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Students can participate in a wide range of international and domestic immersive learning opportunities during January and spring break.

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January Term (J-Term)

Havana, Cuba

January 10-20

Cuba has much to teach about the costs and benefits of revolution and the costs and benefits of integrating belatedly a now globalized economy. The nature of the relationship between Cuba and the U.S., the relentless continuity despite dramatic change in the world around them, gives away the predominance in both countries of domestic interests and domestic politics in the design and execution of foreign policy.

  • Learn more by visiting the Cuba blog
  • Watch the 2013 video!
  • 15 spots are available for this practicum.

Academic Credit: Option for no credit, 2 units or 4 units

Deadline: October 31, Apply online. Applicants will be notified by November 4.

Contact/More Info: Carolyn Meyer

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Prague, Czech Republic

January 16-27

This 2-week course in Prague will allow students to attend lectures at the Department of Nuclear Reactors at the Czech Technical University (CTU), conduct experiments on the research reactor, and go on site visits. There will also be a trip to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria. Not only will participants benefit from the facts that many MIIS alums work at the IAEA, CNS has an office in Vienna, the Vienna Center for Disarmament and Nonproliferation (VCDNP).

  • Visit the program blog.
  • 12 spots are available for this practicum.
  • Students who complete the J-term class will also be eligible to be considered for a longer internship at the CTU Department of Nuclear Reactors. Follow the January 2017 offering through a student's blog!

Academic Credit: Option for no credit or two (2) units

Deadline: TBA

Contact/More Info: George Moore

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DPMI: Certificate in International Development and Social Change (Rwanda, Monterey)

Rwanda: January 9-18, 2018
Monterey: January 8-26, 2018


Training covers project planning, facilitation, and partnerships along with social marketing. For the Rwanda cohort, there will be seven days of intensive classroom instruction and 2-3 days devoted to a “real-life” client project for Partners in Health and the Rwandan Ministry of Health. Participants will also have the option of arriving one week early and visiting Rwandan government and NGO offices in Kigali on January 9, 2018.

  • Learn more from past DPMI participants in the Rwanda blog.

Open to: MIIS students, local development professionals, and other qualified applicants interested in a career in international development or social change.

Academic Credit: Option for no credit, four (4) units, or one (1) unit optional cultural immersion for Rwanda cohort

Early Review Deadline: September 1

Application Deadline: October 31

Contact/More Info: Email DPMI

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FMS: Certificate in Social Impact Investing (Monterey, CA)

January 9-18, 2018

The Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) Program provides a 2-week training curriculum based in Monterey that introduces participants to the world of social impact investing and social enterprise management. The training also prepares participants for the opportunity to work directly with social entrepreneurs and investors during a 6-month field program in emerging markets.

Early Review Deadline: September 29, 2017

Final Deadline: October 15, 2017

Contact/ More info: Carolyn Meyer

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Onsite Perspectives: Education Abroad Management in Spain

January 4-25

Participants will explore onsite management of international education programs in Madrid, Spain. Middlebury’s Madrid School Abroad, Sede Prim, will serve as the primary case study for the course. MIIS students will engage with Middlebury staff and undergraduate students to better understand the onsite perspectives of managing education abroad for U.S. college students. Participants will also explore a variety of international education models through visits and project work with program providers and Spanish universities hosting U.S. education abroad programs in Madrid.

Academic credit: 2 units

Interest Application Deadline: September 28

Contact & More Info: Professor Paige Butler

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Team Nepal: Exploring the Implementation of Nepali Environmental Policy

January 3-26

Team Nepal will partner with the Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI), a youth led not-for-profit in Nepal that works towards environmental sustainability and climate resilience. Before traveling to Nepal, students will work in tandem with HCI to create a research project design. During the J-term practicum, students will utilize their newly built data collection tools in-country to research the implementation and response to the 2016 nationwide plastic bag ban. Students will partake in many experiences complementary to their courses at MIIS including fieldwork in a rural context and working with interpreters. In the spring, students will have the opportunity to participate in the third part of the wraparound course, Advanced Policy Analysis.

Academic Credit: 2 or 4 credits. To receive 4 credits, additional work is required and student must notify Professor Murphy in advance of the practicum.

Application deadline: Students considering this wraparound course must register for (or audit) DPPG 8609 Field Methods during the Fall.

