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Nükhet Kardam


I am passionate about women’s human rights, how global human rights norms apply in specific cultures; about working, living and exploring multiple cultures and multiple identities; and about the nature of self and of identity.

What excites me about being a professor at MIIS is working with a socially committed, multicultural group of students and teaching within an environment of innovation and openness.

Watercolor Identities: Explore the Nature of Identity

My Teaching Philosophy:


Women's Human Rights, Gender and International Development, Development Assistance, Implementation of Global Human Rights Norms in Local Contexts, Political and Cultural Context of Development Practice, Identity Politics.

Recent Accomplishments

  • "46." INTERSECTION. Aslan Media. 2 Sept. 2014. Radio. Listen online here.
  • Kardam, Nükhet, and Meltrem, Agduk. "Mobilizing Religious Leaders to Combat Violence against Women in Turkey." The Women's International Perspective. 14 Aug. 2014. View online here. 
  • Kardam, Nükhet (April 2013), TEDxMonterey "Watercolor Identities."
  • Kardam, Nükhet and Fredric Kropp (2013), "Global Trends: Women as Social Entrepreneurs: a Case Study." In Women in the Global Economy: Leading Social Change. Global Education Research Reports 8, edited by Trish Tierney. San Francisco, Institute of International Education
  • Ongoing Research Project in “Intercultural Modes of Thinking and Reasoning” at the Monterey Institute with Fusun Akarsu, Philip Murphy and Katherine Punteney - in countries like Macedonia, Israel, USA, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.
  • Turkey’s Response to the Global Gender Regime”, GEMC (Gender Equality and Multicultural Conviviality Journal), Tohoku University, no. 4, 2011
  • Leslie Eliason Teaching Excellence Award, 2010
  • Contributing author, UNIFEM, “Aid and Security.” In Progress of the World’s Women Report, 2008-2009.

Previous Work

I have been interested in change in international organizations and researched how gender was mainstreamed in several international development organizations. I engage in consulting with development organizations, including evaluation of women’s human rights programs and projects and women’s political participation, gender and governance. More recently I have turned to exploring how global women’s rights norms are interpreted and implemented in local cultural contexts.


PhD, Political Science, Michigan State University; MA, International Relations, University of British Columbia; BA, Philosophy, Istanbul University; IB, Arts, Robert College

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