Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Tuition & Fees

Required costs, expenses, scholarships and financial aid available for the Summer Intensive Language Programs.

Program Costs

Program Tuition $4,175

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Estimated Additional Expenses

Housing and Food* $3200*
Health Insurance** $895**
Personal Expenses $400
Transportation $375
Books and Supplies $100 - $200

* The range for housing and food is an estimate for the cost of renting a room in an apartment or house, studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartment. Utilities and other housing expenses may not be included.

** See Health Insurance, below

Health Insurance

All students attending classes at the Institute are required to show proof of health insurance. Obtaining health insurance through MIIS is optional, however, students who do not have proof of insurance will be required to enroll into the Institute’s health insurance program. If you are covered by a personal health care plan during the summer, then you will need to "waive" the insurance option online. Visit the following page of the Office of Student Services to waive OR enroll into the MIIS insurance plan.

To waive out of the MIIS insurance plan, please visit the website for the Office of Student Services. If you are an incoming MIIS graduate student you can enroll in the MIIS insurance plan using the same website. If you are not an incoming MIIS graduate student and you would like to enroll in our MIIS monthly or session insurance plan, please contact our office at languages@miis.edu or 831-647-4115.

Personal Expenses

The estimated student budget (above) does not include all expenses such as credit card or other consumer debt and living expenses for a spouse and/or dependents. The category of personal expenses includes laundry, household supplies, and entertainment. You should prepare a personal budget to anticipate your financial needs.

Scholarship & Financial Aid Information

Funding Tuition with Scholarships

A scholarship can be from an outside organization or your home institution. Please provide a copy of your scholarship award letter with your application. See our page of External Scholarship Resources.

Funding Tuition with Financial Aid

Financial aid can be from government or private loans. Please provide confirmation that you will be receiving these funds. Confirmation can consist of a Financial Aid award letter or a statement from the loan vendor.

Submission of Scholarships & Financial Aid Information

For Online Applications send your award/financial aid letter to us via:

Note: If you are reliant on receiving a scholarship or financial aid for SILP, please complete the necessary documentation BEFORE applying to SILP. Those receiving a scholarship or financial aid are still required to pay the $50 application fee and $200 non-refundable tuition deposit.

If you have questions about Financial Aid availability and offers, please email the Office of Financial Aid finaid@miis.edu or call 831-647-4119.

Classes in any language may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. In the case of cancellation, applicants will be notified by May 6. If your class is cancelled due to low enrollment or because an appropriate level of study is not available, you will receive a full refund.

*Dates and fees are subject to change.


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