Each custom language program is unique in terms of curriculum, program content, and scheduling. To provide insight into the various types of programs we have set up over the years, here are a few examples:

Sample Program 1: Custom training in Russian for a client in the oil industry

Program Length: 90 hours, 3 weeks
Schedule: 6 hours/day, Monday - Friday
Program Level: Introductory Russian Language
Program Foci: Basic grammar & vocabulary; conversation & writing practice; introduction to Russian culture and life

Sample Program 2: Custom training in Arabic for 2 clients preparing for a career in international relations

Program Length:  480 hours, 30 weeks (over the course of one year)
Schedule: 4 hours/day, Monday - Friday
Program Level: Intermediate level Arabic
Program Foci: grammar and vocabulary, conversation & writing practice, preparation for proficiency test

Sample Program 3: Custom training in French for a client preparing for travel to Paris

Program Length:  60 hours
Schedule: 4 hours/week, twice a week
Program Level: Survival French 
Program Foci: communication practice in survival language, basic grammar structures, intro to French culture, food and people, etc.

Sample Program 4: Custom training in Mandarin Chinese for 2 translators employed by the government

Program Length:  80 hours; 4 weeks
Schedule: 4 hours/day, Monday - Friday,
Program Level: (1) Basic translation principles and strategies (2) Overall language proficiency training (advanced level)
Program  Foci: Analysis and discussion of new shows and news articles on a variety of topics, literary writing. Translation exercises, text analysis and discussion of content, vocabulary expansion through glossaries, syntax analysis, etc