Our international focus extends beyond the classroom. We offer a wide variety of immersive learning experiences that allow you to study abroad and make your dream internship a reality.

We provide our graduate students with opportunities to gain professional experience around the world in management, business, international policy, international development, and more!

These experiences give students excellent networking opportunities and often lead to jobs after graduation.

Whether it's a summer internship, semester-long placement abroad or a short-term program during winter or spring semester, there is something for everyone.

Semester/Summer Programs Abroad


Design, Partnering, Management, and Innovation (DPMI)

Participants complete three weeks of project management training in Monterey or Washington D.C., or a 1-week short training in Cairo, Egypt. Participants may then opt into the practicum component by traveling abroad for three to nine months of fieldwork with a development organization. 

Who: Trainings are open to current graduate students, upper-level undergraduates, practitioners, and career-changers.


Frontier Market Scouts Fellowship Program (FMS)

The program starts with a two-week certificate training followed by a 2-12 month fellowship. The fellowship component partners with a growing number of social enterprises and impact investment firms around the world. FMS fellows launch careers in the social sector with customized positions supporting entrepreneurs, investors, and social enterprises. 

Who: Training and field program open to current students, practitioners, and career-changers.


International Organizations and Nonproliferation Program (IONP)

Provides training and internships for graduate students interested in the work of international nonproliferation organizations.

Who: the Institute graduate students in the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies program.


International Professional Service Semester

Provides the Institute students with the opportunity to work as junior staff members for a public policy or social change organization. Students may finish the last 12 credits of a degree through this program.

Who: the Institute graduate students in the International Policy and Development, International Environmental Policy, and Master of Public Administration programs.


Middlebury Schools Abroad

The Middlebury Schools Abroad offer overseas graduate-level programs for students from the Institute. During their semester abroad, students will pursue their academic and personal interests and improve their language proficiency.

Who: All the Institute students. 


Student Exchange Programs

Through our exchange programs, students may take courses at one of the prestigious universities we have partnered with in Bergen, Cairo or Tokyo.

Who: All the Institute students. 

Short-Term Programs Abroad


Language Initiatives

Students have the opportunity to use their language skills in real-world settings and network with professionals in their field.

Who: All the Institute students, who meet the appropriate language proficiency requirements.

Winter/Spring Semester Term Practica

Every winter and spring semester, faculty and students embark on a number of projects in the fields of peace-building, international development, and environmental conservation opportunities in Chile, El Salvador, and Peru.

Who: All the Institute graduate students.