

Zi Ye

Before MIIS: Graduated from MIIS in 2010. After that, taught Chinese at DLI for three years.

Career Goal: Work in a university setting, with international scholars and students.

Fun Fact: Loves drawing automobiles!

Arce, Gisselle.jpg

Gisselle Arce

Before MIIS: Before arriving at MIIS I was working in education both in the US and abroad. I was a teacher’s assistant in New Jersey and in Chile.

Career Goal:  I want to be working as a study abroad adviser at a university.

Fun Fact: I was in choir for 11 years.

Arnold, Kylee.png

Kylee Arnold

Before MIIS: City of Osaka Native English teacher at seven public schools, active with staff and curriculum development.

Career Goal: Work in a study abroad program at a university, supporting Japanese students and professionals studying abroad.

Fun Fact: I love to sing opera!

Beck, Victoria.png

Nicole Beck

Before MIIS: Jackson, Alabama.

Career Goal: I would love to be working as an on site advisor for a study abroad company in Spain.

Fun Fact: I love coffee, and I absolutely love to bake!

Bell, Lauren.png

Lauren Bell

Before MIIS: Serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ghana, partnered with a USAID funded project, ADVAN/CE.

Career Goal: Working in some facet of international education in a job that I love.

Fun Fact: I have achieved one of my goals for visiting 30 countries before the age of 30.

Brooker, Noelle.png

Noelle Brooker

Before MIIS: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Career Goal: Working with students studying abroad.

Fun Fact: I’ve never gotten sick while traveling. Alhumdallah. Knock on wood.

Byram, Katelyn.png

Katelyn Byram

Before MIIS: Graduated from Ohio University with a BA in International Studies and BS in Communication Studies. Worked a couple of temp jobs this past year while deciding what I wanted to do.

Career Goal: Working at a university with study abroad or advising international students.

Fun Fact: I love the ocean, but I get terribly seasick.

Evans, Barry.png

Alex Evans

Before MIIS: Working for Walt Disney World in Florida developing and translating resources for use by French correspondents and sales teams.

Career Goal: Study Abroad coordinator or Language Program Administrator in the US or abroad.

Fun Fact: I’ve lived on five continents.

Forster, Gabriella.png

Gabriella Forster

Before MIIS: Two years ago, I was working at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Last year I was an English teaching assistant in the south of France.

Career Goal: Working in a university, helping send domestic students abroad and receiving international students.

Fun Fact: Fresh baked French baguettes are my weakness.

Gilhuly, Lauren.png

Lauren Gilhuly

Before MIIS: Taught middle school English in Phoenix, Arizona through Teach for America, and high school English for a year in Grenoble, France. Worked at a tech Company in San Francisco this past year.

Career Goal: Teach at the middle-school/high-school level and coordinate an international exchange for my students.

Fun Fact: S’mores are my favorite food.

Go, Sarah.png

Sarah Yeonghong Go

Before MIIS: I was in South Korea teaching an English immersion program at Seoul Women’s University.

Career Goal: Work for an American University managing their international education program.

Fun Fact: I have run four marathons and I will be running the Big Sur marathon on April 24, 2016!

Gras, Samuel.png

Samuel Gras

Before MIIS: Studying, living, traveling, speaking, listening, and eating in Slovenia and Italy.

Career Goal: Helping international students and meeting new international friends.

Fun Fact: I write poetry in Slovene and Italian, but it likely won’t be appreciated in my lifetime.

Haas, Maren.png

Maren Haas

Before MIIS: I was serving in Burkina Faso as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2013, then working for NOLS in Wyoming.

Career Goal: In 2-5 years, I would love to be developing new study abroad program for an international programs organization.

Fun Fact: My favorite animal is a narwhale.

Healy, Kaitlin.png

Kaitlin Healy

Before MIIS: Teaching English in Taiwan for a private company while taking Chinese classes with a tutor.

Career Goal: Work with incoming international students, specifically from mainland China and Taiwan. Also interested in faculty-led study abroad programs to mainland China or Taiwan.

Fun Fact:  I have two rescue cats from Taiwan!

Hillgartner, Dashiell.png

Dashiell Hillgartner

Before MIIS: Teaching English in Chile.

Career Goal: Working for a service oriented study abroad program.

Fun Fact: I attended Elf School in Iceland.

Jiang, Jun.png

Jun Jiang

Before MIIS: CIEE Nanjing Study Center, China.

Career Goal: Directing a study abroad program.

Fun Fact: Love exploring though I’m directionally challenged.

Keller, Morgan.png

Morgan Keller

Before MIIS: I spent the last eight years teaching English in Kagoshima, Japan.

Career Goal: I would like to be working in international education at a university in the Pacific Northwest.

