Hispanic Studies

Browse course samples and faculty profiles for Spanish language study within our graduate programs.

Professor Porras' business Spanish class goes to Chile during spring break for a "green" business networking and immersive language learning experience.

Sample Spanish Courses

Contemporary Language & Culture 
HS 310

Designed to provide advanced level students practical applications for school and work situations. Explores daily aspects of Spanish life and culture.

The Hispanic World Today
HS 370 
Examines the Hispanic world as it is today, geographically, socially, and economically. Develops correct usage in contemporary Spanish through the reinforcement of reading and speaking abilities.
Introduction to Business Spanish
HS 480

Developed for advanced students of Spanish who are interested in pursuing a career in the world of marketing, finance, management or accounting. Provides future professionals with the necessary linguistic, cultural and situational practice needed to be successful in the world of international business.

Rhetoric of Negotiations
HS 491
Advanced, intensive oral practice of professional Spanish through the use of presentations, debates, games and simulations of commercial and political negotiations

Hispanic Studies Faculty 

Sean Curran

Adjunct Faculty

Office: McCone Cubicle 8
Email: scurran@miis.edu
Phone: (831)-647-4185


I have completed postgraduate studies in didactics and linguistics in the Spanish Basque Country. I currently teach content-based Spanish language classes related to social justice, history, Latin American history, US-Latin American policy, international trade, economics, and international relations. I learned to speak Spanish and Basque fluently while living in Spain and teaching ESL(English as a Second Language).  Because of my strong belief in both grammar fundamentals and immersion, I also lived and worked in Puerto Rico and Chile--where my love for the ocean and Spanish combined beautifully. 

Gabriel Guillén

Assistant Professor

Office: 400 Pacific D207
Email: gaguillen@miis.edu
Phone: (831)-647-3085


My main area of expertise is second language development & technology. In particular, my dissertation focuses on Language Learning Social Networks (LLSNs) and the interchange of languages as part of the curriculum. In this field I like to see myself not only as a researcher but also as a practitioner, relentlessly willing to improve and develop spaces and resources for open online language learning. Other areas of research and professional experience include journalism, study abroad, web development, sociolinguistics, and film studies. 

María Jesús Iglesias-Barca


Office: McCone Building 125
Email: miglesiasbarca@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.6500


Spanish grammar and composition, Spanish advanced conversation

Stephanie Lain

Adjunct Professor

Office: Cubicle 3, McCone
Email: slain@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.6505


First and second language development, practical phonetics, Hispanic linguistics

Sabino Morera

Assistant Professor

Office: McGowan Building 200B
Email: smorera@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.6662


Spanish-English translation, English and Spanish linguistics, Language and Translation Pedagogy

Pablo Oliva

Assistant Professor

Office: IIRC Building
Email: pablo.oliva@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.4173


Spanish language and culture, Latin American culture and society, language teaching pedagogy, second language acquisition (SLA), curriculum design