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Students can participate in a wide range of international and domestic immersive learning opportunities during January and spring break.

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January Term (J-Term)

Havana, Cuba

January 4-14

Cuba has much to teach about the costs and benefits of revolution and belated integration to a now globalized economy. Students will explore the nature of the relationship between Cuba and the U.S. and the role of domestic politics in the design and execution of foreign policy.

  • Learn more by visiting the Cuba blog
  • Watch the 2013 video!
  • 15 spots are available for this practicum.

Academic Credit: Option for no credit, 2 units or 4 units

Deadline: Apply by November 20th.

Contact: Jan Black and Maria-Jesus Iglesias-Barca (faculty)/Malia Everette, Altruvistas (Logistics) malia@altruvistas.com or 415-735-5407

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Prague, Czech Republic

January 15-26

This 2-week course in Prague will allow students to attend lectures at the Department of Nuclear Reactors at the Czech Technical University (CTU), conduct experiments on the research reactor, and go on site visits. There will also be a trip to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria.

Not only will participants benefit from the facts that many MIIS alums work at the IAEA, CNS has an office in Vienna, the Vienna Center for Disarmament and Nonproliferation (VCDNP).

  • Visit the program blog.
  • 12 spots are available for this practicum.
  • Students who complete the J-term class will also be eligible to be considered for a longer internship at the CTU Department of Nuclear Reactors. Follow the January 2017 offering through a student's blog!

Academic Credit: Option for no credit or two (2) units

Deadline: Apply by October 17, applicants notified by November 1

Contact: Prof. George Moore, gmoore@miis.edu and Carolyn Meyer, cmeyer@miis.edu

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Paris, France

January 5 – 24 (subject to slight change)

IEM students will travel to the Middlebury School Abroad’s Centre Madeleine in Paris, France. This course will serve as an advanced elective course related to Study Abroad in which students will experientially learn about the onsite management of international education programs, using Middlebury as the primary case study, as well as connecting with other program providers and universities in Paris and Lille who are involved with US education abroad.

Students will collaborate with the Middlebury Paris Director and/or other program providers or local universities to complete a project(s) that would benefit the organization and give the student practical experience in education abroad management from the host country perspective.

Course: Onsite Perspectives: International Education Management in France

Credits: 2 credits (IEM elective)

Deadline: Apply by Sunday, September 17

Contact: Prof. David Wick, dwick@miis.edu or 831-647-4176

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DPMI: Certificate in International Development and Social Change (Rwanda and Monterey, CA)

Rwanda: January 9-18, 2018
Monterey: January 8-26, 2018


Training covers project planning, facilitation, and partnerships along with social marketing. For the Rwanda cohort, there will be seven days of intensive classroom instruction and 2-3 days devoted to a “real-life” client project for Partners in Health and the Rwandan Ministry of Health. Participants will also have the option of arriving one week early and visiting Rwandan government and NGO offices in Kigali on January 9, 2018.

  • Read more details & hear from past DPMI participants on the Rwanda blog.

Open to: MIIS students, local development professionals, and other qualified applicants interested in a career in international development or social change.

Rwanda Academic Credit: Option for no credit or four (4) units in January (students also have the option to take or audit 1-unit November 2017 Rwanda Preparation Workshop)

Early Review Deadline: September 1

Application Deadline: Apply by October 31

Contact: dpmi@miis.edu or call 831-647-6417

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Frontier Market Scouts (FMS): Certificate in Social Impact Investing (Monterey, CA)

January 9-18

The Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) Program provides a 2-week training curriculum based in Monterey that introduces participants to the world of social impact investing and social enterprise management. The training also prepares participants for the opportunity to work directly with social entrepreneurs and investors during a 6-month field program in emerging markets.

