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Historical Dictionary of Moldova
DK509.37.B74 2007



Amnesty International: Moldova
UNHCR: Republic of Moldova
Human rights reports from the major international human rights organizations.

Background Notes: Moldova
Current country profile from the US Department of State.

BBC News: Moldova Country Profile
Current country profile.

Country Study: Moldova
Extensive country profile from the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress.

Doing Business in Moldova
Ease of doing business rankings from the World Bank's Doing Business Project.

GlobalEDGE: Moldova
Economic and political information, data, and information for doing business from the University of Michigan.

Moldova: Human Development Indicators
Indicators and human development reports from the UNDP.

National Bank of Moldova
Statistics and publications of the central bank of Moldova.

National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova
Official statistical agency of Moldova.

Republic of Moldova and the IMF
Financial news and reports from the International Monetary Fund.

The Republic of Moldova and the WTO
Trade statistics, tariff profiles and dispute cases.

UNData: Republic of Moldova
Demographic, economic, environmental and social statistics from the United Nations and its agencies.

The World Bank: Moldova
Access data, research publications and project descriptions through this site.