Fun Fact: I am a shochu (Japanese sweet potato liquor) aficionado.

Kelley, Julia.png

Julia Kelley

Before MIIS: Working as a “lectrice d’anglais,” teaching English at Universié Lille 3 in Lille, France.

Career Goal: Develop study abroad programs for music and arts students.

Fun Fact: I just graduated from a French music conservatory. Professional clarinetist,  amateur ukulele and bagpipe player.

Kern, Meredith.png

Meredith Kern

Before MIIS: I was studying International Relations and European Studies at Connecticut College.

Career Goal: I hope to be working for an international education company or at a university in the US or abroad.

Fun Fact: I enjoy hiking and traveling.

Lamdin, Caitlyn.png

Caitlyn Lamdin

Before MIIS: 2012 Teach for America Corps member teaching high school French in the Mississippi Delta.

Career Goal: Expand world language and international travel opportunities to low-income students.

Fun Fact: I used to teach kids how to tie dye at the Ben & Jerry’s tour factory in Waterbury, Vermont.

Lavallee, Chelsea.png

Chelsea Lavallee

Before MIIS: Program coordinator at an ESL school in Boston. TAPIF Program in Bordeaux.

Career Goal: Working at the intersection of education and international development.

Fun Fact: I can eat more pancakes than anyone I know.

Li, Nan.png

Nan Li

Before MIIS: President's assistant/interpreter in a landscaping firm, participating in presentations, planning meetings, and accompanying the president overseas. After that I worked as a senior course consultant at EF.

Career Goal: International study program manager / overseas educational.

Fun Fact: I love photography.

Lucas, Julia.png

Julia Lucas

Before MIIS: Before arriving at MIIS, I was teaching English at an elementary school in Salamanca, Spain.

Career Goal: In the future, I would love to work as a study abroad adviser.

Fun Fact: I love dancing salsa!

Mallow, Karmen.png

Karmen Mallow

Before MIIS: Two years ago I was doing a working holiday in Australia. Last year I returned to America and worked with an online TEFL Company teaching business learners in Korea.

Career Goal: Work in some area of marketing and recruitment.

Fun Fact: Grew up in a remodeled cheese factory in Wisconsin.

McSwain, Scott.png

Scott McSwain

Before MIIS: Walt Disney World and before that Morocco.

Career Goal: Working with international students in higher education.

Fun Fact: I grew up on a dairy farm and used to churn butter for the family.

Miller, Whitney.png

Whitney Miller

Before MIIS: Phoenix, Arizona.

Career Goal: Working in the study abroad fields in higher education.

Fun Fact: I play four-mallet marimba.

Ngo, Darius.png

Darius Ngo

Before MIIS: Working various administrative and operations roles in the San Francisco tech and private law sectors.

Career Goal: A study abroad adviser or working with international student services.

Fun Fact: Baby corn and okra are my favorite mini-vegetables.

Piacentini, Karla.png

Karla Piacentini

Before MIIS: Stationed in the Philippines from 2012–2014, serving as an English language teacher and Maternal and Child coordinator with the Peace Corps.

Career Goal: Study abroad coordinator, either domestically or abroad. I also see a career in the Foreign Service and/or the Peace Corps.

Fun Fact: I ride motorcycles.

Ren, Cathy.png

Cathy Ren

Before MIIS: Missouri State University for undergrad studies and taught IELTS and TOFEL as a part-time tutor.

Career Goal: International organizations, universities, or colleges that operate international education programs.

Fun Fact: I am allergic to alcohol, so it’s kind of a bummer for living in the US.

Riveros, Andrea.png

Andrea Riveros

Before MIIS: I was teaching English in Santiago, Chile.

Career Goal: I would like to be working in a university or government organization, organizing/managing study abroad programs.

Fun Fact: I like to do oil paintings in my free time.

Robertson, Rianna.png

Rianna Robertson

Before MIIS: Working part-time jobs in the IEM field in addition to full-time work that wasn’t very fulfilling.

Career Goal: Working a job I love in the IEM field, where exactly TBD.

Fun Fact: I’ve visited more countries than US states.

Saba, Meredith.png

Meredith Saba

Before MIIS:  Worked at UC Davis for several years, earned a TESOL certification in the UK, and taught in China for a year.

Career Goal: Working in a study abroad office or with international students at a large research university.

Fun Fact:  Spent a year backpacking in 28 countries on 6 continents.

Schrader, Jessica.png

Jessica Schrader

Before MIIS: Teaching English to elementary students in Madrid, Spain.

Career Goal: Helping university students achieve their study abroad goals.

Fun Fact: I’ve been a vegetarian for over a decade.

