Interpretation Resources

Resources for Interpreting Students


AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters)
Home page of the International Association of Conference Interpreters with information for beginniers and students, interpretation news, job opportunities, a webzine, and more. (Cookies must be enabled).

Interpreters Division of American Translators Association
Chapter of the ATA specifically for interpreters, with articles, tips, resources, and news of organized events.

Interpreting for Europe
Career opportunities for interpreters with the European Union with information on hiring and links to Interpretation Directorates for the different branches of the EU.

Logotec Language Services
Commercial site but with many useful links to professional associations for translators and interpreters all over the world, dictionaries, termbanks, glossaries and EU sites.

National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT)
Nonprofit professional association based in Seattle. Provides valuable links and an FAQ on court interpreting as well as selected articles from their quarterly newsletter Proteus.

National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC)
Home page of the national association for health care interpreters.

Master list of glossaries for UN interpreters with links to many multilingual glossaries dealing with subjects of interest to the UN, in the six official UN languages - English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

Online journals

A webzine for conference interpreters and the conference industry in English and French from AIIC.

The Interpreters Voice
Quarterly newsletter of the Interpreters Division of the American Translators Association.

Selected articles from Proteus, the newsletter of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators.

TRANSlating & INTerpreting
Refereed international journal of translation and interpreting research, hosted by the University of Western Sydney's Interpreting and Translation Research Node. For researchers, educators, students and practitioners of interpreting and translation, as well as others interested in the discipline.

Periodicals in the MIIS Library

Across Languages and Cultures
ATA Chronicle
The Interpreter and Translator Trainer
The Interpreters' Newsletter
Interpreting: international journal of research and practice in interpreting
Lebende Sprachen
Мосты : журнал переводчиков

In our print collection:


Danks, Joseph H.
Cognitive Processes in Translation and Interpreting
P306.2.C56 1997

Delisle, Jean
Translation: an Interpretive Approach
P306.5.D4513 1988

Frishberg, Nancy
Interpreting: an Introduction
P306.2.F75 1986

Gentile, Adolfo
Liaison Interpreting: a Handbook
P306.G437 1996

Gile, Daniel
Getting Started in Interpreting Research : Methodological Reflections, Personal Accounts and Advice for Beginners
P306.2.G48 2001

Hammond, Deanna Lindberg
Professional Issues For Translators and Interpreters
P306.P76 1994

International Conference on Interpreting in Legal, Health, and Social Service Settings
The Critical Link: Interpreters in the Community: Papers From the First International Conference on Interpreting in Legal, Health, and Social Service Settings (Geneva Park, Canada, June 1-4, 1995)
P306.2.I55 1995

Pochhacker, Franz
Simultandolmetschen als komplexes Handeln
P306.P63 1994

Poyatos, Fernando
Nonverbal Communication and Translation: New Perspectives and Challenges in Literature, Interpretation, and the Media
P306.2.N66 1997

Seymour, Richard K.
Translation and Interpreting: Bridging East and West: Selected Conference Papers
P306.8.P16T7 1994

Tommola, Jorma
Topics in Interpreting Research
P306.T65 1995


Arjona-Tseng, Etilvia
A Bibliography of Pedagogy and Research in Interpretation and Translation
Z7004.T72A74 1993

Chan, Sin-wai
A Topical Bibliography of Translation and Interpretation: Chinese-English, English-Chinese
Z7004.T72C54 1995

Henry, Ronald
Bibliographie internationale de l’interpretation
Z7004.T72H45 1987

Conference Interpreting

Conference Terminology, a Manual for Conference-members and Interpreters in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German
PB324.C6C6 1976

Feldweg, Erich
Der Konferenzdolmetscher im internationalen Kommunikationsprozess
P306.2.F445 1996

Gile, Daniel
Regards sur la recherche en interpretation de conference
P306.2.G55 1995

International Conference on Interpreting – What Do We Know and How?
Conference Interpreting: Current Trends in Research: Proceedings of the International Conference on Interpreting – What Do We Know and How?: Turku, August 25-27, 1994
P306.2.I555 1994

