Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP) Diagnostic Tests

The purpose of the diagnostic test is to inform both SILP participants and language coordinators regarding target language proficiency levels. It is very important that you do NOT get any assistance when taking this test.  It is for general pre-grouping purposes and does not replace a formal placement test at Student Orientation.

Please download the appropriate diagnostic test, complete the test at your leisure, and use the enclosed answer key to determine your score. Your diagnostic test score must be submitted with your completed application.

SILP Japanese Diagnostic: applicants for the Japanese summer program should put a zero as their diagnostic test score. Professor Naoko Matsuo will contact all applicants regarding pre-arrival level determination.

Please note: The results of the diagnostic tests are solely for the purpose of self-assessment and level estimation prior to the program. All applicants are required to submit a diagnostic score with their application (except absolute beginners and Japanese program applicants, see note above). In addition to the pre-arrival diagnostic, SILP participants will be required to take a placement test on Orientation Day. Absolute beginners are not required to take the placment but are required to attend both the general orientation and the language-specific orientation. They will be dismissed prior to the administration of the placement test.

Final Placement

Final placement in a particular level of language study is determined by performance on written and/or oral placement examinations/evaluations administered on the first day of the program. By applying for admission, the student indicates acceptance of the placement deemed appropriate by the Summer Intensive Language Program faculty.