In our Print Reference Collection:

A Chronological History of the European Union, 1946-2001
HC240.V258 2002

Diccionario de la Unión Europea
JN30.A465 2000

A Dictionary of the European Union
JN30.P495 2013

Eurojargon: a Dictionary of European Union Acronyms, Abbreviations and Sobriquets
JN30.R25 2000

Europa von A bis Z
HC241.E776 2011

The European Union: Annual Review

The European Union Encyclopedia and Directory
HC241.2.E8644 2010

European Yearbook

General Report on the Activities of the European Union

A Glossary of the European Union
JN30.J55 2008

Guide de l'Europe des 15
HC241.2.B86 2002

Historical Dictionary of the European Union
JN15.R75 2006

The JCMS Annual Review of the European Union in 2009
JN26.E875 2009

Les mots de l'Europe: lexique de l'intégration européenne
JN30.G77 2001

Les mots de l'Union européenne: droit, intitutions, politique
JN30.F48 2004

The Penguin Companion to European Union
JN30.B245 2012


In our Print Periodical Collection:

European Voice
(European Voice



Centre for European Reform
UK-based think tank.

Multilingual news from the European Union.

The website of the European Union is the portal to a wide variety of information, documentation and publications of the EU.

Europe's World
An online quarterly journal with articles contributed by researchers and leaders in Europe.  Topics range from political to social and economic issues.

A digital collection of images, text, audio and video from museums, archives and libraries.

News site.

Network of European Union Centers of Excellence (EUCE)
A consortium of 10 research centers based at universities in the U.S.  This website links to each of the centers, providing access to publications, lectures, etc. of each of the institutions.

Notre Europe
Founded by Jacques Delors, Notre Europe is a research organization based in France.

Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute
The research center focuses on governance, migration, economic policy, energy policy, and international relations.  Working and research papers available in full text.

Robert Schuman Foundation
A research center based in France.  Their website includes some access to electronic publications.

Toute l'
News and information about the European Union.

The World Factbook: European Union
A good overview of history, structure, activities and member of the EU published.  Updated annually.