International Symposium on Conference Interpreting
The Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Teaching Conference Interpretation: First International Symposium on Conference Interpreting at the University of Trieste
P306.5.I56 1986

Jones, Roderick
Conference Interpreting Explained
P306.2.J65 1998

Court Interpreting

Almeida, Frank M.
Los Angeles Superior Court Interpreters Manual
K2155.L6 1981

Berk-Seligson, Susan
The Bilingual Courtroom: Court Interpreters in the Judicial Process
KF8725.B47 1990

Chen, Zhongcheng
Fa chuang yi hua (Window on legal translation)
KNQ92.C45 1992

Colin, Joan
Interpreters and the Legal Process
KD662.C66 1996

Corsellis, Ann
Non-English Speakers and the English Legal System: a Handbook to Good Practice For Those Working in the Legal System Across Language and Culture
FOLIO KD654.C67 1995

De Jongh, Elena M
An Introduction to Court Interpreting: Theory and Practice
KF8725.D4 1992

Edwards, Alicia Betsy
The Practice of Court Interpreting
KF8725.E39 1995

Gonzalez, Roseann Duenas
Fundamentals of Court Interpretation: Theory, Policy, and Practice
KF8725.G66 1991

Mikkelson, Holly
The interpreter's companion: in which are brought together several glossaries of useful terminology for the Spanish-English/English-Spanish court interpreter
REF K52.S6M54 1993

Mikkelson, Holly
Introduction to court interpreting
K2155.M55 2000

New Jersey. Supreme Court. Task Force on Interpreter and Translation Services
Equal Access to the Courts for Linguistic Minorities: Final Report of the New Jersey Supreme Court Task Force on Interpreter And Translation Services
FOLIO KFN2310.5.C6A875 1985

Trabing, M. Eta
Manual for Judiciary Interpreters, English-Spanish, 1979
REF K52.S63T72 1979

Medical Interpreting

Angelelli, Claudia
Medical interpreting and cross-cultural communication
R119.5.A53 2004

Angelelli, Claudia
Revisiting the interpreter's role : a study of conference, court, and medical interpreters in Canada, Mexico, and the United States
P306.A524 2004

Note Taking

Becker, Wilfried

Liu, Minhua
Chu pu k‘ou i yü pi chi: li lun, shih chien yü chiao hsüeh
P306.L56 1993

Matyssek, Heinz
Handbuch der Notizentechnik fur Dolmetscher: ein Weg zur sprachunabhangigen Notation
PN241.M34 1989

Rozan, Jean Francois
La Prise des notes en interpretation consecutive
REF PN241.R65 1974

Simultaneous Interpretation

Gaiba, Francesca
The Origins of Simultaneous Interpretation: the Nuremberg Trial
KZ1176.G33 1998

Lambert, Sylvie
Bridging the Gap: Empirical Research in Simultaneous Interpretation
P306.2.B75 1994


Gile, Daniel
Basic Concepts and Models for Interpreter and Translator Training
P306.5.G55 1995

Krawutschke, Peter W.
Translator and Interpreter Training and Foreign Language Pedagogy
P306.5.T74 1989

Language International Conference (1991: Helsingor, Denmark)
Teaching Translation and Interpreting: Training, Talent, and Experience
P306.5.L36 1991

Language International Conference (1993: Elsinore, Denmark)
Teaching Translation and Interpreting 2: Insights, Aims, Visions: Papers From the Second Language International Conference, Elsinore, Denmark, 4-6 June 1993
P306.5.L36 1993

Language International Conference (1995: Helsingor, Denmark)
Teaching Translation and Interpreting 3: New Horizons: Papers From the Third Language International Conference, Elsinore, Denmark, 9-11 June 1995
P306.5.L36 1996

Seleskovitch, Danica
A Systematic Approach to Teaching Interpretation
P306.2.S3513 1995

Weber, Wilhelm K.
Training Translators and Conference Interpreters

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