Program Descriptions

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We offer intensive language instruction in five languages ranging from elementary to advanced-levels.

Course Curriculum

The program offers a well-rounded curriculum that allows students to acquire and strengthen reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, develop lexical and cultural knowledge of the target language, and develop fluency through an integrated skills-based and content-based approach to learning.

Classes are in session 4.5 hours per day, from 9:00AM to 12:00PM and 1:00PM to 2:30PM. In addition to the daily in-class work, students should expect 4-5 hours of homework each night. Recommended tutoring sessions and co-curricular activities are also offered each week. 

The demanding nature of this program requires students' full commitment, and we strongly discourage participants from working or taking other classes during the course of the program.

Core Component

The three morning hours make up the Core Component, in which students focus on structural and lexical acquisition and competency through communicative student-centered tasks. The core component is supported by a textbook to help students follow the course curriculum and to strengthen their skills through self-study out of class. Supplemental materials accompany the text to provide varied and interesting course content.

Fluency Component

The afternoon sessions make up the Fluency Component, which offers the student a topic-driven approach to learning aimed at improving fluency. Content areas relevant to the target culture are introduced as a means to promote discussion and stimulate project-based learning at all levels. Textbooks are not used in the Fluency Component, but rather a variety of authentic real-life resources are employed to encourage a holistic understanding of the target language and culture. Critical thinking in the target language is especially emphasized in this part of the curriculum.


For more information about each of the programs offered, please visit the language-specific pages linked in the right side bar of this page.