Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

New books:

Baker, Keith. Nuclear Power and Energy Policy: the Limits to Governance
*HD9698.A2B265 2015

The Ethics of Nuclear Energy: Risk, Justice, and Democracy in the post-Fukushima Era
*TK9152.E84 2015

The Fukushima Effect: a New Geopolitical Terrain
*HD9698.A2.F85 2016

Jorgensen, Timothy J. Strange Glow: the Story of Radiation
*QC475.J67 2016

Learning From a Disaster: Improving Nuclear Safety and Security After Fukushima
*TK1365.J3L43 2016

Malin, Stephanie A. The Price of Nuclear Power: Uranium Communities and Environmental Justice
*HD9698.U52M3195 2015


In our print Reference Collection:

Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia: Science, Technology and Applications
TK9009.N83 2011

Nuclear Power Reactors in the World
TK9202.I512 2013


In our DVD Collection:

Dark Circle
HD9698.U52D37 2006

Into Eternity: a Film for the Future
TD898.13.F5I58 2010

Pandora's Promise
TK9145.P3636 2014

Uranium: Twisting the Dragon's Tail
QD181.U7D74 2015



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