Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Put theory into practice through a professional practicum in the field or related research course.

Professional experience is integral to your Institute degree. Sample practicum and research opportunities include:

Design, Partnering, Management, and Innovation Plus

The DPMI Plus Practicum is an academic and professional program in which students complete a three- to nine- month internship applying degree-area skills to benefit the host organization. Students also create a case study that examines some DPMI-related issues confronting the organization in which they are carrying out their professional activities. These issues may include project design, project monitoring, training, stakeholder participation, strategic partnering, social entrepreneurship, and innovation.

International Professional Service Semester Field Project

International Professional Service Semester (IPSS) is an immersive learning experience, integrating academic work with professional opportunities. Students serve as junior professional staff members in an international organization while producing specific deliverables for academic credit.

Frontier Market Scouts Practicum

The Frontier Market Scouts Fellowship program selects and trains professionals seeking careers in social venture management and impact investing. The program consists of two weeks of training followed by a two- to 12-month field placement. To choose the fellowship program for your practicum requirement, you must first apply for admission to the program and then complete the fieldwork, including an impact research report

Practicum Project Seminar

The Practicum Project Seminar (four credits) helps students demonstrate, integrate, reflect upon, apply, and deepen competencies central to their degree. The course is designed to support customized projects, which vary depending upon students’ interests and career aspirations. Students are required to produce high-quality deliverables related to the issues they explore either with client organizations or in non-client-based research projects.

Independent Practicum

The Independent Practicum (four to six credits) option is self-directed and requires independent academic planning and responsibilities. Students choose to complete an internship or field-based research. Both require students to engage a faculty sponsor, develop a work plan with that sponsor, submit specified deliverables to be evaluated at the conclusion of the project, and present the deliverables in a final colloquium.