Early Review Deadline: September 29

Final Deadline: October 15

Contact: Email fms@miis.edu or call 831-647-6417

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Team Peru (Directed Study or Spanish Online For Interns Course)

January 8-26, 2018

team peru practica

Agriculture extension in Peru is based off a western, top down, teacher-student model that does not consider traditional methods of knowledge transfer. The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD) is currently partnering with the community of Sacclio and a small group of identified community leaders to create a localized agriculture extension program that is specifically designed for small scale farmers. There is a need for this type of extension program because small scale farmers are becoming marginalized within the larger community of farmers and being forced to move away from traditional agriculture practices in order to compete and stay relevant. A localized extension program will offer trainings and resources for small scale farmers to organize, maintain traditional and environmentally friendly farming practices, provide agency and voice, and create innovative avenues to access markets. For this year's JTerm students will join the AASD as stakeholders in this process.

Find more details & apply on their website

Application Deadline: November 8th

Credit: 2 or 4 unit directed study with Dr. Levinger or Dr. Dayton-Johnson; Spanish language students can also complete 3-credit Spanish Online for Interns Course

Contact: Beryl Levinger or Jeff Dayton-Johnson (academic questions) | Adam Steiglitz or Aaron Ebner, AASD (Logistics), aaron@alianzaandina.org

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Team Colombia (Directed Study)

January 8-26

El Taller de Gestión de Impacto Social (TGIS) is a 40-hour, certified course on project design, management, impact measurement, and international cooperation in Medellin, Colombia. TGIS is a participatory learning experience. Course activities are centered around an innovative mix of theory, technical professional tools and hands-on practice in the classroom. MIIS students are invited to complete a short client project with a local organization after the 5-day course where they will employ the skills they've learned in real projects in Colombia.

Application Deadline: Apply by November 8

Program Fees: Prices include training fee, homestay lodging and two meals per day). Note: Students are responsible for their transportation to and from Colombia.

Credit:1-4 unit directed study; Spanish language students can also complete 3-credit Spanish Online for Interns Course

Instructors: Teryn Wolfe (MIIS alumna), Founder and Executive Director of Foundación E2E with guest speakers from E2E network

Requirements: 300-level Spanish or higher (class instruction in Spanish only)

Contact: Shelley Casey, E2E; gestionconocimiento@fundacione2e.org or +573117896193

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American University Cairo (AUC) January Courses

Through a MOU MIIS holds with AUC, MIIS students can apply to take January courses at American University in Cairo. Courses include Arabic language courses as well as graduate topical courses in English.

Application Deadline: Meet with Jen Holguin in CACS by October 6 to express interest

Program Fees: Many courses can be taken for no additional fee beyond your spring comprehensive fee at MIIS. Consult Jen Hambleton-Holguin to work through this process.

Instructors: Varies; View AUC course catalog

MIIS Exchange Agreement Contact: Jen Holguin, jhamblet@miis.edu or 831-647-6676

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Spring Break


March 16-25

Students will visit the fractured former state of Yugoslavia with Professor Black to explore topics of reconciliation, human rights and peace-building. Opportunities for primary research by students and site visits throughout Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia will be overseen by faculty. All students will be expected to contemplate and address the causes of conflict and means of prevention; the processes of peace-building; the reconciliation of adversaries; and the reweaving of social fabric.

Explore more details on website.

Open to: All MIIS students, alumni, faculty and staff. No prerequisites required but priority will be given to DPP (IPD & MPA) students with prior experience in the cultivation of development, human rights, or conflict resolution.

Academic Credit: Option for two (2) or four (4) credits

Application Deadline: Apply by January 15

Contact: Prof. Jan Black and IPLSP Director Carolyn Meyer, cmeyer@miis.edu or 831.647.6417

Washington, DC

March 19-23

The MIIS Center for Advising and Career Services will be leading a professional networking and career exploration trip to Washington DC. Open to all MIIS students.

Contact: Bryce Craft, Center for Advising and Career Services (CACS), bcraft@miis.edu or 831.647.6516

Make Your Own!

Want to create your own international program? Do you have an idea for a sustainable international project for you and your peers to tackle? You can apply for MIIS Immersive Learning Funding to offset your costs!

Contact/More Info: go.miis.edu/immersivefunding

Past Practica

Past practica include peacebuilding courses in Nepal, Sierra Leone, and Cambodia.

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