Monterey Institute of International Studies

The placement test you are about to take is a tool for us to quickly assess your level (what you can currently do with the language) and needs (what areas you are strong, needs improvement, etc.), so that we may advise you and help you choose the most appropriate language course(s) best suited for you.

Please remember that proficiency is what you can currently do in the language—read, write, speak, and listen, and not the number of years of study or number of courses you have taken in the past.

This online test is only a portion of the placement test—there will be oral interview test scheduled during orientation week for the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese and Russian.  After you submit your written test, you will be contacted by email and assigned a day and time for your oral interview. 

Please be on the lookout of the oral interview day & time announcement coming via email following the submission of this written test. 

Testing Codes (please write this code down)



 Chinese Traditional:


 Chinese Simplified:










 Russian Heritage Speakers





It is highly recommended that you print the page of general information located HERE before you begin the language placement test. If you have computer problems and need to take the placement test once you are on campus, please contract Angie Quesenberry, 831-647-4185 or

To begin your test, click on the SEB icon on your desktop.