International Professional Service Semester

By arranging graduate-level internships or consultancies in international organizations, the International Professional Service Semester (IPSS) provides graduate students at the Institute with an immersive learning experience.

What is the International Professional Service Semester (IPSS)?

International Professional Service Semester (IPSS) is an immersive learning experience, integrating academic work with professional experience. Students serve as junior professional staff members in an international organization while producing specific deliverables for academic credit.  The IPSS program is offered through the Graduate School of International Policy & Management (GSIPM) during the spring semester.

Jump Start Your International Career

For many students, the IPSS experience acts as a stepping stone to their future careers. The program's networking possibilities and international exposure are just a few of the benefits students receive as a result of their participation in the IPSS program.

IPSS fellows are encouraged to seek out a leader in a field of their interest.  Working with this leader provides a unique learning environment for the student. An IPSS assignment complements a student's degree focus by providing an applied learning environment for fellows to develop skills and knowledge not covered in traditional classes.

For more information on career resources to help you plan for IPSS, please visit the Center for Advising and Career Services.

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