Is there funding for the program?

Participating students pay tuition for one semester (12 credits) and in return receive faculty supervision of the academic offerings and assignments outlined above. In addition to tuition, students cover expenses of travel airfare, rent, and other living expenses.

Participating students may apply for a loan through the Monterey Institute's Office of Student Financial Planning for expected expenses while on assignment. Loans are approved by the Office of Student Financial Planning in consultation with the IPSS Director.

Organizations are asked to facilitate the locating of appropriate housing for the student, and any other assistance they deem appropriate.

IPSS Fellows are encouraged to apply for immersive learning scholarships through the Monterey Institute Student Services office. IPSS fellows may accept paid internships or consultancies as their IPSS assignments. Some past fellows have secured additional funding through family grants or travel scholarships outside of the Monterey Institute. Crowdfunding is also encouraged, either through the Monterey Start platform or other sites like Indiegogo or Start Some Good.

For more thorough information, visit the IPSS Funding Information page here