Trade Policy

International Trade Policy Certificate Program

A fundamental philosophy driving the creation of this curriculum is that governments, corporations, and nongovernmental organizations dealing with trade policy need entry-level and mid-career professional staff who are knowledgeable about the fundamental and practical aspects of trade policy and negotiations, and who possess the professional skills essential for practitioners. Because of the unique expertise of the professional training staff and faculty that has been assembled in the International Trade Policy program, the Monterey Institute is well-positioned to fill a growing and essential niche in this rapidly emerging field.

Students are encouraged to gain a strong basis in international economics, politics and law. In developing a course of study, you should balance attention to economics and the legal/political framework for trade policy, with course work in specific policy areas which concern trade issues such as the environment, security, and labor. It may be particularly useful to learn about commerce and business and students may wish to consider registering for business classes in appropriate cases.

Non-Degree Option

Individuals who wish to complete a course of study to receive the Certificate in International Trade may do so within a period of two semesters. These students are considered non-degree, as they are not enrolled in a master’s degree program, and will have a different set of admissions requirements. Working professionals, recent undergraduate students, and individuals who already hold an advanced degree can be considered. Please contact the Admissions Office for more details.

International Trade Policy Certificate: Study Plan

The stand-alone certificate in international trade policy is comprised of 32 credits with an average grade of B or higher for all courses completed in furtherance of the certificate. In addition, students are encouraged to gain professional development experience in trade policy.

Required Courses
IPOL 8515 Introduction to Trade Policy
IPOL 8520 International Economics

And at least 12 credits from any of the following courses:

The remaining 12 credits can be satisfied from policy and business courses with the consultation and approval of your academic advisor.

The requirements listed above are effective as of June 1, 2011.