Contact/More Info:
Amanda Bensel, Field Manager
Monique Takla, Field Manager

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Team Peru

January 2017

team peru practica

Team Peru is an all-encompassing experience that allows for students to apply their education and make the most out of their time at MIIS. Starting in the fall semester students will partner with the MIIS alumni-founded organization the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD) to design a research initiative around a theme that is currently relevant for the AASD in Peru. Afterwards, students will travel to Peru and implement their research over J-term. The in-country practicum is structured as a multi-dimensional learning experience that will be educational, impactful and rewarding. Additionally, the AASD offers a wide range of opportunities for students to remain involved with the program and continue using the AASD as a live case study in their courses. Leadership opportunities are also available for returning students.

Academic Credit: 2 or 4 units (Audit or no credit option may be requested)

Application Deadline: Students considering this wrap around course must register for (or audit) DPPG 8609 Field Methods during the Fall.

Contact/More Info:
Phil Murphy (Academics)
Adam Steiglitz (Logistics)

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Team Colombia

January 2018 

MIIS students will collaborate with Foundación E2E, founded by Teryn Wolfe, Fulbright Researcher and Executive Director of E2E in 2014. The primary course objective is to provide local actual and future development professionals with practical, innovative tools and skills for development program design, evaluation, strategic partnering and impact measurement.

If you plan to apply for the Medellín client project, you may email your client interests to Carolyn Meyer at cmtaylor@miis.edu, as she will be scoping the project.

Application Deadlines

  • General Application Deadline: October 31, 2017

Program Fees

To be announced by Sept. 1 (it will include training fee, homestay lodging and two meals per day).

Note: Students are responsible for their transportation to and from Colombia.


Teryn Wolfe, Founder and Executive Director of Foundación E2E

with other faculties from E2E network

Team Salinas: Improving Community and Police Relations (paid)

When: TBD

The City of Salinas has received a two-year grant from the California Board of State and Community Corrections to improve Law Enforcement-Community relations. This initiative is focused around the "Why'd You Stop Me?" program, which trains community members and law enforcement officials to empathize with each other's perspectives. Salinas has hired the MIIS META Lab to evaluate the impact of the program. Students participating in this immersive learning course will assist with data collection, including surveys, focus groups, and interviews.

Research Question: What are the effects of activities funded by the Board of State and Community Corrections grant, primarily the "Why'd You Stop Me?" program, on Law Enforcement-Community Relations in Salinas, California?

Academic Credit: 2 or 4 units (Audit or no credit option may be requested)

Application Deadline: Students considering this wrap around course must register for (or audit) DPPG 8609 Field Methods during the Fall.

Contact/More Info:
Phil Murphy
Fernando DePaolis

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DPMI Project-based Practica in Cario, Egypt

January 2018 

January 2017 will mark the launch of a new concept for DPMI. Participants will consult with a local or international development and SCO for 1-3 weeks and learn the approach to project development that is widely used in bilateral and multinational organizations such as USAID, the World Bank, and UNDP. Client projects are available in Cairo. In Cairo, participants will be hosted by the American University of Cairo. Distinguished Middlebury Institute professor, Dr. Beryl Levinger, and Prof. Laila Moshneb, Assistant Dean of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at AUC and DPMI Alumna will support the team remotely and on the ground respectively. 

Early Review Deadline: September 2

Application Deadline: October 31

Contact/More Info: Carolyn TaylorDPMI

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Spring Break

East Asia

March 18 - 26

This is the immersive professional portion of the semester-long seminar on Foreign Policy, Trade, and Security in East Asia. It is aimed at robustly deepening the participating students’ understanding and appreciation of East Asia, with a particular focus on China and Japan and their relations with each other and with other regional countries and the U.S. Each student will choose her/his own research topic in consultation with the instructors.

Open to: All students at MIIS. We particularly encourage GSIPM students with an interest in East Asia; T&I-J and T&I-C students are also encouraged to participate.

Application Deadline: Students considering this opportunity must register for (or audit) DPPG 8614 Foreign Policy, Trade, and Security in East Asia.

Contact/More Info: Tsuneo AkahaWei Liang

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Make Your Own!

Want to create your own international program? Do you have an idea for a sustainable international project for you and your peers to tackle? You can apply for MIIS Immersive Learning Funding to offset your costs!

Contact/More Info: go.miis.edu/immersivefunding

Past Practica

Past practica include peacebuilding courses in Nepal, Sierra Leone, and Cambodia with Dr. Pushpa Iyer.