In our print Reference Collection:

Documents on the Arab-Israeli Conflict
KZ6795.A72D63 2005

The Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: a Political, Social and Military History
DS119.7.E5653 2008

Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
DS119.7.E568 2010

Historical Dictionary of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
DS119.7.K85 2006

A Survey of Arab-Israeli Relations
DS119.7.S93 2004


In our DVD Collection:

5 Broken Cameras
DS119.76.F58 2013

9 Star Hotel
DS113.7.N564 2007


PN1997.2.A536 2010

DS119.76.B838 2011

The Color of Olives
DS113.7.C65 2008

Diameter of the Bomb: a Documentary
HV6433.I75D533 2007

Elusive Peace: Israel and the Arabs
DS113.7.E487 2005

Encounter Point
DS119.76.E53 2007

Jenin Jenin & Since You Left: Two Documentaries by Mohammad Bakri
DS113.7.J46 2010

DS119.76.M865 2005

Occupied Minds: a Palestinian-Israeli Journey Beyond Hope and Despair
DS119.76.O338 2008

Paradise Now
HV6433.P25PP373 2006

Until When...
DS119.76.U585 2004

Yadun Ilah¯iyah
DS119.76.Y336 2005



Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Palestine
Reports and commentary.

International Crisis Group: Israel/Palestine
News, commentary, and reports.

Israel and the Palestinian Territories
This site features publications of the United States Institute of Peace.

Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture