Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Global Companies

CLS prepares high-potential managers and executives to engage effectively in multi-cultural and multi-lingual business environments.


Our high-impact approach to curriculum design and instruction emphasizes the development of practical skills for international business. Clients can focus on communication skills that are at the core of successful global business exchanges such as negotiations, relationship building, meetings and presentations, as well as organizational and conflict management in multi-cultural contexts. Coursework offers immersive experiences combining critical language skills development with simulations in content areas such as finance and economics, commerce, import/export control, oil and gas, agriculture, hospitality, media and public relations, green energy, cyber security, and emerging technologies.

Industry content is drawn from relevant, real-world situations and can include expert interviews and guest speaker series that help professionals use their skills to communicate deftly and persuasively in a variety of professional contexts. Our goal is to empower professionals with global skills and a mindset that embraces the complexities of a multi-cultural and multi-lingual marketplace.

Industry-Specific Curriculum Design

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Below are examples of business skill sets that require a high level of nuanced communication. At CLS, we build language and cross-cultural communication programs around such contexts and set them into industry-specific environments to help maximize learning outcomes.

  • Customer Relations
  • Conflict Management
  • Business Negotiation
  • Supplier Management
  • Cross-Border Relationship Building
  • Employee Relations
  • Business Culture and Etiquette
  • Business Presentations
  • Partnership Building
  • Competitive Bargaining
  • Domain-Specific Terminology

Custom Programs

The following are examples of custom programs developed around industry-specific contexts with a focus on skills sets critical to international business communication.

*Note: the following are not open-enrollment programs

US-China Intercultural Business Communication - English or Chinese
4 modules: Intermediate; Advanced Intermediate; Advanced levels
This program was designed for business professionals working across borders between China and the US. Participants engage in simulations analyzing real-world business issues, investigating the cross-cultural differences in business and government organization, and strategizing for applying business skills in the target language.

Communication Skills for Building Global Relationships - English, Spanish, French, or Chinese
3-week program, 3-day intensive workshop, or online option; Intermediate to Advanced level
This course is designed to build clients’ self-confidence in English, Spanish, French, or Chinese for communicating effectively in cross-cultural groups. Learn the appropriate language for meetings, interactions, relationship building, team building, people management and collaborative problem-solving customized to specific industries and business sectors – for example, knowledge and technology industries, agriculture, manufacturing, and construction.

Business Negotiations for Non-Native Speakers of English
3-day workshop; High-Intermediate to Advanced Levels
This simulation-based workshop integrates high-level language skills for negotiation with explicit cross-cultural communication training. The course is designed for non-native speakers of English to hone negotiation skills in international business environments

Cross-Cultural Communications for Managers and Executives:
3-5 day workshop modules; designed for native and high-level non-native speakers of English
Module 1: Building Cultural Intelligence in High-Potential Leaders
Module 2: Multi-Cultural Team Building in a Virtual Environment
Module 3: Leading Global Teams: Understanding the cultural matrix
Module 4: Conflict Management in Multi-Cultural Settings