The ultimate goal of the Middlebury-Monterey Summer Intensive College English Program is to give international students confidence in their ability to succeed at an American college or university.

Our Approach

The foundation of our program is specialized English for Academic Purposes courses that focus on the language skills and strategies necessary to thrive in an academic environment. The core curriculum consists of skills-based courses in writing, reading, listening and speaking. In addition to this focused attention on individual language skills, the Middlebury-Monterey approach also emphasizes the integration of skills by asking students to perform tasks that mirror authentic language use. Each week classroom instruction focuses on a theme related to the undergraduate majors that participants will study in their bachelor’s degrees. Weekly themes may include science and the environment, U.S. law and history, English music and literature, and technology and engineering. Using each week’s theme, teachers incorporate authentic texts taken from news sources, Internet sites, and college textbooks for both in-class activities and homework.

Core Courses

In the Writing for the College Classroom (2.0 units for students enrolled in Session 1) course, students hone their ability to write in the genres expected of college students – particularly essays and research papers. They also focus on how to receive, give, and incorporate feedback on their writing, using the writing process to produce drafts and revise their work. Additionally, students learn how to properly locate and cite academic sources, as well as how to avoid plagiarism.

Complementing the writing course, students learn how to tackle the heavy reading load of college courses in Reading Strategies & Vocabulary Development. In this course, students learn how to expand their comprehension of the most frequently used vocabulary in the academic environment and use strategies for decoding unfamiliar words that they come across. The end goal is to arm students with tools and study skills that they will be able to use on their own after they complete their summer program.

The ability to digest the content of the lectures is also a critical factor in student success in academic courses. The Active Listening & Note Taking course guides students in what to listen for in the discourse of academic lectures as well provides them with note-taking tips that help them get the most out of their classroom experience.

Finally, the four skills are rounded out with emphasis on Academic Discussion & Presentation (2.0 units for students enrolled in Session 1). Students gain confidence in their ability to participate in class, including strategies for asking questions, stating opinions, and disagreeing in pragmatically appropriate ways. Likewise, students learn how to design and conduct effective formal and informal presentations for a variety of purposes.

College Life Seminars

There is more to succeeding at college than just passing academic coursework. To truly succeed, a host of other factors come into play. Therefore, students participate in weekly College Life Seminars that focus on the challenges that international students face. Workshops topics include how to socialize and make American friends, how to deal with culture shock, how to handle stress and stay healthy, among others.

Co-Curricular Activities and Field Trips

Unlike typical intensive English programs, the unique feature of the Middlebury-Monterey Summer Intensive College English program is that participants are immersed in the English language and American culture 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The program includes a host of co-curricular activities that take language learning outside of the classroom. Students join clubs based on their personal interests, ranging from cooking and soccer, to theater and photography. Program participants also have encounters with “real English” through local excursions in and around Newport, as well as day trips to New York City and Boston.

Earning Transfer Credit

Students who successfully complete and pass their core classes in Session 1 (6-week session) can earn up to 4.0 semester units as outlined in the course descriptions above. It will be up to the transferring institution whether or not this coursework will be eligible for transfer credit. We advise students to check with the academic adviser at their home institution regarding the acceptance of credits. Please note that successful completion of courses in the Middlebury-Monterey Summer Intensive College English Program will not automatically be accepted as credit by Middlebury College or the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Students who are interested in obtaining transfer credit may request transcripts from the Monterey Institute's Records Office upon completion of their program.