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Wei Liu

Wei Liu

Summer Intensive Chinese Language Coordinator

Wei Liu is currently a preceptor at Harvard University, where she teaches advanced business Chinese. Since 2005, she has also taught Chinese at Brown, Wesleyan, and Duke.

A native of the People’s Republic of China, she got her Ph.D. in Political Science in Education at China Capital Normal University in Beijing. Her dissertation topic, The Confucius Institute’s Cultural Soft Power Role, reflects her background in Chinese politics and culture. She went on to develop and teach a course on the Transformation of Beijing at Middlebury College in 2010.

When Wei took the position as SILP Chinese program director at the Institute in 2013, she brought strong, proven Chinese language teaching skills, enhanced by her familiarity with Communicative Language teaching theory, content-based curriculum design, and the use of authentic materials. At the same time, her deep knowledge of Chinese politics, history, and society provides rich cultural context to her language instruction.

“My role is to establish conditions and develop activities so that students are able to practice language in a meaningful context,” she says. “Learning a language is like learning to swim or play the piano. I firmly believe that practice is critically important for mastering a new language.”

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