International Policy Faculty

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Regular Faculty

Tsuneo Akaha


Office: Casa Fuente Building 300J
Email: takaha@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.3564


Japanese foreign and security policy, international relations of the Asia Pacific, international political economy, Asian studies, Asia-Pacific development, East Asia security, globalization, human rights, human security, international migration, international relations theory, Northeast Asia and security issues, US-Asia policy

William Arrocha

Assistant Professor

Office: Casa Fuente Building
Email: william.arrocha@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.4163


International political economy, international relations, comparative politics (U.S., Canada, Latin America and Mexico), migration studies, human rights, human security and trade policy.

Jan Knippers Black


Office: 117 McCone
Email: jblack@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.4180


Human rights, international and comparative politics of the Western Hemisphere, international and grassroots development, women´s rights and roles, globalization

Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Associate Professor and Program Chair

Office: McCone 217
Email: jdaytonjohnson@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.4647


Economic development, emerging economies, economics and politics of Latin American countries (including Mexico), immigration, poverty, inequality, natural disasters. 

Innovation from Emerging Markets: The Case of Latin America

Professor Dayton-Johnson interviewed live about a financial crisis in Latin America on CNBC.

Are the "commons" a metaphor of our times?

The Process of Reform in Latin America

Fernando DePaolis

Associate Professor

Office: McCone Building 113
Email: fdepaolis@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.3568


Economic Development. Regional Economics. Econometrics. Spatial Statistics.

Pushpa Iyer

Associate Professor

Office: 124 D McCone
Email: pushpa.iyer@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.7104


Identity conflicts, civil wars, peace processes, non-state armed actors, South Asia

Edward J. Laurance

Professor and Gordon Paul Smith Chair in International Policy Studies

Office: 311 McCone
Email: elaurance@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.4144


Armed violence reduction, research methods for development practitioners, global governance, international organizations, proliferation and effects of conventional weapons and small arms, program evaluation and project management

Wei Liang

Associate Professor

Office: McCone Building
Email: wei.liang@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.4142


International Trade Policy and Trade Negotiation, Globalization and Global Economic and Environmental Governance, Trade and Development in Emerging Markets, International Political Economy of East Asia, US-Asia Policy, Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy.

Robert McCleery

Associate Professor, International Policy Studies

Office: McCone Building
Email: robert.mccleery@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.4146


International economics, migration, trade and trade agreements, Asian and Latin American trade and development, foreign direct investment, international finance

E. Philip Morgan

Professor Emeritus

Email: pmorgan@miis.edu


Political economy, public administration, capacity building, international development, Africa

Philip J. Murphy

Assistant Professor

Office: 224 McCone
Email: philip.murphy@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.4600


Public Policy, Research Methods, Quantitative Methods, Network Analysis, International Development

Robert Rogowsky

Professor in International Policy Studies

Office: Casa Fuente
Email: rarogowsky@miis.edu

Moyara Ruehsen

Associate Professor

Office: 213 McCone
Email: mruehsen@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.4145


Money laundering, terrorism financing, illegal drug markets, political economy, Middle Eastern economies, and international macro-economy

Amb. Alan Wm. Wolff

Distinguished Research Professor, Graduate School of International Policy and Management, Director, International Trade and Development Policy Initiative

Office: Casa Fuente 437F
Email: awolff@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.3572


International Trade, Legislative and Public Policy, Finance Law, Renewable and Clean Energy

Glynn Wood

Professor Emeritus

Office: McCone 121
Email: gwood@miis.edu
Phone: (831) 647-3567


South Asian Affairs, American Foreign Policy, Global Media, Public Diplomacy, and Electoral Politics.

Adjunct Faculty

Ross Baird

Executive Director, Village Capital


Ross developed the Village Capital concept in 2009, and has led the development of programs worldwide. Before launching Village Capital, he worked with First Light Ventures, a seed fund focused on impact investments. Prior to First Light, Ross worked on the development of four education-related start-up ventures: the Indian School Finance Company in Hyderabad, India; the National College Advising Corps in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and two ventures using technology to promote civic participation.

Philip S Carmichael

Adjunct Professor

Office: GSIPM
Email: pscarmichael@hotmail.com
Phone: 831.647.4155


China-US business issues

Martin Grandes

Adjunct Professor

Office: GSIPM
Email: mgrandes@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.4155

Brigadier General (Retired) Russell D. Howard

Director of MonTREP and Adjunct Professor

Office: McGowan 200F
Email: rhoward@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.6442


Special Operations
Terrorist-Trafficking Nexus
Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Africa

John Vanek

Adjunct Professor in International Policy Studies

Office: GSIPM
Email: jvanek@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.4155


John Vanek retired from the San Jose Police Department after 25 years, in the rank of Lieutenant.  From 2006-2011, as part of a U.S. Department of Justice-funded anti-trafficking program, Vanek managed the Human Trafficking Task Force, collaborating with a variety of governmental agencies and NGOs to create a multidisciplinary response to human trafficking in the South Bay Area.  As one of the first law enforcement officers involved in the anti-trafficking task force program, John was fortunate to take part in a variety of new efforts as our nation and state have developed responses to modern-day slavery.  His expertise was developed on the ground, confronting issues as they were encountered, both at the local (tactical) level, and at the national (strategy) level.  Vanek now consults on anti-trafficking activities, leadership, and collaboration for the State of California, the U.S. Department of Justice, NGOs, and sit on a variety of advisory boards.

Li Juan Zhang

Adjunct Professor

Email: lzhang@miis.edu


International Economics; International Trade Policy; Commercial Diplomacy; Trade Negotiations; US-China Trade Relations

Visiting Faculty

Rufus H. Yerxa

Visiting Professor

Office: 400 Pacific Street, Rm D205,
Email: ryerxa@miis.edu
Phone: (831) 647-4693


International trade law, U.S. trade policy and WTO affairs