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Dave’s ESL Cafe
Are you learning English as a second language and finding it confusing? This site offers many links on lots of different aspects of language acquisition. You can also find links to forums and chats to help improve your speaking skills.

English as a Second Language
A starting point for ESL learners who want to study English through the Web, periodically updated by Rong Chang Li. Lots of resources for listening, speaking, reading and writing. You must have a soundcard and some kind of sound engine on your machine to get the best use out of this page.

English as a Second Language
Hundreds of links for ESL students compiled as part of Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab.

English as a Second Language
Links to online resources for students and learners of English as a Second Language funded by the National Institute for Literacy.

Links of interest to students & teachers of English as a Second Language, maintained by the Internet TESL Journal.

Topics: An Online Magazine for Learners of English
In this online magazine, "Learners of English as a second language express their ideas and opinions on topics of interest to them." Includes a wide variety of international perspectives on travel, food, learning English, movies, books, family, customs, and more.