Sheffield, Rebecca.png

Rebecca Sheffield

Before MIIS: Working for 2 years in Eugene, Oregon at a nonprofit organization focused on early childhood education.

Career Goal: In the future I hope to be working either as an adviser in a university international programs office, or as a site coordinator at a private study abroad organization

Fun Fact: I love to color!

Silva, Bianca.png

Bianca Silva

Before MIIS: Teaching ESL in South Korea.

Career Goal: Working on-site with students who are studying abroad.

Fun Fact: I know pi to the ninth digit. No, that has never been useful.

Sodorf, Stephanie.png

Stephanie Sodorf

Before MIIS: In Denmark working with study abroad, both in- and outbound

Career Goal: Somewhere in Europe working with either incoming students or higher education.

Fun Fact: I don’t like carbonation.

Sommerfeld, Kaitlin.png

Kaitlin Sommerfeld

Before MIIS: I graduated with a BA in Hispanic Studies in May 2015 from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

Career Goal: I would love to work abroad for several years in the study abroad field, preferably in a Spanish-speaking country.

Fun Fact: Leslie Knope is my spirit animal.

Tantillo, Jenna.png

Jenna Tantillo

Before MIIS: In Asheville, North Carolina.

Career Goal: Working for a university or private company creating study abroad programs.

Fun Fact: Until now I was living on a Alpaca ranch turning raw fiber into wearable garments.

Thomas, Sam.png

Sam Thomas

Before MIIS: Second grade teacher in sunny South Florida  and worked in a low-income community.

Career Goal: Making a difference in the world, either with children and education or working with a NPO related to global health.

Fun Fact: One of my life goals is to visit every national Park.

Troxel, Ashton.png

Ashton Troxel

Before MIIS: Earning my bachelors degree in International Studies and French at Missouri Southern State University.

Career Goal: I’d love to be working in a study abroad office and taking students on short-term study abroad trips.

Fun Fact: I’ve swam with manatees and stingrays in their natural habitat.

Unher, Hannah.png

Hannah Unher

Before MIIS: I was living in Japan, teaching at a theater school and also working as a safety instructor at an outdoor athletic zipline park.

Career Goal: Back in Japan working (at a university or Institute) as a study abroad program coordinator.

Fun Fact: Born and raised in Japan. I love outdoor activities.

Vargas, Rosanna.png

Rosanna Vargas Rivera

Before MIIS: Teaching in Santo Domingo, designing and leading workshops to train rural teachers and TOEFL and GRE preparation.

Career Goal: Lead an organization to improve cultural understanding and provide experiences abroad.

Fun Fact: I do NOT like to wear jeans.

Waas, John.png

John (Jack) Waas

Before MIIS: I was working as an adult education coordinator at a nonprofit in Chicago.

Career Goal: Working in a study abroad nonprofit or in higher Ed.

Fun Fact: I play the bagpipes.

Walter, Kathryn.png

Kathryn (Katie) Walter

Before MIIS: I graduated from Iowa State in 2014 and then spent the last year traveling in Latin America and then as an au pair in Germany.

Career Goal: Study abroad coordinator either in USA or abroad.

Fun Fact: I make THE best guacamole!

Whitley, Sarah.png

Sarah Whitley

Before MIIS: Lived in South Korea from 2012 to 2015, teaching English at two technical high schools.

Career Goal: Start a study-abroad program or a school that facilitates under-performing and/or low-income Korean students.

Fun Fact: I make the best Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake the world has ever known.

Williams, Janelle.png

Janelle Williams

Before MIIS: Public elementary school teacher in Sacramento, California.

Career Goal: Working with support developing a study abroad program that provides the opportunity for low-income students to travel with little or no cost to them and their family.

Wilson, Katy.png

Katy Wilson

Before MIIS: English language and Anglophone culture teacher at an engineering school in Reims, France.

Career Goal: Facilitating better cultural understanding and individual advising for higher or secondary education international students (in Europe!).

Fun Fact: I’ve been skiing since the age of two.

Yamada, Ayako.png

Ayako Yamada

Before MIIS: Consul at the Japanese Consulate in Chicago.

Career Goal: Work at a university making a bridge between faculty and admin staff in the international center and career center.

Fun Fact: I enjoyed bungee jumping so much I jumped backwards the second time.

Yochim, Kevin.png

Kevin Yochim

Before MIIS: Teaching English in Murcia, Spain.

Career Goal: Either working in higher education or working to create more study abroad opportunities for high school students.

Fun Fact: I am an excellent cribbage player.

Zeiher, Caroline.png

Caroline Zeiher

Before MIIS: The JET Programme in Japan, teaching English at a high school!

Career Goal: Working for a study-abroad organization or one that designs scholarships/grants to go abroad.

Fun Fact: I love animals other people think are gross!