Language Placement Testing

Language Placement Testing

Learn the instructions, requirements, dates & times and other details about language placement testing.

Preparing Students for Language Study

Welcome to the Monterey Institute of International Studies! As you know, all students in the Graduate School of International Policy and Management and in the Teaching Foreign Language program in the Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education have Language and ICC component requirement in the degree programs. 

Language placement tests assist Monterey Institute professors in placing students in an appropriate language class over the course of their studies. Administered online, language placement tests are required for most Monterey Institute students before they enroll in language courses.

NEW STUDENTS: Please take the test of the language you chose for your Language of Study (LOS). This is the language you chose on your application form to pursue as part of the degree program at MIIS.  You can take more the one language test if you wish. Please complete the test within the testing window.  Registration may be delayed for new students until language test results are received.

Placement test results are honored for the particular semester in which the test is taken. Students not enrolled in language study for one or more semesters must take the language placement test before receiving approval for a related language course.


The following students are not required to take a language placement exam:

MATESOL students not taking EAPP courses or other language courses If you are a MATFL student planning to teach a language that is not your native language, or a MATESOL student wishing to take courses in EAPP or in any other language program, you must take the appropriate language test.

Non-degree students

If you are a Non-degree student, you are not required to take any language courses. However, if you plan to take courses in the EAPP program or in any other language program, you must take the appropriate language test.

Translation and Interpretation students If you are a Translation & Interpretation student who wishes to take courses in EAPP or any other language courses, you must take the appropriate language test.


About the Test

The Honesty Policy

The language placement tests assist professors in assigning you to a language level that will best help you to build upon your current language skills. As such, we ask that you do your best work, but we ask that you do this without the assistance of other people or other reference materials (online or otherwise). You must abide by the Monterey Institute's Academic Honesty Policy when taking the test. Should we discover that you have received assistance on the test, or that someone has taken the test in your stead, you will be subject to dismissal from the Institute.

Testing Dates & Times

Tests are offered online during the week preceding orientation (January 12-18 for 2015).

Available: 9:00 AM on January 12, 2015
Closes: 5 PM on January 18, 2015

Once you've started, you must complete the test; however, you can log in to the testing site at any time during this time period.

Requirements & Test Duration

  • Student ID Numbers Are Required to take the test.
  • Once started, you must complete the test.
  • Allow at least 2 hours to take the test.

You can take the same language test only ONCE, but you are welcome to take the tests for more than one language, if you think you might be interested in pursuing classes in those languages.

Notes about the language placement test

We recommend that you take the test in a quiet location with a strong (stable) internet connection (Starbucks, McDonalds not advised!).  There is a secure browser that you will have to install on your computer before you begin the test.

Some language programs have oral interview as part of the placement test.  If your language program has the oral interview, you will be emailed of the day/time of the oral interview after completing the test.


The Secure Browser

Our Language Placement Tests are administered using a Secure Browser (SEB). When you are in the Safe Browser environment you cannot access any Internet resources or copy or print any documents.

Installing & Using the Secure Browser