Meet Our Team

Our staff of experienced, involved program administrators  and  purpose-trained language instructors is dedicated to finding the right program for you and supporting you all the way through.

Who We Are and What We Do

The Language and Professional Programs team is here to  explain  what  makes the Monterey Institute’s approach to language  attainment different and special, and how we can create a course of study  that addresses your specific needs.  It’s not a matter of fitting you into  a pre-packaged program; it’s about fitting a program for you.

The student comes first; that’s the way at Monterey.

<p>Patricia Szasz</p>
Patricia Szasz
Assistant Dean

Language and Professional Programs, Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education


<p>Katie Dutcher</p>
Katie Dutcher
Assistant Director
Intensive English Programs
<p>Alicia Brent</p>
Alicia Brent


Intensive and Custom Language Programs


<p>Alisyn Henneck</p>
Alisyn Hennick

Enrollment Marketing Manager

Language and Professional Programs


<p>Patricia Montanez</p>

Trish Aportela

Administrative Assistant

Language and Professional Programs