Contact Information

IPSS provides Monterey Institute graduate students with an immersive learning experience where they serve as graduate-level interns or consultants in an international organization.  For more information, contact the IPSS staff below.

All Special Programs staff is located in the McCone building.

Our Staff



For general information and questions regarding IPSS contact: 

Julio Noguera, Graduate Assistant

Phone: (831) 647-3550 ext. 8211



For IPSS advising contact:

Carolyn Taylor Meyer, Director of Immersive Professional Learning and Special Programs 

Phone:(831) 647-6417
Fax: (831) 647-6693


Our Faculty


Dr. Mahabat Baimryzaeva, along with IPSS Research Advisors, establish the specific academic components and benchmarks for each individual IPSS Fellow.  They perform a critical function in assisting students develop relevant research projects that enhance the field assignment component of IPSS to satisfy degree requirements.