Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

New books: 

Cooper, Andrew Scott. The Fall of Heaven: the Pahlavis and the Final Days of Imperial Iran
*DS318.C645 2016

Entessar, Nader. Iran Nuclear Negotiations: Accord and Détente Since the Geneva Agreement of 2013
*JZ5675.E67 2015

Gaietta, Michele. The Trajectory of Iran's Nuclear Program
*U264.5.I7G35 2015

Golkar, Saeid. Captive Society: the Basij Militia and Social Control in Iran
*HN670.2.A8G65 2015

Iran in the World: President Rouhani's Foreign Policy
*DS318.9.I7263 2016

The Iran Nuclear Agreement and Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action: Elements and Considerations
*JZ5675.I74 2016

Juneau, Thomas. Squandered Opportunity: Neoclassical Realism and Iranian Foreign Policy
*DS318.9.J87 2015

Maloney, Suzanne. Iran's Political Economy Since the Revolution
*HC475.M314 2015

Ostovar, Afshon. Vanguard of the Imam: Religion, Politics, and Iran's Revolutionary Guards
*UA853.I7O84 2016

Povey, Tara. Social Movements in Egypt and Iran
*HN786.A8P68 2015

Reintegrating Iran with the West: Challenges and Opportunities
*DS318.83.R45 2015

Saikal, Amin. Iran at the Crossroads
*DS318.8.S24 2016

Secor, Laura. Children of Paradise: the Struggle For the Soul of Iran
*DS318.8.S37 2016

Shahibzadeh, Yadullah. Islamism and Post-Islamism in Iran: an Intellectual History
*BP63.I68S43 2016

Simpson, Kumuda. U.S. Nuclear Diplomacy with Iran: From the War on Terror to the Obama Administration
*U264.5.I7S56 2016

Social Media in Iran: Politics and Society After 2009
*HM1206.S65423 2015

Tamadonfar, Mehran. Islamic Law and Governance in Contemporary Iran: Transcending Islam for Social, Economic, and Political Order
*KMH469.T36 2015

Vatanka, Alex. Iran and Pakistan: Security, Diplomacy and American Influence
*DS274.2.P18V368 2015

Zia-Ebrahimi, Reza. The Emergence of Iranian Nationalism: Race and the Politics of Dislocation
*DS266.Z53 2016


In our print Reference Collection:

Iran Today: an Encyclopedia of Life in the Islamic Republic
DS253.I69 2008


In our DVD Collection:

PN1997.2.T46 2004

Declassified: Ayatollah Khomein
DS318.84.K48A938 2012

Frontline: a Death in Tehran
DS318.825.F766 2009

The Glass House
HQ1735.2.Z9T445 2009

Iranian Taboo
BP355.I7I73 2012

U264.5.I7I736 2011

Jafar Panahi's Taxi
PN1997.2.T354 2016

Letters From Iran
DS259.2.L588 2004

Our Man in Tehran
E183.8.I55O9763 2014

HV640.4.I7S66 2016

This Is Not a Film
DS318.84.P36T45 2012

Zind¯an-i zan¯an = Women's Prison
HQ1735.2.Z563 2002



Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
The website of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) with a profile, an overview of services, details about currency and daily financial news.

Country Analysis Brief: Iran
This U.S. Energy Information Administration profile looks at production and consumption.

Country Study: Iran
Published by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress, this extensive country profile was updated in 2008.

Encyclopaedia Iranica
Published by Columbia University's Center for Iranian Studies, this online encyclopedia focuses on the study of Iranian civilization.

GlobalEDGE: Iran
A database of the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. The site provides statistics, economic and political overviews and guides for doing business in the country.

Human Rights Watch: Iran
Amnesty International: Iran
Human rights news and reports.

IAEA & Iran
Reports and documentation from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The Iran Primer
A U.S. Institute of Peace online publication covering political, economic and security issues.

Iran Sanctions
An overview of U.S. economic sanctions against Iran from the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Iranian Review of Foreign Affairs
Published by the Institute for Strategic Research in Tehran. This peer reviewed journal covers global and regional affairs.

Islamic Republic of Iran and the IMF
Financial news and reports from the International Monetary Fund.

NTI Country Profile: Iran
The Nuclear Threat Initiative provides a good overview of weapons development and capability including treaties and official documents.

RAND: Iran
RAND commentaries and reports are available through the website. Some books are available for free download.

Tehran Bureau
An independent virtual news bureau. The website is hosted by PBS Frontline.

World Factbook: Iran
Country profile published by the CIA. Updated annually.