Master of Public Administration (MPA)

We prepare graduates to be effective leaders and managers in international development. Our alumni work in social change organizations, NGOs, non-profits and government agencies around the world.

Our MPA Promise

Our student-centered Master of Public Administration program is for those longing to make a difference in confronting critical social problems including hunger, poverty, disease, joblessness, and powerlessness.

Through hands-on, applied experience, practical tools and knowledge and with community support to thrive, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to combat these issues and to become a social change leader.

Design Your MPA Experience

Our curriculum is highly flexible, allowing students to shape the program to fit their personal interests and career goals.  Although not required, students have the option of declaring a formal concentration in order to specialize in the areas where they are most passionate.  Commonly pursued concentration topics include:

Conflict, Security & Development concentration
Social Entrepreneurship concentration
Human Rights Development
Organizational Capacity Development concentration
Design Your Own

Joint Program Opportunities

Students have the unique opportunity to purse a Peace Corps Master’s International MPA, completing two semesters of core classes on campus before embarking on their 27-month field experience with the Peace Corps.

We also offer a popular joint degree program in International Education Management and Public Administration.

Internships for Social Change

We believe that gaining professional development experience during the course of your academic program is essential.  Our students enjoy many unique opportunities to build their resume, expand their connections and advance their international career through our innovative real-world learning experiences.

Careers for Social Change

Graduates of the Master of Public Administration program pursue careers around the world in disaster relief, gender equality, education, environmental stewardship, and poverty alleviation.  Our graduates are not bureaucrats, “paper pushers,” or administrators. They are people who lead and work for social change.

Admission Requirements

To learn more about the MPA program and how to apply, please view our admission requirements or contact our Enrollment Managers.