Joint BA/MA in International Studies

Complete your BA and MA in three years.

Motivated students from around the world come to complete their bachelor's degree and work toward an international master's degree.

The combined Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BAIS) and Master of Arts (MA) degree program is designed for highly motivated students who have already completed the first two years of college (including all general education requirements) and want to earn a bachelor's degree on the path to a master's degree.

Students who wish to earn both their bachelor's and master's degrees can do so usually in a total of three years. At the end of the first year of study, students apply for the master's degree they desire.  Once admitted to the specific graduate school, they begin their graduate studies in their second year at the Institute. Students earn a bachelor's degree in International Studies, while the master's degree comes from one of our specialized policy graduate programs.

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

A total of 120 credits (including up to 70 approved credits transferred from the first two years of university study) are required for graduation.  A sample study plan is as follows:

First Semester

IPOL 8501 Introduction to Public Policy
IPOL 8505 Global Politics
IPS Elective
Language Study

Second Semester

IPOL 8504 Data Analysis for Public Policy
IPS Electives (8 - 12 credits)
Language Study

The third and subsequent semesters at the Institute are normally spent taking courses within the master's program as well as finishing the bachelor's language requirement (12 credits in one language at the 300-level or above). Please review our language proficiency requirements for more details about this component of your degree.

Overall credits required for the bachelor's program are 120 and a minimum of an additional 30 credits for the master's program.  If a student completes all requirements, the master's degree is awarded at the end of the third year of study at the Institute.  Because the BA/MA sequence is accelerated, it is regarded as an "honors program."  To succeed in this demanding program, students should be well prepared, highly motivated, mature, and willing to follow the advice of their academic advisor.

To learn more about the BA/MA program and how to apply, please view our admission requirements or contact our Enrollment Managers.