With 17 computer workstations, full access to the campus wireless network, and remote access to subscription databases and journals, the Library is the hub for online research on campus.


Computing, Photocopiers, and Conference Equipment

Library Computing

Library computing facilities, comprising all computers, servers, and printers, are shared by the MIIS community. Please be considerate and protect our facilities and equipment from abuse.

Library Desktop Use

Library desktop computers are for use by Monterey Institute students, faculty, staff and alumni only.  Academic and research use of a library public desktop computer takes priority.  

Library iPad Use

Library iPads are to be used for library instruction, staff training and library business only.


Guest Wireless Password

IT manages the guest password for the campus wireless network.  Library staff will give this guest password to current students, alums and Middlebury visitors only.


Subscription Database, Electronic Journal and Electronic Book Use

License agreements for online databases, e-journals, and e-books allow for use by current Monterey Institute students, faculty and staff only.



There are two photocopiers on the first floor of the library. Machines accept coins, currency or vendacards. Copies are $.10 when using coins or currency, $.08 when using a vendacard.

Vendacards may be purchased from the front desk. A blank (no copies) card is $1.00. Copy credits must be added to blank card before use. Additional copies may be added to a card at either of the copiers. A refund of $1.00 will be given for a card in good condition that is no longer needed.



The library has 2 flat-bed scanners for use by current MIIS students, faculty and staff.


Videoconference Equipment

Videoconference equipment is available in the Fletcher Jones Instructional Lab.  Please email library@miis.edu to reserve the room.  Videoconference equipment may be reserved through Media Services.