Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

EPGS students attend 23 hours of instruction per week. Additionally, students meet individually with the program writing tutor to get personalized feedback on their assignments. 

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AM Academic Research & Writing
Reading Strategies & Vocabulary Development
Academic Research & Writing Reading Strategies & Vocabulary Development


Life Skills Workshop

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Tutoring by appointment
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Active Listening Strategies
Academic Discussion & Presentation Active Listening Strategies Academic Discussion & Presentation Tutoring by appointment
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Academic Research & Writing

The ability to write effectively in English is the foundation for a successful academic career. The purpose of this course is to help you build the confidence and the skills necessary to be a successful writer in your master’s degree courses and in your professional life. In this course you will increase your ability to synthesize the ideas of past and contemporary authors, and add your own unique perspective. You will be held to the highest degree of academic honesty and learn to avoid plagiarism by refining your ability to refer to others’ ideas through summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting. You will also practice the specific skills related to basic academic writing genre such as research papers, literature reviews, and critical essays, and in the process you will increase your fluency and accuracy in written English.

Reading Strategies & Vocabulary Development

Reading is a fundamental skill that is necessary in order to excel in an academic setting where you will be required to read, analyze, and understand a vast amount of information everyday. In this course you will learn important strategies to help you become a faster and more critical reader as well as increase your ability to make predictions, infer meanings from context, and significantly expand your vocabulary. You will be required to read many different subjects from many different viewpoints, make your own opinions based on facts, and synthesize several different articles. A large part of this course will also be devoted to expanding your vocabulary and helping you develop the necessary skills for continuously adding to your own English vocabulary throughout your graduate studies.

Active Listening Strategies

Listening is not a passive skill; it requires attention and concentration. An effective listener combines both analytic and holistic approaches at the same time. An analytic approach concentrates on identifying “pieces” of language that lead to word recognition, and a holistic approach utilizes your background knowledge and experience to aid in comprehension of new material. The goal of this course is to increase your knowledge of both analytic and holistic strategies used to improve listening comprehension through concentrating on the differences in listening genre such as, conversations, lectures, meetings, conferences, news, and other media. Once you understand the organization of these speech acts it is much easier to apply your listening strategies effectively.

Academic Discussion & Presentation

The ability to present oneself well in a public setting is an important aspect of life in higher education. Therefore, this course is designed to help increase confidence and effectiveness in giving presentations in academic settings. Students will give speeches and presentations individually and with a group in order to provide practice in research, oral communication, and interaction in English. Students will also participate in and practice academic classroom discussions and debates. These discussions will focus on developing critical thinking and debate skills vital to building and expressing informed opinions on important controversial topics.

Graduate Life Skills Workshop

Friday morning workshops address additional aspects of graduate student life that are outside or supplemental to the classroom. These sessions introduce students to community resources and campus resources such as Students Services, the Digital Learning Commons, and the Center for Advising & Career Services.