The Monterey Institute's Custom Language Services designs and arranges intensive language and intercultural training for diplomats at various levels of expertise. We offer on-site or off-site language programs, intensive workshops, distance learning options, and consulting services for ministries and governments. 

Instructional Approach

Our diplomat programs incorporate a wide range of field-specific content and terminology through a practical, real-world  approach to language and intercultural communications training using a content-based instructional model(CBI). Programs offer instruction in both one-on-one, as well as group environments.

Content courses and workshops in negotiation, conflict resolution, conference presentation and intercultural communications are integrated with topics such as trade and policy studies, environment and green energy, sustainable development, as well as commerce and social entrepreneurship as part of a comprehensive curriculum. 

Consulting Services

Our consulting services include on-site (in-country) program and curriculum development for private, government and non-profit organizations. We offer: needs assessment, program design, curriculum development, teacher training, and program evaluation. Please contact use for more information.


Group workshops in  English for Diplomatic Negotiations, English for Conference Presentation, and Intercultural Communication Skills are offered in an intensive format. These workshops can function independently or be used as primers for extended study. Workshops take place in various locations including our Washington DC site and on campus in Monterey, CA. Please contact us if you would like more information on our intensive workshops.


Our E-learning programs target specific skill sets such as English for Diplomatic Negotiations and Conference Presentation Skills. These online programs can incorporate both independent online coursework (asynchronous), as well as online classroom instruction (synchronous) and serve as useful components to a government training program or a stand-alone experience.

Program Options in Monterey, CA

At our Monterey campus, we offer a variety of programs with unique learning environments designed specifically for the diplomats:

Customized Training for Diplomats: One-on-one or small groups

These programs offer  a fully tailored approach to instruction where learners can define their program objectives and focus on what they need to reach their professional and personal goals. Programs provide a flexible schedule, open program dates, and a completely customized curriculum.

Language Offerings Include Critical and Emerging Economy Languages, as well as Less-Commonly-Taught Languages: English, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Farsi, Dari, Indonesian, Thai, etc.

  • 60 hour minimum
  • No minimum language requirement
  • Hybrid distance-learning options available

Integrated Academic Program for Diplomats (One-on-one, small groups)

This semester- or academic-year-long program is designed for participants with a high level of language proficiency who wish to fine-tune their language skills in simulations and authentic interactions at the graduate level. This program integrates skills-based language instruction with graduate-level content-based coursework such as international policy and diplomacy, trade and commerce, environment and energy, and sustainable development providing participants opportunities to interact with graduate students and faculty who are working directly in the field of diplomacy and international relations.

  • 1-2 academic semesters
  • Minimum language requirement 100+ TOEFL iBT (600+PBT) or equivalent
  • This program in offered in English,  Russian and Arabic, as well as dual languages (programs in Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese may also be possible).

Integrated Small-Group Custom Program for Diplomats:

This semester- or academic-year-long program offers a unique opportunity for participants to hone a range of field-specific language skills in a curriculum tailored to the needs of professionals in the diplomatic sector with mid-level  language proficiency. Coursework is designed based on the needs of the participants. Common skill areas are negotiations, presentation, and intercultural communication.

  • 1-2 academic semesters
  • Minimum language requirement 65-100+ TOEFL iBT (500-600+ PBT) or equivalent
  • Must enroll as a group and have similar language levels
  • This program in offered in English and Arabic, as well as dual-language options (programs in Spanish and French may also be possible).

Please contact Language and Professional Programs for an application.

For information about curriculum development and off-site programs, please contact the Director of Program and Partnership Development at 831-647-6541.