In the print Reference Collection:

Encyclopedia of Global Population and Demographics
HB871.N43 1998

Encyclopedia of Population
HB871.E538 2003

World Population Ageing
HQ0161.W673 2009

World Population Policies

World Population Prospects


In the Periodical Collection:

Journal of Population Economics
Population and Development Review
Population and Environment
Population Bulletin
Population Ecology



International population and aging statistics published by AARP International.

Population Reference Bureau
A research organization that publishes research papers and data relating to reproductive health, children and families, population and environment, and other population issues.

United Nations Population Division
Many of the Population Division's publications are available as free downloads via this website.  The Population Database provides historical, current and forecast population statistics.  The World Migrant Stock database has both current and historical immigration and refugee statistics.

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
News and publications of the UNFPA, including the annual publication State of World Population.