Public Administration Faculty

Regular Faculty

Mahabat Baimyrzaeva

Assistant Professor

Office: 120 McCone
Phone: 831.647.4143


Institution Building/Development, Institutional Change and Theory, Nation/State Building, Governance, Public Sector Reform, Administrative Reform, Corruption, Capacity Building/Development, Organizational Management and Development, Culture Analysis and Change, Policy Analysis, International and Global Policy, Applied Research Methods , Democratic Transition, Civic Engagement
Innovative Teaching and Learning Methods, Regional expertise: Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, Post-Soviet Countries

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Kent Glenzer

Associate Professor (MPA/MBA)

Office: McCone 114
Phone: 831.647.4149


I have extensive work and research experience in sub-Saharan Africa, having lived there for 13 years and focused on it as both an external and internal consultant to NGOs and public sector agencies for 10 more years.   I specialize in organizations, organizational development, organizational behavior and culture, institutional and organizational fields, and organizational evolution and learning processes.  All my work and thinking centralizes the power dynamics, inequalities, and identity politics that surround and constitute development projects, programs, and strategies.  I have proven managerial and leadership competencies, and this understanding of how theory, big ideas, “best practice” and innovation actually get refracted through pragmatic choices of the working professional is perhaps the highest value I bring to my work with students.   Related to this is experience in program and organizational monitoring, evaluation, and learning systems, performance management, strategic planning, and social, cultural, and political economic analysis.   Finally, I have a strong background, both practically and academically, in civil society, social movements, and policy advocacy.

Nükhet Kardam


Office: Casa Fuente 300 E
Phone: 831.647.4147


Women's Human Rights, Gender and International Development, Development Assistance, Implementation of Global Human Rights Norms in Local Contexts, Political and Cultural Context of Development Practice, Identity Politics.

Edward J. Laurance

Professor and Gordon Paul Smith Chair in International Policy Studies

Office: 311 McCone
Phone: 831.647.4144


Armed violence reduction, research methods for development practitioners, global governance, international organizations, proliferation and effects of conventional weapons and small arms, program evaluation and project management

Beryl Levinger

Distinguished Professor and Program Chair

Office: 212 McCone
Phone: 831.647.6640


Nonprofit management, international organizations, poverty alleviation, third world development, international education, international health, nutrition and hunger, organizational development, program evaluation and project management.

Katherine Punteney

Program Chair, Assistant Professor in International Education Management

Office: CF 300 F
Phone: 831.647.4625


International education theory, comparative international education, educational leadership, campus internationalization, intercultural communication and training, international student services, study abroad/international exchange management.

Visiting Faculty

Alfredo Ortiz

Visiting Professor, Nonprofit Management and Social Change



Organizational development and strategy, social change organizations, organizational sustainability