Middlebury Schools Abroad

Middlebury Schools Abroad

Academic rigor, deep involvement in another culture, and the freedom to explore on their own terms: these are the attributes that appeal to students who enroll in the Middlebury Schools Abroad program.

Program Overview

Middlebury Schools Abroad provide students with academically rigorous and culturally immersive experiences in 16 countries and 36 cities all over the world. Monterey Institute students can earn credit towards their degree while significantly enhancing the international dimension of their educational experience. Students will build on their already-existing global contacts, establish new ones, deepen their understanding of a particular subject area, and strengthen their language skills. While Monterey Institute students may enroll in any of the Schools Abroad, programs in Chile, France and Jordan are promoted as particularly beneficial opportunities for MIIS students.

Immersion Opportunities

A semester with Middlebury Schools Abroad can take the format of an internship, language training, relevant coursework or any combination of these three formats.


Through the networks that Middlebury has established, Monterey Institute students may be able to participate in semester internships, an internship alongside other coursework, or a stand-alone shorter-term internship. Internship opportunities will need to be identified and developed collaboratively with the appropriate Middlebury Schools Abroad advisor, the Monterey Institute student, and the CACS advisor.

Language training

Students are eligible to earn up to 12 units of language credit by studying through a Middlebury School Abroad for a semester. The format for this language study will vary, depending on the student’s language level and the host university structure. In some cases, students will take courses in the Middlebury program, and in others, Middlebury Schools Abroad directors and staff will arrange for more customized language courses.


Through the partnerships that Middlebury has with over 50 universities abroad, Monterey Institute students are able to enroll in partner universities during the academic year. Monterey Institute students are thus able to significantly expand the overall curriculum available to them, including coursework that is not available in Monterey.

Combined Format

Students may also be interested in combining some of the three elements above, by, for example, engaging in a combination of language training and internship, or coursework and internship. The appropriate combination will be worked out through coordination between the Monterey Institute student’s advisor and staff in the Middlebury International Programs office.

**(Please note that not all of the opportunities listed above are currently available at every site where Middlebury has a program, as some new opportunities will need to be developed in response to student demand and preferences.)

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Program Cost

In most cases, the Schools Abroad only charge for Middlebury Schools Abroad tuition, which is generally less than Monterey Institute tuition. Students will pay this tuition to the Monterey Institute, in addition to the study abroad fee, as indicated on the Program Fees web page for each school. Living costs, which are not included in tuition, can be estimated on the School Abroad's Program Fees webpage out-of-pocket cost estimator.

Students may receive financial aid if taking at least six degree-specific credits. Costs for students who will be less than full time status will be similar to per-credit charges at the Monterey Institute. If at least six credits from the semester abroad will count toward the student's degree, the student may receive financial aid from the Monterey Institute's Office of Student Financial Planning.

The Schools

Buenos Aires, Córdoba
Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, Niterói
Concepción, La Serena,
Santiago,Temuco, Valdivia, Valparaíso
Beijing, Hangzhou, Kunming
Bordeaux, Paris, Poitiers
Berlin, Mainz



Beer Sheva
Ferrara, Florence, Rome
Irkutsk, Moscow, Yaroslavl
Córdoba, Getafe, Logroño, Madrid