Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

New books: 

Afsaruddin, Asma. Contemporary Issues in Islam
*DS63.123.A37 2015

Amirpur, Katajun. New Thinking in Islam: the Jihad for Democracy, Freedom and Women's Rights
*BP171.5.A5613 2015

Baker, Raymond William. One Islam, Many Muslim Worlds: Spirituality, Identity, and Resistance Across Islamic Lands
*BP161.3.B344 2015

Edis, Taner. Islam Evolving: Radicalism, Reformation, and the Uneasy Relationship With the Secular West
*BP190.5.S3E354 2016

Hamid, Shadi. Islamic Exceptionalism: How the Struggle Over Islamism is Shaping the World
*BP173.7.H3554 2016

Kubicek, Paul. Political Islam & Democracy in the Muslim World
*BP173.7.K82 2015

Mabry, Tristan James. Nationalism, Language, and Muslim Exceptionalism
*JC311.M24 2015

Moosa, Ebrahim. What is a Madrasa?
*LC904.M66 2015

Pierce, Matthew. Twelve Infallible Men: the Imams and the Making of Shi'ism
*BP189.43.P54 2016

Rizvi, Kishwar. The Transnational Mosque: Architecture and Historical Memory in the Contemporary Middle East
*BP187.62.R59 2015

The Routledge Companion to Islamic Philosophy
*B741.R68 2016

Spiegel, Avi. Young Islam: the Politics of Religion in Morocco and the Arab World
*BP173.7.S72 2015


In our print Reference Collection:

Atlas of Islam 1800-2000
G1786.S1B5 2010

The Columbia World Dictionary of Islamism
BP40.D5313 2007

The Encyclopedia of Islam

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
BP40.E525 2004

Encyclopedia of the Qu'ran
BP133.E53 2001

Guide to Islamist Movements
BP40.G85 2010

Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalism
BP166.14.F85G85 2012

Historical Dictionary of the Ismailis
BP195.I8D323 2012

The New Encyclopedia of Judaism
BM50.N465 2002

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Politics
BP173.7.O94 2014

World Almanac of Islamism
BP173.5.W66 2011


In our DVD Collection:

Inside the Koran
BP130.I57 2009

Islam, Empire of Faith
BP50.I745 2005

Islam vs. Islamists: Muslims Against Jihad
BP163.I85 2008

Koran by Heart
BP188.3.C5K67 2011

The Life of Muhammad
BP75.L54 2013

The Story of the Jews
DS102.95.S76 2014


Library E-Resources:

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Encyclopedia of Global Religion



Cambridge Digital Library
Cambridge University has a large collection of Islamic manuscripts.  Their Digital Library features digitized manuscripts.

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life: Middle East & North Africa
This Pew project examines public opinion and demographics in the region.