Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

FAQs List

Does SILP have a language pledge?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: In our intensive program, we take a 90/10 approach to language, which means that the target language is spoken 90% of the time on average. While students may choose to speak English during all out-of-class hours, many students actually elect to continue using their language of study in the evenings, especially when they are at our higher levels. Additionally, much of our estimated 3-5 hours of homework will require full usage of the language, including some homework that is completed in small groups or with partners. That said, we have no way to enforce the use of target language outside the classroom during student’s personal lives, so students are free to use English outside of program-sponsored activities, tutoring, and class.

Who are the participants in the program?

Participants are from many different backgrounds. Many are undergraduate or graduate students at universities around the US while others are teachers, business professionals, travelers, and other language enthusiasts.

Do I receive credit for participating in the program?

Participants who complete the program can receive 8 semester units of undergraduate credit. However, it is required that students check with their advisors at their home institution regarding the acceptance of credits. It is also the responsibility of the student to request transcripts online through the Records Office.

Who are the instructors in the program?

All instructors are native or near-native speakers of the language and are highly experienced language instructors.

Do I have to live in Monterey? Do I have to stay in Monterey over the weekends?

Since the program takes place at the Institute, we do recommend that you reside in Monterey or in the surrounding area during your participation in the program. It is not necessary to stay in Monterey over the weekends unless there is an excursion or activity that has been planned with the class that you would like to attend.

Does the Institute have on-campus housing or dormitories for SILP students?

The Institute does not have on-campus housing or dormitories available for students. This can cause some dismay for Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP) participants, but not to worry! There are several options available for summer housing.

SILP Housing GuideSummer Intensive Language Program Housing Guide

  • Option 1: Summer sublet

Many of the Master’s degree candidates spend their summers traveling, completing internships, or working for organizations related to their program and sublet their apartments or rooms during that time.

  • Option 2: MIIS Housing Website

The Institute now maintains an Off-Campus housing website for all of its enrolled students. There are many local property owners who list their apartments, studios, and rooms-for-rent with the Institute. Due to the nature of housing at MIIS and the landlords’ familiarity with the flow of our student body there is typically a good assortment of short-term rentals available in the summer.

  • Option 3: Hotel Accommodations

Another option for summer students is to arrange hotel accommodations for the duration of your stay in Monterey. There is a list of hotels that have accommodated MIIS students during the summer months with special rates for extended stays available on the website. Some good hotels/inns to start with are the Vagabond Inn, Howard Johnson Express, and El Adobe Inn. Please see the website for the complete list.

What application materials do I have to submit?

You will need to submit the completed application with the accompanying $50 application fee, academic transcript(s), and complete an online preliminary placement test. Instructions and links for completing the preliminary placement test will be emailed to applicants within 2-3 business days of submitting the online application. Your application packet is complete only after submitting the online preliminary placement test.

Please note that the summer program application is separate from the graduate school application and must be completed and turned in by all SILP participants. Incoming MIIS students complete a separate MIIS Student Form to waive the $50 application fee. Please visit our Apply page to learn more.

Can my child/teenager participate in the program? What are the age requirements?

Participants in Language & Professional Programs at MIIS have to be at least 16 years of age by the start of the program. Participants under the age of 18 must provide proof that they are in custody of a relative or legal guardian living in the local area. Under-age participants are also required to submit two letters of recommendation, one from a language teacher and one from an advisor or counselor, attesting to their fitness for intensive language study.

How can I seek employment as an instructor for the Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP)?

Applications for SILP employment will be accepted through our on-line application process starting December through March before each summer program begins. Please apply on the Human Resources webpage.

Can I work or take other classes while I am in the program?

Since the program is very intensive requiring 4.5 hours in class per day and 3-5 hours of homework each night, it is not feasible for student to attend SILP while working or attending other classes.

Are tutors available to help with homework and assignments outside of class?

Each language program will have a tutor who will be available for help outside of class every week.

Instructors are available to answer students' questions by appointment.

In addition to class instruction, what opportunities for language practice are available to me?

Co-curricular activities will be arranged on the weekends and occasional weeknights, providing students with the opportunity to speak with native speakers of the target language of their course. Activities are designed to provide real-world opportunities to apply concepts that are learned in the classroom. There is also a Conversation Partner Program, but it is limited to space and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Weekly tutoring is available and encouraged, free of charge, to all participants.

When do I have classes?

Classes are scheduled Monday - Friday for 4.5 hours, mornings from 9:00AM to 12:00PM and afternoons from 1:00PM to 2:30PM, with a lunch break between 12:00PM and 1:00PM. Please remember that students may receive 3-5 hours of homework per night.

How do I know what level I am?

An online preliminary placement test must be submitted by each applicant to complete your application packet. You will need to follow the instructions for completing the online test, which will be emailed to you after submitting an online application.

This test has been designed to give you and the program a preliminary idea of your language level; however, they do not replace the Placement Exams that you will be required to take on the first day of the program during orientation. Language coordinators will place you into the appropriate level according to your Placement Exam results.

When and how do I find out if I have been admitted into the program?

Admission into the Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP) is based on interest in, motivation for language study, and academic readiness. However, our goal is to make language and culture study accessible to everyone who is interested in it, and we assume that applying to the program is evidence of this interest. Thus, in general, all applicants who submit the required materials and meet the level of academic readiness are accepted into the program if space permits.

After the preliminary placement test has been completed, we will notify the applicant of an admissions decision in approximately two weeks.

What level of proficiency will I achieve after one full summer session?

The 8 week program is the equivalent of one academic year of study. With adequate time spent outside of class on homework, with the language tutors, and participating in co-curricular activities, a significant amount of progress is expected. Individual progress will depend on a variety of factors: your effort, hours of homework completed, language background, facility with learning languages, etc. If you have further questions about progress, levels, or proficiency, please contact languages@miis.edu.

Is financial aid available?

Many of the program participants apply for alternative education loans through our Office of Student Financial Planning in order to cover program cost and other expenses. Federal student loans are only available to those MIIS students required to take the summer program as part of a prerequisite to their graduate program. Further information is available by contacting the Financial Aid Office directly at finaid@miis.edu or by phone at 831-647-4119.