Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Weekly Schedule

ESL Classroom

Class sizes are small, which means students receive individualized attention from instructors.

ESL students attend 20.5 hours of instruction per week during the academic year and 25.5 during the summer session.

Placement tests are administered during program orientation. Students are then placed into core classes that focus on Oral Communication, Reading & Vocabulary, and Writing & Grammar. The fourth course will be a content course or TOEFL iBT preparation (if students test into the appropriate level). Content courses combine relevant subject matter with integrated language skills and critical thinking. A different content course is offered each session.

Course Descriptions

Writing & Grammar

In this course, students develop their writing skills and grammar knowledge. At all levels, students learn how to write cohesively and coherently using an American academic style of writing. They learn to use more accurate grammar in communication.

Reading & Vocabulary

In this course, students expand their vocabulary and develop strategies for understanding new words. As students read different texts, they improve their reading skills by focusing on various reading strategies, as well as speed and fluency.

Oral Communication

In this speaking and listening course, students learn useful language and communication strategies for daily life, as well as academic and professional settings.

Content or TOEFL iBT Preparation

Each session, students attend one content course in addition to the core courses listed above. This course focuses on a subject such as intercultural communication, career exploration, American culture and politics, digital and media literacy, or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT) preparation. In content courses, students focus on the main topic while developing their critical thinking skills and practicing their language skills. A different subject is offered each session, along with TOEFL preparation, which is offered every session.

Weekly Schedule of Classes

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