Waseda University

Waseda University

The Monterey Institute and Waseda University in Japan maintain an agreement allowing student exchanges between the two institutions on a very selective basis. Opportunities for higher-level language development and cultural immersion abound! 

We are currently seeking applications from current students interested in studying at Waseda University for the April 2014 semester. 


The Monterey Institute of International Studies and Waseda University developed a student exchange agreement as part of a broader academic exchange and cooperation agreement between the two institutions. MIIS sent its first exchange student to Waseda’s Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (GSAPS) in 2008-2009.

Waseda University is one of the most prestigious private universities in Tokyo. The university offers comprehensive degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as in professional schools, such as the Business School and the Law School. Click here for information on Waseda University’s international exchange programs.

    Program Description

    • The Monterey Institute can nominate up to two students to study at Waseda University per year, one per semester.
    • Upon acceptance into the program and before departure, the selected student(s) will have their planned courses approved for credit by their graduate school administrators. Academic credit will be granted after submission of proof of satisfactory completion of the course requirements, i.e., transcript, to MIIS.
    • MIIS students will pay tuition to MIIS prior to commencing study at Waseda. All other expenses, including transportation, living expenses, health and accident insurance, visa fee, etc. are the responsibilities of the exchange student.
    • Some courses at Waseda are held in English and others are held in Japanese. In addition to MIIS degree-related courses, students may take Japanese language courses at the Center for Japanese Language at Waseda.
    • Applicants are reminded of the current MIIS policy allowing students to transfer in up to 25% of their degree program. This exchange does apply to that limit.


    • We will accept applications from students in any of the degree programs within the Graduate School of International Policy and Management for study in the Graduate School of Political Science, the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, or the Business School at Waseda University.
    • Both first-year and second-year students may apply.

    Scholarship Application Opportunity

    • 2013 JASSO Short-Term Student Exchange Promotion Program Scholarship: The sponsoring organization, JASSO (Japan Student Service Organization), is a quasi-governmental organization and provides scholarships to qualified students who are admitted to a Japanese university for a period of up to one year of study in Japan under a student exchange program, such as the one between MIIS and Waseda. Note that the current JASSO application is not yet published. Additional information will be provided to interested students as it becomes available.

    Application Procedure

    • Interested students should let exchanges coordinator Jen Holguin (jhamblet@miis.edu) know immediately. It would be helpful to sign up for an appointment in Zócalo to discuss this opportunity and ensure that it's the right fit for you;
    • You will write a statement of purpose explaining how this opportunity will fit with your academic and professional goals (no more than one page) and how you are uniquely qualified to represent the Monterey Institute at Waseda University, and submit this along with your resume to Jen Holguin by email no later than Friday, November 1st, 2013;
    • A MIIS faculty committee will select the nominee as soon as possible after this deadline. 
    • The admissions forms will be available on November 1st on the Waseda website. You will want to begin gathering information and filling out these forms as soon as possible, as all forms must be submitted by Jen Holguin to Waseda by November 20th, 2013. Do review the application process guidelines on the website in advance of this date.