Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Can I study abroad if I'm an international student?

There are no limitations for international students enrolling in programs managed by the Institute. However, while the Institute may provide guidance for procuring proper visas, it is the responsibility of the student to manage his/her documentation. External internships and fellowships unrelated to the Institute vary in their requirements, so please inquire prior to submitting your internship application.

What tools are available to me to search for internship opportunities online?

Learn more about how to search for internships by visiting the Jobs and Internships webpage.

Is financial aid available to travel and work abroad?

You are eligible for financial aid as long as you are registered for units related to the study abroad program (such as the Winter Term Study Abroad, International Professional Service Semester, or DPMI Plus). You can also have your financial aid increased to cover airfare and living expenses. For the summer term, you must be enrolled in at least 3 units such as through DPMI Plus or a directed study (This option might be an additional expense). For the winter term, you must be enrolled in at least 1 approved credit with a full spring load (minimum 12 credits).

How do I connect with MIIS alumni?

Please contact your Career and Academic Advisor for more details.

Do I need to be fluent in the language spoken in the region of study?

Language requirements vary from program to program.  While some require no prior ability, others stipulate fluency.  Please check with the program's webpages for language requirements.

How do I apply for the student exchange programs in Egypt, Denmark, and Norway?

Egypt: American University of Cairo

Starting fall 2011, 2-3 MIIS students may attend American University of Cairo per semester, taking classes in the areas of business, policy, and Arabic language. Students may enroll in the fall semester, winterim (January) intensive Arabic Language Institute, and /or spring semester. The Center for Academic and Career Services will announce when the application process opens.