Japanese Studies Program

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Professor Matsuo presenting to her Japanese class.

Japanese Sample Courses

Aspects of Japanese Society

Develops advanced Japanese language skills through reading articles and discussing topics on contemporary Japan in the areas of international relations, foreign policies, politics, economy, etc.

Business Japanese
JS 360

Having oral communication as the mail goal of the course, aims to enable students to understand and use Japanese in a wide variety of business-related situations. Familiarizes them with customary expressions and frequently used terms in business/formal dialogues, documents, and articles. 

Current Issues in Japanese Media 
JS 370

Studies Japanese newspapers and TV news. Familiarizes students with textual features of Japanese media through developing skills for scanning, skimming, summarizing, presenting, etc.

Special Topics
JS 491

Examples of special topics are "International Gender Issues: Japan", "Contemporary Japanese Short Fiction", "Japan in the Period of Transition", “Security Issues of Current-Day Japan”, etc.

Japanese Studies Faculty

Naoko Matsuo

Assistant Professor/Language Studies Advisor

Office: McCone Building 222
Email: nmatsuo@miis.edu
Phone: 831.647.3512


Japanese language and culture, pedagogy, Japanese for business, current issues in Japanese media

Miyuki Takeuchi


Email: mtakeuchi@miis.edu